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Test Subject #1 (A Monster Erotica Story)

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Catherine is a xenobiologist working for a rich pharmacy company. She had been working there for almost two years, when she gets a new job offer. It's the same company, but in some mysterious department she had never heard before. Eager to accept the new job with better payment and many benefits, she soon realises... this sounds too good to be true. What she doesn't know is, there's a catch. A big one. Or... multiple big ones. DISCLAIMER! This story contains intense monstersex. Anybody who doesn't like it, should not read this story. There will be fantasy-ish scenarios, not at all realistic at times, but that's just it, after all, it's about monsters.

Erotica / Fantasy
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A New Life

My job is very easy. I am working with many unknown species, from microorganisms to plants and sometimes small animals that have been recently discovered somewhere deep in the rainforests or some remote place. I don’t mind working with the immobile objects, but I don’t like to hurt animals. This is why I always treat them with kindness, try to make the work as pleasant as possible for them. Usually, they are frogs or insects, but still, life is life.

I have enjoyed my work for a long time now, but I’m not going somewhere, not moving up. And this hasn’t bugged me before, but a few days ago, I have heard a rumour. There’s some secret basement level, where they run the cool tests. And I would love to work there.

I have been inquiring about this secret project ever since, carefully and only with people I know a little bit, but nobody seems to know anything. And I don’t want to get into trouble.

I am finishing my shift for the day, when I hear my phone buzz.

Last night was AMAZING! Can’t wait to fuck you again. You’re one sick chick, I tell you that! SO HOT.

I sigh and delete the message. It was a one night stand, but he didn’t understand. I’m not into relationships, so I seek my pleasure elsewhere. And since I was beginning to think that I was asexual - not because I lack the interest in sex, but because I don’t feel any pleasure doing it - I am looking for a guy who can fill me up for real. But I keep falling asleep still hungry. The only times I've orgasmed was, when I did it myself.

I pack up my things and put away my lab coat, before leaving the lab and walking to my office close by. There, I change into my heels and take my bag, before leaving here as well. Most workers have already left, but since I have no family, no attachments or responsibilities outside my job, I mostly work overtime.

My heels echo through the empty halls and I curiously look around. Maybe there’s nobody around and I can sneak into the forbidden level? But... if it’s secret, where do I find it?

“Miss Woods?”

I flinch, when I hear an impressive voice behind me. I turn around and look at some security guy, with sunglasses - even at night - and a communication device in his ear and all.


“Mr. Sire wants to talk to you”, he says and points to another elevator than the one I was going to take. Mr. Sire? What kind of stupid name is that?

I nod and follow this creepy guy.

“So... who’s Mr. Sire?“, I quietly ask him and this guy looks at me in confusion.

“Your boss”, he replies and I widen my eyes. I have never heard of him! My boss is Mr. Rudens, but I guess... he’s his boss?

I don’t say another thing until we reach the floor. Very, very far below the ground floor. This must be it!

Fuck. Have I made my inquiries too obvious? They are going to kill me, for sure. Just... make me vanish. Nobody would look for me.

I’m starting to panic, when this guy grabs me by the arm. I’m only 5′6", so he doesn't even have to use his gigantic muscles to drag me with him.

I'm not even walking anymore, he just pulls me with him, until we reach an ominous door. This whole floor is just one corridor, completely black, leading to one door. No secret facility, then...

"Go inside", this guy barks at me, I nod and face the door. I take a deep breath, before I knock.

"Come in", a soft voice says from behind and I open, go inside and see... nothing. My eyes need a moment until they adjust to the dark lighting in here.

"You... asked to see me?", I quietly say and keep standing by the door. I don't see much, but a fake window with a screen on it.

"Come a little closer, Miss Woods. No need to be afraid", he says and his voice is warm and feels like a hug to the soul. I venture further, sit on the chair he is pointing to, when I reach him.

"I am Mr. Sire. You will not have heard of me, but I am the owner of this facility", he says, before fully turning around. I can't help but look him up and down, when I see him.

He's very tall, easily three heads taller than I am, lean, but muscular. And very handsome. His features are sharp, but his gentle, dark blue eyes look at me softly, a warm gaze in them. I can't say for sure, but I'd think that his hair is black, could be brown aswell, though.

"Have I done something wrong?", I wonder and he smiles, sits down and I still have to look up to him.

"On the contrary", he smiles, "I have been observing your work and I am very pleased with it. We have many xenobiologists here, but none have quite the... inquisitiveness as you have. And you treat your test subjects with kindness and I would say... pity?"

"More like compassion", I correct and he nods.

"I have an offer for you. You will work down here", he points to the door behind him I didn't even notice before, "you will have your own laboratory, your own funds and your own schedule. You will work mostly alone, but there are some other workers as well, who you will meet occasionally. You will earn twice your salary, you will get access to the best healthcare all paid by the company and you will be able to even live in this estate if you wish to do so, for free, with servants obeying your every wish"

I blink a couple of times. This must be a joke.

"Are you... mocking me?", I wonder and he raises his eyebrows.

"I can triple your salary", he suggests and I open my mouth, "ok, quadruple. Last offer"

"That's more than enough!", I exclaim and he smiles, nodding, "but... why? Is it dangerous?"

"Your job has always been dangerous, Miss Woods"

"Cat is ok", I say, but he just keeps smiling.

"A simple sting from a toxic insect or a bite from a venomous snake... and you'd be done for", he leans over, folding his hands, "you didn't seem to be bothered before. What has changed now?"

