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My freedom(A werewolf love story)

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MY FREEDOM “I’m not leaving to forget you… I’m leaving for my freedom” ❄ Forest Lovato, only daughter of the Alpha and Beta of the Golden Crescent pack left her pack, family, responsibilities for the feeling of freedom of the world she was born into. ❄ Ryder the strong, emotionless, cold-hearted alpha of the Evergreen Pack who earned the title of the Blood Alpha, His pack was the most experienced, strong, highest fighting pack in the whole of the werewolf world. ❄ What happens when these two souls meet and their fate, thanks to the almighty moon goddess just happens to be tied to each other making them stuck together for life. Will Forest finally give her original world- world she was born into, a chance and accept it and will the new blood Alpha known for his cold-heartedness become all mushy?? |Read to find out| The need for a trailer is really wanted and most of all NEEDED, so, please if you’re good at video editing and stuff please do contact me and the details will be given immediately. Copyrights 2020©

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I packed all my things vigorously shoving them into my box.

I can’t take this.

I couldn’t take it anymore.

Zipping up my suitcase, checking if was sealed tight, I dragged it as I walked downstairs sharply ignoring the curious and questioning look that the pack members gave me as I walked through the day, the smell of trees hit my nose as I took in deep breaths.

I can do this

I can do this

I kept on chanting to myself, I made a move to start walking when a voice came from behind me, two voices to be exact that made me stay frozen to dirt beneath my boots

“You’re only sixteen!” I turned around to see my parents- my mum on the verge of breaking down and my father trying his possible best not to let his emotions get the better of him.

“So?!” I asked putting up my emotionless façade.

“You’re not mature enough for crying out loud!” my father said as my mother was already a crying mess.

“Well, I’m mature enough to know what’s wrong from right” I said simply, they didn’t say anything, I took that as an opportunity to leave before a small voice said from behind me making me almost want to break down

“Are you leaving to forget us” my mother said in a small voice amidst sobs

I turned to her keeping all my emotions masked up, putting on a blank expression

“I’m not leaving to forget you… I’m leaving for my freedom” and with that I turned away walking to my bike, I strapped my small suitcase securely on it, I hopped on and zoomed off immediately, I didn’t bother looking back, I was done with life, I needed my life back… I needed my freedom.


This is like a brief of what happened in the past, chapter 1 will be fully about her present.

if you don’t still get, comment and I’ll explain more.

Thank you :D

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