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The Vampire's Fated

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I have stayed in the shadows for the last fifteen years watching her. Craving her, wanting her to be mine. As a blood moon approaches in a week, I must keep her safe. I know what the effects of the moon can do to any shifter or vampire, and as I am a vampire and an old one, I have seen more firsthand what could happen when mates are involved. I have to protect her from me, but how can I when all I want is her? A Halloween party should have been a night to remember; turns sour, but I have to help her see I鈥檓 not the monster she thinks I am, and I have a week to prove it before I may have to flee before I hunt her down and make her mine forever. ***NOT EDITED, FIRST DRAFT*** ***MATURE SCENES***

Erotica / Fantasy
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Chapter 1


The light in the room comes on. Like many nights, I watch from afar and wait to see her.

This has been my life for the last fifteen years, keeping an eye, making sure she is safe.

鈥淚 knew you would be here,鈥 Gage grumbled as he stood beside me. I didn鈥檛 even hear him coming.

My eyes never left her room. We stood there in silence for a moment until he sighed. 鈥淭he girls are taking her to that party tonight,鈥 he said. 鈥淟ike you suggested.鈥

I grinned. It is not every day that you turn twenty-five. Her birthday is on Halloween today. So attending a fancy dress party was only fitting for my stunning mate. I planned everything. There are more humans there, but a few vampires too鈥攚e will feed the humans who will know about our kind.

Most humans who know about us are only curious as many believe in the shows such as Twilight and True Blood, which can be so frigging annoying. The only human who won鈥檛 know what鈥檚 going on will be my mate.

I say nothing as he grunts. 鈥淚 hate this,鈥 he gritted out. 鈥淵ou have been doing this for years. Why now?鈥

I turn to look at him.

Gage is one of these people who likes to do things straight away, whereas I wait till the appropriate moment to strike. There were countless times I could have put a claim on her, taken her, and made her mine, but it wasn鈥檛 meant to be when I first saw her. She was too young to claim. Initially, I had a good reason to wait, but many questioned why I didn鈥檛 when she got older.

I shake away my thoughts. 鈥淭he blood moon,鈥 I murmured, looking back at the window as she stepped into view, which caught me off guard. She is laughing at something, but I don鈥檛 want to listen, even though that has been a pastime of mine many times over the last year.

鈥淭he blood moon,鈥 Gage whispered, sounding surprised.

I nod and look back at him. His eyes widened. 鈥淵ou know if you claim here on a blood moon, she will be strong,鈥 he said, glancing back at the window.

I knew that, and I didn鈥檛 care.

My eyes lingered on him for a moment and then moved back to the window. 鈥淚 know she will,鈥 I murmured. 鈥淏ut my reasons for having her are selfish. I know how we all act on a blood moon, and I will find it hard not to be around her. I have lasted this long in claiming her, and I don鈥檛 want to risk it all now just because I was bloodthirsty and craving every damn inch of her. I don鈥檛 want to reveal myself that way, not to her. I have waited too long to throw it away for her to be afraid or, even worse, reject me.鈥

The last part was more rasped than it should have, but it was true. Our kind has never had much luck with mates. There was a scarce amount of them for us. It is like someone forgot about us. I witnessed many vampires choose their chosen mates and live a loving life with them, but I was one of the lucky ones to find mine, even if it was in a gruesome way.

Gage sighed, making me pull from my thoughts. 鈥淚 know,鈥 he murmured. 鈥淎nd I understand. Hell, everyone back at the compound does. We have watched you for these last few years. The number of times you have protected her and even wiped her memory of you and all that has happened. You have tortured yourself, my friend. I believe it鈥檚 your time to have what鈥檚 yours and to be happy.鈥

I said nothing as I glanced at him with a weary smile. 鈥淭hanks,鈥 I muttered.

My eyes darted back to the window. It was quiet, so I listened in.

鈥淐ome on, Lena,鈥 Whitney called. 鈥淟et鈥檚 see the outfit.鈥

There was silence for a moment, but a door opened, and someone wolf-whistled. 鈥淒amn, girl,鈥 Sasha murmured. 鈥淲ho would have thought red lipstick and a short witch鈥檚 costume could be so damn hot on you?鈥

鈥淵ou think,鈥 Lena murmured.

A slow smirk inched the corners of my lips up.

Witches and red lipstick are my favourite things on my mate.

I felt my cock harden at the image that appeared.


I needed to be with her.

鈥淪ure hell think so,鈥 Sasha said, pulling me out of a fantasy-filled state, and I listened in again.