"Well... with an offer like this, there must be a catch"

"Oh, that", he waves his hand, "there is a... physical tests we have to run on you first, and some questions that might be uncomfortable for you"

"Can I decline?", I ask and he laughs, which sounds warm and welcoming.

"Of course", he says, but leans in a little closer, "but I have a feeling you won't"

"Ok then. I'll happily take a look", I say and he nods satisfied, offering me his hand to help me up. That's weird, but I accept and his skin feels cold, but I guess he has some sun allergy, hence the darkness.

"Through here", he opens the door with his handprint and I walk through. Just as I'm about to ask him why this late, the door closes and vanishes in the wall.

What the...

I turn back around and look into a white, long corridor with many doors to both sides. My eyes need a moment to adjust again, but I can finally start walking.

I go to the first door and try the handle, but it won't budge. There's a gap on top to look through, but I can't reach it, it's way too high. Was this made for giants?!

I gasp, when I hear a bang at some door. Glad that's locked!

I keep walking and ignore the other doors, until I reach the very end. A sign with "clinic" is on top, so I knock and walk in.

A young man with a white lab coat sits at a computer and smiles at me, when he sees me.

"You must be Cat", he stands up and he is also very tall, but a bit smaller than the boss.

"I am. I hope I didn't go somewhere I'm not supposed to", I say and look around, there are a lot of medical devices, so I guess they must run a lot of tests here.

"Not at all. I'll run the physical exam with you and tell you the test questions. Which one would you like to start with?"

"The questions, please", I say and he nods, still smiling, pointing to a plank bed with a green sheet on top. I hop on and cross my hands in my lap.

"Do you have close family?"


"Parents? Siblings?", he repeats more obvious.

"No. My parents died, no siblings"

"Good", he says and I am a bit confused, but he just keeps going, "any close personal relationships? Best friends, romantic relationships?"


"Very well. Do you have regular appointments you need to attend?"

"Not that I'm aware of", I answer and he nods again.

"Have you had sexual intercourse before?", he asks and I frown, don't answer right away, so he looks up at me, his face open and warm, "these are standard questions, required for this position"

"That's... weird"

"Some xenobiotics might smell certain pheromones and this could impact your work", he explains and I slowly nod. They smell virgins? What are they working with here?!

"Well, I have", I say and he looks back to his sheet, crosses off.

"What are your sexual preferences?"

"Ehm... like... hetero or homo?", I wonder and he chuckles, looks back at me.

"For example"

"Well, quite open I guess"

"Do you have any physical illness, like known liver impairments, kidney problems and so on?", Richard reads.

"I don't"

"What are your sexual limits?"

Now I'm really confused.

"I don't know how this..."

"The faster you answer these questions, the faster you can go home", he says with a smile and I nod, "if it is uncomfortable for you, I can tell you mine, so it's not as weird. I do not like pain inflicted on my body, everything else is ok"

I feel very awkward, but I swallow hard and nod. For that amount of money? Hm...

"I don't know of any limits. I can't think of any right now", I say very quietly.

"Perfect. Have you ever had pain inflicted on you during intercourse?"


"Did you enjoy this?"


"Have you ever had anal sex?"

"Yes...", I say reluctantly.

"Did you enjoy this as well?"

"I did", I whisper and he nods, crosses off the last thing on his list and looks up at me, smiling.

"Very well. Thank you for your cooperation. We will start the physical exam now"

"Now? Isn't that... can't we do it tomorrow?", I ask, thinking about the very embarrassing underwear I picked out today.

"If that is what you prefer, of course", he points to the door I came in through, "I will bring you back outside. You can come in tomorrow at any time you like, forget your current work"

"Ok", confused, I let him lead me back to the hidden door, which only appears when he puts his hand on a small tile, "I didn't catch your name"

"I'm Richard. I will see you tomorrow"

He kindly pushes me into the room and stands there with a warm smile, until the door closes.

This is so weird.

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Otras recomendaciones

Feride: Die Geschichte ist sehr interassant und auch schön geschrieben.

Kath Wise: Such a great story. Sure there are some errors but with so much happening in a story such as this it is sometimes difficult to keep up. I absolutely loved it. Dear author never give up on writing, you know how to create a whole world with just words. A world you can easily get drawn in to. Thankyou

josy71: Bonne histoire hâte d'avoir la suite

sack1: good book it was alsom i wating for peter to put it in terry

Narges: Ich finde das Buch ist gut gelungen und war spannend abwechslungsreich und ich würde es auch anderen empfehlen habe buch gewählt weil es mir empfohlen wurde und der Titel hat mit der geschichte eingestimmt die geschichte war toll geschrieben Der tam klingt gut spannend und gruselig guter Titel

Estefanía: Me pareció un poco dramática la reacción de ella. Pero en general me ha gustado

Daniela Mautes: Das Buch hat mich von Anfang bis Ende gefesselt, genau das was ich mag.

Más recomendaciones

Holly: Can definitely see where the author is going with this. Struggling with some of the grammatical errors but perfectly capable of continuing with the sentence.

paulinemfula22: Interesting

jassy925: The story was amazing and very well written. Lots of sexy parts that are enjoyable

Mharms: It is nice that it is a serial of stories, book to book. The storyline is fast moving through history.

Mharms: I liked that the story line is in continuous book to book form. It makes a compelling history to follow. Very interesting.

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