Sisterly Sin: The Unholy Trinity's Wild Escapades

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Sometimes, he would have the three beauties line up like dogs, then compare their buttocks and private parts. If he was satisfied, he could even insert his thick cockand thrust vigorously. “That’s great... brother-in-law... harder...” “Ah... I can’t stand it anymore... hurry up and insert it here...” “No, I’m your wife... you can’t just love my sisters...” The annoying voices of the three sisters appeared in his fantasy. This was not a dream, it was just one step away from reality. “But, I can’t train these three women at the same time by myself.”

Erotica / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Mia, with the precision of an artist, applied her makeup in front of the vanity mirror. Tom, already dressed in his casual attire, lounged on the plush couch, a lit cigarette between his fingers...

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alexandra: Ich bekomme nicht genug davon ich kann auch nicht aufhören zu lesen ich bin in der Geschichte so vertieft und hoffe es geht weiter so

Nellie: This was definitely another wonderful book by Topper and while it seemed to be the end of the series, I am hoping that maybe we can get another book set in this story's world and timeline. I wouldn't mind seeing Anderson get a second chance mate or Lincoln maturing a bit. Maybe see Avery and Oliv...

Arista: Vielen lieben Dank fürs Teilen auf Inkitt! Eigentlich brauche ich nicht unbedingt den stinkreichen Protagonisten, aber hier ist es so nett geschrieben, dass es gut passt :)

Leslie Suttles: Sweet love story. Was slightly disappointing that the only sexual encounter prompted was the SA and nothing showing she was able to move past it

ina: Auch das 2. Buch ist fantastisch geschrieben

Bam.jk8338: Estuvo bien redactado y bien explicito, eso me gustó

Maree: It’s good so far need to read more to get a understanding

Más recomendaciones

Valentina: - me ha gustado como lleva la historia es rápido pero a la vez lento, y en si no encuentro fallas graves solo leves como a veces (yo creo por error del autorrector)las palabras no coinciden con lo que están contando. - se las recomendaría a mis amigas más cercanas porque son las únicas que conoce...

Sheila: A good book I will read it further as it is finished

Beatriz Selene: I like the way the writer wrote the novel, it keeps you want to read more and more.

LaQuiche: Amazing for this slow build up to be so satisfying! Definitely a guilty pleasure!

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