鈥淵ou know, with that costume, you will have every man eating out of your hand tonight,鈥 Whitney said, making Lena laugh. 鈥淵eah, whatever. No one ever notices me like that,鈥 she sighed. 鈥淓veryone avoids me.鈥

A grin forms on my lips, knowing I made that happen to her. I had my reasons, but I never liked how men looked at her. Every time a guy went near her, I wanted to rip them apart and drain every ounce of their blood. I used compulsion to make sure they had no regulations about her.

She was mine鈥攏o one else鈥檚.

I listened in again, only to hear what shoes she should wear. 鈥淲ear these,鈥 Whitney said.

鈥淭high-high boots,鈥 Lena exclaimed. 鈥淣ot high shoes.鈥

鈥淵eah,鈥 Whitney sighed. 鈥淚t is cold out, and your outfit barely covers your ass. At least keep your feet warm.鈥

I chuckled.

My eyes stayed on the window. 鈥淔ine,鈥 Lena mumbled. 鈥淏ut I need another drink if I am going to be seen dead in this damn thing.鈥

I heard a door open, and feet go down the stairs. My eyes stayed on the window as a shadow appeared.

鈥淪he is already for you, Em,鈥 Sasha murmured as she looked at me. 鈥淭he costume was a good choice. You picked well.鈥

I gave her a nod.

My plan was in motion. I would be at that party tonight, and I would finally have her as my mate. Well, till she knew who I was, but that wouldn鈥檛 be for a short while.

鈥淕et ready,鈥 Sasha said. 鈥淲e will bring her to you.鈥

With that, Sasha moved from the window and drew the curtains as Lena returned to the room. 鈥淢ore wine for us,鈥 she chanted.

Sasha and Whitney are vampires, just like me. I placed them in Lena鈥檚 school for her protection, as I couldn鈥檛 be there in person to protect her, even if I loved the idea of a teacher-and-student affair.

Whitney and Sasha are the same age as Lena and fit perfectly in her life. They were there for her when I couldn鈥檛. Initially, it was an assignment to them, thinking they had to babysit the boss鈥檚 young mate. But over the last few years, they became the best of friends and have even been there in ways I surely knew I couldn鈥檛 have.

鈥淲ell, are you now ready to leave?鈥 Gage asked, shaking my thoughts away as I looked at him. He gave me a knowing look.

鈥淪ure am,鈥 I said as we both turned away and returned to the coven.

Tonight, I was dressing up as the thing I am鈥攁 vampire鈥攖he cliche of it. But I wanted to make sure I fit into the role.

When I bought the costume and tried it on, Gage laughed. He thought I was out of my mind, but after witnessing how excited humans get about this Halloween tradition, eventually, he bought a costume to join in the fun鈥擣rankenstein.

鈥淚 am looking forward to seeing what this Halloween thing is around here,鈥 he grumbled as we stepped into the compound.

Vampires were lingering around.

We all know what Halloween is around here. We have been around for hundreds of years and witnessed it change. Every year the same costumes, but they have become sluttier than normal, which to us men, we don鈥檛 complain. I have seen it all. I never find the fascination with it all and usually stay away from crowds. But since finding Lena, I stayed in the shadows and watched her change every year with the times.

鈥淪o, when are we going?鈥 Gage asked, making me stop outside my room and look at him. 鈥淲e will leave in an hour, and don鈥檛 make any pit stops.鈥

Gage grinned and walked away but still faced me. 鈥淚 won鈥檛,鈥 he said. 鈥淏ut I am taking a woman tonight for a good old fuck session.鈥

I growled as he turned around and laughed.

Gage was a player regarding the ladies, and he didn鈥檛 care whether they were human, werewolves, vampires, or a unicorn. He would screw them if they had a cunt and leave them the next day without a trace.

I walked into my room and closed my door as my eyes went to the costume hanging in the wardrobe and groaned.

I wasn鈥檛 looking forward to wearing it, but an image of Lena popped into my head, which sent my cock hardening.

Moving over to the window, I placed my hand on the window.

鈥淒arling, it won鈥檛 be long now,鈥 I murmured as I reached into my pants, wrapped my hand around my shaft, and closed my eyes. 鈥淵ou will be here with me, and I will finally have you.鈥

I stroked my cock till I found my release. My cum sprayed all over my hand and pants.

My eyes open and move slightly till my eyes land on the painting above my bed. A slow smile slid across my lips.

My wait was ending of staying in the shadows, and I was finally willing to take a chance on making my mate mine.

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