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My Stepbrothers My Mate

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Sage hasn't had much of a relationship with her mother since she was eleven, but when her mum comes to the pack and introduces her second chance mate, who is none other than Alpha Bradley, the Alpha of the infamous Crescent Warriors. Her mother wants her to come to stay for a month, but once there, she meets her stepbrother Austin, who looks like he doesn't like her. What is she to do? but as her twenty-first birthday comes around the first weekend she is there, she gets shocked and finds her mate is nonother than Austin. Austin, the soon-to-be Alpha, has been looking for his mate for over a year but is stunned to find out it is nonother than his stepsister. He tries his hardest to stay away from her but can't. Will he resist Sage, or will the mate bond be too much to bear for them both, and they give in to temptation? Austin will have to decide too soon, or someone else will take Sage's place as his Luna, someone his father chooses for him as he wants his son to have his Luna before he hands over the pack to Austin, whether it's his mate or a chosen one. Austin feels conflicted; what is he to do? While Sage has to deal with her mother and some family secrets, will she be able to bear whatever Austin decides, or will she leave when it gets too much?

Erotica / Fantasy
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Chapter 1


I stared out the window, watching my uncle place my bags in the car.

I sighed and turned around, looking around my bedroom.

I have lived with my uncle for the last few years, since I was eleven, and I am now twenty and leaving to go back home to visit my mother.

That might surprise you, but as a werewolf, I had no choice in the matter.

I left my old pack due to the death of my father. He was killed in a rogue attack while protecting me. His death hit my mother and me hard. My mum struggled, started to go within herself, and slept all the time. She eventually blamed me for his death, which caused many arguments. The Alpha had to get involved and contacted my uncle, who came to stay with us for a few days and told my mother that he would take me. The deal was that I would return once she was on the mend, but I never did.

After my father鈥檚 death, my mum and I didn鈥檛 have much of a relationship. I was excluded from whatever she was doing, but over time I got used to not hearing from her. That all changed last year when she rung out of the blue to talk to me.

My uncle took it as a good sign, but I wasn鈥檛. She never bothered with me the whole time she was away. We talked for a few minutes, and she suggested coming to see me.

That was last week. When she arrived, I was surprised but more surprised to find out that my mum had found her second chance, mate.

I was shocked.

I have to admit I didn鈥檛 know what to believe or think.

My mum told my uncle she was arriving, only telling him about her second chance mate. She never spoke to me, only about how I was doing, which was how we rolled over the last few years when she remembered she had a daughter. It was always a five-minute conversation, unlike the hour-long ones she had with my uncle.

Mum acted like we were good when she was around her mate. Her mate was nice, and I even learned that her second chance mate was an Alpha, Alpha Bradley, to be exact, which also meant that my mum was his new Luna.

I knew of Alpha Bradley and his pack, The Crescent Warriors. They were known for their elite group of warriors trained to kill. Alpha Bradley told me all about how he lost his first Luna; she died due to complications with her second baby. He had to raise his children on his own, two boys, and seven years later, he arrived at my old pack and found my mum.

I felt for him, but it was all too weird for me.

My mum didn鈥檛 know what to think about the way Alpah Bradley was with me. All I remember was her eyes on me the entire time they were there.

After their visit, which was only for a few days, they had to return to their pack. My mother started to talk to me on the phone regularly.

It was weird at first, and I must admit I don鈥檛 forgive her for what she was like back when I was a child, but she is my mum. I never want to go through what she did, of losing a mate.

Nyx growled at the mere thought of my mother. She has had her backup since she invited us to visit her at the pack.

Nyx is my wolf. Nyx came that night of the rogue attack. As werewolves, we don鈥檛 receive our wolves till we turn thirteen, but I was eleven when Nyx came. She told me later that she came as she could feel my fear and needed to protect me.

Nyx and I shifted before three rogues, trying to defend my father, but it all got too much. The Alpha came in the nick of time, but it was too late for my father.

I closed my eyes, trying to get the night that caused me to lose my father and mother. My mother might be alive, but she changed and wasn鈥檛 a mother the day she lost my father.

I opened my eyes as a lone tear slid down my cheek.

I was heading to my mother鈥檚 new pack for a month.

I was reluctant to go, but my uncle persuaded me. I only agreed as he told me no one had the right to hold me against my will, and I would be welcomed back.

I feel movement in my head, and Nyx comes closer to inspect me.

鈥淵ou okay?鈥 she asked as she sat back on her hind legs.

I sighed.

鈥淚鈥檓 okay,鈥 I said. 鈥淚 just wish we didn鈥檛 have to go there.鈥

Nyx stayed quiet. She knew the emotions I was having, and she felt the same.

鈥淲e are doing this for your sake,鈥 she murmured, 鈥淣ot for your mother. She could rot in hell if I cared. No mother should ever abandon her baby when they lose their mate. You were both grieving.鈥

I didn鈥檛 say anything.

I knew all this as my uncle was my only support and would tell me every damn day that my mother should have been there for me, but as her brother, he had to be careful too. He was worried about his sister.

The pack was amazing when I arrived here, and I instantly made the best of it and even made some really good friends. Everyone helped and molded me into the woman I am today.

Even being twenty years old, I had a responsibility to the pack. I trained as a teacher鈥檚 assistant for our local school and love it. It鈥檚 the best feeling in the world watching young minds learn.

I am also a trainer for the youths, which has only been my position for the last year as the Alpha thought I would be a good candidate after what I went through with my father. My father trained me when I was seven, only the basics. I train the kids to know the basics. We train three times a week.

I was leaving the pack for a month and was leaving instructions to one of the other trainers to teach the children.

