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Yours Faithfully, Love

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Being born to a strict, influential businessman was never easy for a shy Dave Watson. Ever since his teenage years, he had been trading away his wants just to please his parents. Even as a twenty-five-year-old now, he agrees unwillingly to his marriage with Victoria Bailey. But when he accidentally bumps into Naomi Hills while delivering some pizzas, everything changes. He starts seeing something magical in that girl; something he lacked for years— pure, light-hearted happiness. As he develops feelings for her, he’s once again thrown into a familiar dilemma — to satisfy his parents and marry Victoria or to follow what his heart says for once… ♡Book I of Yours Faithfully Series♡

Drama / Romance
Jay S.
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Disclaimer, Writer’s Note & Acknowledgements


This is a fictional story. All names of people and places of this book are purely imaginary and are not intended to represent any particular individual or place. Any resemblance to actual people or places is entirely coincidental. All thoughts, opinions, ideas and actions are written based on the unique qualities of each character and are not influenced by the writer.

This story is an original piece of work sparked by the writer's own imagination. No segment of this book is to be copied, reproduced or transmitted through any means without the consent of the writer.

This book is rated 16+ and contains mild coarse language and sexual references.

© 2022 by Jay S. All rights reserved. Cover is an image from Unsplash, edited using Canva.

Writer’s Note

HeyOoO everyone! 😁 Firstly a very very BIG THANKSS 🥳🥳 for giving your time to read thiss book! Truly grateful for it! I'm not a professional writer hehe just a puny guy who likes to read and write books in my free time so please kindly forGIVE spelling/grammar mistakes! I'll try not to have illogical scenes as much as possible (though not guaranteed hahah) 🤣 Also, Hope you dun think ima serious guy after reading the DisCLaiMER! :D

The lessons from my previous works taught me to keep things simple and natural and so here it is! I still stuck with my favourite romance-drama theme but hopefully, this book turned out to be more light-hearted than my previous works!😁

Feel free to leave a comment, review or even a like if you enjoy reading this book! :D your feedback/constructive criticism is always welcomed and greatly appreciated! If you have nothing else to do, you can consider reading my other books *wink wink* HAHA. 😆

Or even better, you can follow this handsome (jkjk) duude to get updates on future books! As I say alwayss, your support is my greatest driving force!💪💪

Cheers and hope everyone is having a FABULOUS time! And don't forget:



- Suggestion for Dave's mother name, Belle, Dave's favourite dish, Chicken Alfredo (Chapter 3)
-Suggestion for ice cream flavour, Bacon (Chapter 10)

-Suggestion for ice cream flavour, Durian (Chapter 10)

Cover photo is an edited version of an image from Unsplash.
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