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Sebastian Knight

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My name is Liliana Torres The man who has always been there for me, is known as Sebastian Knight. Mafia Dom of The Garduña. I never thought that the one night I caught my boyfriend cheating would be the night my life changed forever. Sebastian will burn everyone and everyone that stood in his way and those who choose to harm those he loves. He may be ferice but he is mine. He chose me. Honestly it's kind of nice to become strong, being powered and become his. If he must burn down the world, I will stand by his side.

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❤️ Welcome everyone to the first book of the Knight Series ❤️


❤️ Who knew that catching her boyfriend Thomas cheating on her, would send her to the one man she trusted the most in this world. The one man who made her feel complete ❤️



Liliana Torres - 21
Sebestian Knight - 30
Deigo Greene - 29
Savannah Torres - 28
Thomas White - 24
Franco Allen - 41


Worker at Knight Bar
Hair colour: Hazel
Hair style: Curly, short and bouncy
Eye colour: Brown

Worker at Knight Inc. Also owns many business along the side including Knight Bar
Hair colour: Light Brown
Hair style: closely shaved
Eye colour: Brown

Works at Knight Inc as second in command
Hair colour: dark brown hair
Hair Style: medium-length, curly
Eye Colour: Hazel/Green

Hair Colour: salt and pepper
Hair Style: short and curly
Eye colour: grey

Bouncer at Booze and Cruise
Hair colour: Black
Hair style: short, one side has a pattern
Eye colour: Black

Hair colour: auburn
Hair style: mid-back length, fine
Eye colour: hazel



Sexual Scenes
Explicit language
Age Gap
Trigger warning parts
Drug use (mainly tobacco, weed and cocaine)
Mature language
Spanish translations (will put English next to it or at end)


Whenever there is a spanish translations, I will put it in italic with the English version next to it or underneath it. All this work is fiction and none of it is real. All the characters are original and do not portray anyone in real life.
You can do your own imagination on what I have written on here.

Please no hate, leave comments and suggestions on what I can do better. If any name sounds familiar I promise I did not steal it. Names just come to my head.


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