You might think as a twenty-year-old, I should be able to make my own decisions about my life. I do, but when it comes to my mother, I am a different person. We never spoke about my father or what truly happened.

My uncle thinks going will help me, so I am giving it a go. I know I can come home if

it doesn鈥檛 work.

I am going to make the most of it. I was going to meet Alpha Bradley and be introduced to my step-brothers.

My Mum and Dad didn鈥檛 have any other children after me. They tried, but nothing seemed to happen.

I could hear Nyx hum in my head, bringing me back to the present.

I looked around the room to make sure I had everything.

I must have packed clothes for over a month, but I didn鈥檛 know what to expect or what they were planning.

I gave my room one last look and headed out through the door.

I walked down the stairs and headed out the front door to find my uncle, Alpha Victor, with my best friends, Wes and Carman.

I smiled as they all turned to face me.

鈥淵ou all set?鈥 asked my uncle.

I nodded.

鈥淚 am,鈥 I said. 鈥淚鈥檓 only going for a month.鈥

My uncle nodded and smiled. He walked over to me, hugged me, kissed my head, and moved away. His hands were in mine, 鈥淵ou come home when you want to,鈥 he said, 鈥淎nd any problems with your mother, you let me know.鈥

I nodded. I knew he would have my back; he always has. He knows what my mother is like and even commented on how she acted when she came to see us.

My uncle stepped aside as Wes and Carmen walked into my arms. I was going to miss this so much. We did everything together.

Wes was on one side, while Carmen was on the other.

They both pulled back and smiled.

鈥淎 month won鈥檛 be too long,鈥 I said.

鈥淲hat if you find your mate,鈥 asked Carmen, making me tense. 鈥淵our twenty-first will be on the weekend; you should wait till after that so we can all celebrate.鈥

I stared at my friend.

That was true; I was going to be there for my twenty-first birthday, in three days, to be exact. But my mother was hell-bent on me going there earlier.

I squeezed her hand and smiled.

鈥淚 will be ringing you on that day,鈥 I said, 鈥淢aybe you can both come and see me.鈥

I didn鈥檛 mention anything about finding my mate, as I was in two minds too. I had my reasons, but I knew there was a possibility that he would be out there.

Wes looked at me and sighed.

鈥淩ing me when you get there,鈥 he said, pulling me in for one more hug. 鈥淚 will come there if you want me to. I would protect鈥︹

I moved away and shook my head, cutting him off. 鈥淚 will be fine,鈥 I said, 鈥淚 have to be a big girl and deal with my mother alone. No one else can do it for me.鈥

Wes looked at me and nodded.

鈥淲e are only a phone call away,鈥 he said.

I loved these two so much.

I have been friends with Carmen from the first day I came here, as her mum is good friends with my uncle. We hit it off, and we have been inseparable ever since. She is my voice of reason.

Wes and I met a few months later as he was vacationing with his family in another family. His mother鈥檚 sister was ill, so they had to stay with her till she was better.

Wes and I started to be friends, even though we had hooked up in the past. I lost my virginity to him. I gave him all my firsts; even though Wes came out as bisexual, he has both girlfriends and boyfriends in the past, but he always mentioned if we never found our mates, he would choose me.

I am all for mates, but after what happened with my parents, I am scared of losing someone who is meant for me. I don鈥檛 know if I can do it.

鈥淵es, you can,鈥 grumbled Nyx.

She wants to find our mate.

Nyx seems to think that he will be able to help me.

I kissed Wes and Carmen goodbye and walked over to the cab. I climbed in and sat in the back.

I looked out of the window as the Alpha came up and smiled. I wound down my window and smiled back.

鈥淪age,鈥 he said, 鈥淐armen will be running your training this month.鈥

I nodded but let him carry one.

鈥淚 think you chose well for the young ones,鈥 he said. He looked at me for a moment. He knew all about my troubles with my mother and was worried.

鈥淚 know you want to do this,鈥 he said, 鈥淏ut I want you to know, I will send for a car if you want to come home.鈥

I nodded.

鈥淭hank you, Alpha,鈥 I said. 鈥淚 will be fine. I need closure; this may be the first or even the last time I will see her again. I need to do this for myself.鈥

The Alpha nodded.

鈥淚 know,鈥 he said. 鈥淭he offer is there, don鈥檛 forget.鈥

The Alpha stepped back and nodded to the driver. I stuck out my hand and waved at everyone as the driver drove away.

I pulled my hand back and closed my window.

I could feel the driver鈥檚 eyes on me.

Nyx had settled in my head. I knew she would be quiet as she hates traveling, and so did I.

I looked out my window and sighed.

This was the first time I had left my uncle鈥檚 pack since I arrived when I was eleven. I didn鈥檛 want to, as I loved being here. I have loads of friends and even live with a few humans. I love my job too. I had no reason to.

Nyx and I were settled, but going to a pack that we only dream of being in was something, but it wasn鈥檛 even a chance to be part of it.

I was only here to visit, but I might learn some new techniques while I鈥檓 here. I was planning on coming back with a few new moves.

My thoughts go to meeting my step-brothers, wondering whether they will like me. I always wanted a sibling.

I know one was training to be the next alpha, and the youngest was seven, but that was all Alpha Bradley mentioned to me.

My head was full of what-ifs. I knew I had to clear my head.

I put my hand into my pocket, pulled out my headphones, and stuck them in my ears.

I pressed play on my phone and closed my eyes, leaning back in the seat. I let the music take me away. Music settled me.

I had a four-hour drive ahead of me.

I might as well get comfortable.

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