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Bad Wolves Book One - Callum

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She was the 23yr old daughter of his neighbouring pack. He was the 25yr old Alpha to be who took full advantage of all that title meant. They were bought together when her father reached out for help with a hunter's threat. Was he ready to ditch his bad wolf ways for her when all the signs pointed to her being his true mate? **This is my first attempt at a story..I hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to leave a review..Thank you** ***WARNING**Mature And Adult Content, 18+ Only**WARNING***

Erotica / Romance
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1 - HIM

Lillie Gentry's POV

I sighed as I placed the file down on the table in front of me, moving my head slowly from side to side trying to relieve the tension in my neck. I heard the sound of my phone vibrating against the steel of the table, and looked down.
It was a message from my Dad, letting me know he would be dropping by sometime tonight during my shift at the local hospital.

"Ugh." I groaned, grabbing my phone as I stood up.

While I always looked forward to seeing my father, I just wasn't in the mood to deal with what came with it. You see, my father was the Alpha of the Windsong Warriors wolf pack. Yep, you heard right, wolf pack. And I just didn't want to deal with pack business when I had so much paperwork to get through.

After checking with my co-worker and friend Molly if it was ok to grab a coffee, I headed toward the small cafe in between the general ward and theatre rooms of the hospital.

As I waited for the lady behind the counter to make the coffees that I had ordered for myself and Molly, I sighed and opened my phone to answer my Dad's text.

"I really wish you wouldn't drop by the hospital Dad, you know River and Barc tend to get rowdy." I typed, referring to my two brothers who accompany my Dad everywhere.

I take the coffees and head back to the nurses station. I hand Molly her coffee, sit back down and open up my phone having heard it vibrate with Dad's response.

"I know Lil, but it's important. We have important visitors that need to meet everyone. It's important for the pack." His text said.

I groan and roll my eyes.

"Fine. See you soon x." I type before dropping my phone down on the table.

As I sip my coffee I wonder who the visitors are. He hadn't told me anyone important was due today. I didn't have to wait very long as I was only half way through my coffee when I seen my Dad, brothers and three other men standing outside the main entrance of the hospital.

"Great." I mumble, getting up and heading for the door.

I pressed the big red button to unlock the doors before I pushed one open, letting them inside. Dad came in first, softly kissing my cheek as he walked past. I smiled sweetly as him, my brothers and two of the last three men entered, my smile fading slightly as I caught sight of the last man as his gaze met mine.

"Oh." I gasped, my mouth forming a perfect O shape as those eyes looked at me.

They were the most beautiful set of ocean blue eyes I had ever seen, surrounded by rims of gold that every werewolf possessed. There was something about them that drew me in, made my heart beat faster as he looked at me.


I jumped slightly at the sound of someone clearing their throat behind me, my mouth slamming shut as my cheeks became hot as they flushed in embarrassment. I drop my head and move slightly.

"Uh. Sorry." I mumbled.

"It's ok. No need to apologise." Ocean blue eyes says.

I close my eyes as the sound of his deep voice rolls over me and settles in my stomach, causing butterflies to erupt and move throughout my body. I inhale deeply as he moves past me, taking in his scent of musky cologne and cinnamon (one of my favourite scents). I opened my eyes, closed the doors, locking them as I did so.

I took another deep breath, slowly let it out and plastered a smile on my face before turning around to the group of men standing behind me, trying so hard not to let my eyes wander in the direction of ocean blue eyes, concentrating on greeting my father instead.

"Dad. I wasn't expecting you till later." I said, my voice slightly hoarse.

I heard a chuckle and whipped my head towards it, seeing Barc's idiotic grin. I growled at him, poking the tip of my tongue out in anger.

"What?" He laughed.

"Barc." My Dad said sternly.

He put his hands up and shook his head, stepping back slightly. My Dad stepped forward and wrapped his arms around me.

"I know Lillie. But, we were already out and about when you finally answered my text, so we came right over." He said softly, cupping my face in his hands.

I smiled sweetly at him and nodded. He stepped back and placed a hand on the older of the three men he had bought with him, urging him forward.

"Dear, I would like you to meet Alpha Colton Reeds, from the Redstone Rebels pack." Dad said.

"Nice to meet you Alpha Reeds." I said, shaking the hand he offered.

"It's a pleasure Lillie. And please, call me Colton." He said smiling.

"Ok. Alpha Colton." I smiled.

He turned slightly, urging the two men behind him to come forward. The youngest stepped forward first, holding out a hand.

"This is my youngest boy Christian, or Chris as he likes to be called." Alpha Colton says.

"Hi Chris, nice to meet you." I said, smiling brightly.

"Nice to meet you too Miss Lillie. You look mighty pretty." He said shyly.

"Chris!" Ocean blue eyes growled, swatting Chris softly on his arm.

I laugh softly as I notice Chris blush.

"Aww, it's ok. Thank you Chris, that's very sweet of you." I said, making Chris' blush deepen.

"And this is Callum, my oldest and next Alpha of my pack." Alpha Colton said, motioning towards ocean blue eyes.

I let my gaze meet his again, slowly taking the hand he offered, my mouth parting slightly as his touch felt electric, sending small volts through my veins. I watched his gaze fall to my lips, causing me to unconsciously drag my bottom lip between my teeth.

"Nice to meet you Lillie." He drawled, smiling slightly.

"Nice to meet you too Callum." I breathed.
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