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Dutch Mafia Veenstra (Book #1)

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Damen lead me into a dark elevator and the doors closed behind me. I looked at him nervously as he pressed the button going down. The elevator jerked before descending down. I watched the numbers on the screen going down. The elevator came to a stop and the doors opened. I was in total awe at what I was seeing. He stepped out walking backward holding both of his arms out in pride. "Welcome to The American-Dutch Mafia, love." Esme barely turned 18 about a month ago and she's already going to college in Boise. She moves there finding out somethings about her family that was kept a secret for many generations. It's the family business. Also in finding this out, she happens to be in a love triangle...oh the irony.

Drama / Romance
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2 Years Ago...

Stephen quietly sat at his desk in his dark office doing some paperwork that needs to be done. Until he heard someone knock on his door and opened it slightly peaking their head through the door. Stephen sighed putting down his pen and laying back in his chair.

“You may come in James,” Stephen said with slight irritation in his voice. James walked in slowly with a few folders in hand slightly setting them in front of Stephen on his desk.

“What are these?” Stephen asked a bit annoyed. James sat down and began explaining. “That’s some information on the girl in America, that we need to protect now. Her parents Cal and Isabella Veenstra were killed recently in a house raid.” Stephen then began frantically looking through the folder.

Stephen then sat up straight folding his hands on his desk. “The question is why? Why were they killed and who killed them in the first place?” He asked himself rocking back in his chair.

“I don’t know, but she’s safe for now and I don’t know for how long? Kaden Comstock is taking charge of their mafia until she turns eighteen.” James explained.

“What about her older sister Kathrine she of age to take over.?” Stephen asked.

“She gave up her right on taking over, left it up to Renesme and moved away leaving her sisters behind if I’m correct.?” James said not sure and grabbed the folders.

“Who’s their guardians now?” Stephen questioned being curious.

“Kaden Comstock as of for now,” James replied.

“We are going to have to take care of this matter quickly, but keep it on the down-low for now.” Stephen began saying.

Stephen stood up from his chair walking towards a safe by the wall. Then began typing in a code to unlock it. Once it was unlocked Stephen reached in grabbing another folder and walked back to his desk.

“Stephen, what’s that?” James asked.

“Cal and Isabella’s final request. It’s their will. I knew that this tragedy will happen again one day like it has for five centuries.” Stephen explained dreading even saying these words.

“Has it been really that long? I just mostly remember getting killed all the time. Well, Stephano Christiano killed me this last time.” James explained.

“I really wonder why that is..? What he killed you for...” Stephen said sarcastically not interested and already knows why.

“So boss? What does it exactly say?” James asked changing the subject.

“Well, first of all, she’s to marry my older brother Damen ever since the day she was born. Because her father set it up and Damen accepted it. And that we need to protect her with everything we have in our power.” Stephen explained.

“Alright sir, I’ll get the preparations ready for America,” James said bowing and leaving the room.

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