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Demon King's Bride

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“Oh Danielle you're fucked! No, not yet but soon if you don't find a way to haul your ass out of here. That giant monstrosity between your so-called husband's legs will definitely end you.” Is it strange that I'm talking to myself while a hulking half naked demon stared at me like I was his most favorite delicacy he would like to devour? Well if it is, it's probably because I'm going crazy, forced into marriage with a demon king, thrust into a bedroom to fight and show him how compatible I was to him. Could do that to a girl. I gulp down and hold onto my dagger tightly, my eyes wild with panic. As the crowds of demons, vampires, werewolves cheered above us. What kind of barbarians watched a husband fight and dominate his wife for the right to fuck her right in front of their eyes. Demons that's who. It's not really death I was afraid of, rather the suffering that came before it. And dead I will be when they finally find out what I am after their king choked on his own blood to death.

Erotica / Fantasy
A K Adam
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Chapter 1

The night was still and dark, one of those moonless nights that seems to shroud everything in its darkness. I felt cold as I stayed hidden inside the large truck I had snuck in earlier and waited. It's been almost an hour since the car I was in had driven through this new world. I had been and was still in complete awe of the large village we'd passed through with its many creatures. Species so different from mine, Vampires, Lycans, Warlocks, Feys, Demons you name it I have even seen a centaur.

The marketplace had so many things, different stalls with their different owners selling wares,food, fruits,alcohol, clothes and even slaves. I couldn't believe all these creatures interacting with each other selling and buying goods and services were beings in the same world as ours.

Up until last week I had thought humans, mostly us the women and the handful of men in Marlenia were the only species on earth, us and the abominable beasts—which we now knew were an Alien race that had left their planet and had settled here seventy years ago and made our world their home.

These Aliens arrival had allegedly spooked creatures of the lore who had been living in this world alongside us(humans). War had broken up between different factions but all had one common enemy. The Dakkuth Aliens.

The war had destroyed earth and had driven mankind almost to extinction, being the weakest species and ignorance of the war until it was too late—cost man too much damage. What was left of women and girls and men were sealed off from the folklore creatures and the Dakkuth with the help of the witches.

But a few days ago our secret Queendom was attacked, women were stolen by the Dakkuth and other supernaturals, whose population was dwindling and needed women—their fated mates to be exact — to calm their violent nature and procreate. Our princess Reyna had been the Dakkuth's king mate.

Some of my sisters were stolen(sworn sisters) while some of them escaped to only God knows where, the rest like me, we hid under the tunnels underneath the mountains. That was how we've survived,all the women and children had hidden from the enemies who would take them and turn them into their mindless sexual slaves.

With the attack came destruction, though there has been few killing, after all they all want us women healthy and alive. Though our Queendom was burned to the ground, our food and belongings do not survive, they'd knowingly destroy our food to force us out. But we weren't stupid and have survived for more than half a century without men.

The younger women who were trained guardians and the Roses like me had come together to protect and provide for the young children and the injured older women. We were sent into this new strange world to hunt for food or steal it from one of the creatures. That was how I had come to be here.

I had walked for a good six miles, my canteen had been empty a mile back, my legs were swollen and had been screaming for mercy thirty minutes ago that's three miles back. But I had ignored my discomfort, had ignored my thirst for water and my grumbling stomach. There are children back home, children who wouldn't survive without food. I had pushed on for them, determined to get what I came all this way for.

I had just risen from under the tree I had been resting and tending to my bleeding feet, when I heard a rumbling. I glanced all around but seated I couldn't see anything. I stood up and turned towards the east where the dust was thicker.

My dust-covered face broke into a smile when I spotted the demon's supply truck,and another truck with black painting and two other smaller cars, parked at the roadside loading wooden crates full of what seemed to be various supplies, some of which I was sure was food—from another truck into their own.

I had quickly duck behind a rock and waited patiently until the other truck had driven away before I limped my way to the vehicles and snuck into the back of the truck hiding behind large crates of fruits and vegetables. My stomach grumbles when my eyes lock on a red fruit I recognize as an apple.

I have never eaten it before saliva filled my mouth. I pick one with a shaky dirty hand and bite into it. Sweet, tart juicy filled my mouth and slid down my throat as I chewed greedily. It wasn't long until I was staring at the seed. I lick my lips contemplating if I should eat another one. I did,and decided to hide another two under my dress tying a piece of cloth around and beneath them to prevent them from falling.

After driving for almost two hours the truck stopped. I guess we'd finally arrived at our destination. The giant demon who was the driver had parked outside the largest tent in the vicinity and had gone inside with a crate of something. My plan was simple: steal the truck with everything on it, or steal one of the smaller vehicles with the provision.

I had already counted the guards earlier and there were six of them, two in each vehicle. This wasn't my first mission since Marlenia fell, although I'd never been on a mission alone,but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Each of the other girls have their own mission,mine was to get food or whatever valuables I could get my dirty hands on. With Marlenia gone and her surviving citizens in hiding, hungry, sick and some of them wounded.

The healthier ones had to find sustenance for everyone, especially the children. This had been why I'd joined the roses after all. To help protect my people.

I knew if I tried to leave the car I might get caught. Though it was a dark night these creatures have very good eyesight, and there are no shades or shadows to hide under, I would be in the open if I left the vehicle. So I opened one of the big wooden crates and found it was filled with soft fabrics. I quickly hid inside. I just have to wait.

I plan on getting out after they transport it inside the big gate. It would be easier to sneak into one of the tents, steal and hide inside where there are covers and places to hide. Rather than heading headlong inside the enemy territory.

I waited patiently, it was suffocating being inside a tiny cramp box, but I held on,I distracted myself by counting down the numbers as sweat ran down my face and body in rivulets,my heart beat triple. After what seemed like forever, there was finally movement. The car started and drove for a few minutes and stopped again.

Soon enough I heard loud voices giving orders. I almost screamed and gave myself away—when all of a sudden the box I had hidden inside was lifted, the Demons carrying the box were not careful, the box jostled from right to left banging my head and hip bone painfully against the wooden crate every time. It was hard keeping my mouth shut while I suffered this brutality.

Finally they dropped the box like it was on fire. An hmph slipped my mouth before I could stop it, when I felt my hip bone hit the wood hard for the final time. A deep voice spoke in a language I didn't know nor understand. The two others answered after what felt like an hour of their back and forth. The booming voice spoke in english.

“You can come out now.” I understand this must be the leader, you could detect this from the authoritative way he spoke. The voice was different from the driver's. I clearly remembered the driver's voice because it was slow and slurred and he sounded stupid. I tried to peek out from the box and see who this new voice was speaking to. I could see very little.

“If you come out now, you will get two hundred lashes, if you refuse, I will kill you. Your choice.”

I rolled my eyes, isn't two hundred lashes the same as death? Who would survive that kind of beating? But maybe since they were beasts they could survive the beating? I really didn't care what they do to each other as long as they get out of the tent so I can do what I'm here to do.

“Bring him out of there.” That same voice ordered angrily.
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