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Eye Of The Codex (The last Alpha)

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“Your death is inevitable Alpha. Just like the other six you’re destine to die,” the woman in the black cloak said. She smirked as she flipped a card. “But there is one,” the woman said smiling. “Who?” the Alpha King asked. “The woman who holds the eye of the codex. The one you will wished to have killed since the moment you laid eyes on her. The one who can either be your savior or your doom.” The woman said laughing. The king stared at her. Chuckling he turned his head. “What can a woman do? No woman has been able to save a king. Especially an alpha wolf,” the king said laughing. The woman in the black cloak stop smiling. Thin lips and glowing eyes looked at the man seated on the throne. “You will regret those words,” she said as she stands up. Grabbing her cards, she hides her arms under the long black cloak. “Heed my words king. The one you least expect can be your savior. But if you continue being impertinent and stubborn your kingdom the last race of surviving wolves will vanish from this earth. So beware of what you say.” “Nothing shall happen,” I mutter annoyed. “You will remember my words in a few years,” the woman with black cloak whispered as she turned and walked out of the room. … Join the last Alpha King on his journey of finding the woman who holds the eye of the codex. The one who might not only be his savior but can also be his doom. The woman with white hair

Erotica / Fantasy
Silver Taurus
4.9 105 reseñas
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The enormous wooden doors with golden designs open wide as four guards in armor step into the throne room. Everyone’s eyes moved to the woman they were dragging. Her black dress ripped from different parts, and her white hair covered her face. She had her head down.

The entire room went silent once the guards pushed her to the front, making her stumble and fall on her knees.

The king stared at her from above. His green eyes looked down at the woman on the floor.

“What’s this?” the king asked at the man who stood behind the woman.

“This woman is the one we have been searching for. The one who belongs to the seekers,” the man exclaimed loudly.

Whispers erupted in the room. Then, frowning, the king raises his hand and stands up.

The clicking of his shoes resonated around the silent room. Standing in front of her, he crouches and crooks his head. He was curious to see her face. After all, she’s been the one who has been killing his people. The one they’ve been searching for since years ago.

Carefully, he reached for her hair and pulled it away from her face. Then, gripping her chin tightly, he makes her look at him. Blue eyes met his green emerald ones. Feeling a sudden tug on his chest, he frowns.

Distracted by her beauty and what he was feeling, he doesn’t notice her pull a dagger from her dress. Pushing him down, she puts the long cold blade against his neck. Gasps erupted in the room.

Shocked by the unexpected attack, the king just stares at her.

“Alpha!” the guard yelled worriedly.

The king stared at the woman that had him straddled. He was feeling excited; he felt her pressing the dagger against his throat, making him smirks.

“Is that all you’re going to do, my love?” the king asked with a smile on his pink lips.

“No,” the woman smirked. Then, pulling the dagger away, she leans over and smiles, “Nice to meet you.” she whispered as she punched him in the face, breaking his nose in the process.

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nereserrano30: No tienes idea mi diosa de lo feliz que estoy x ser parte de esta historia atravesó de la lectura gracias por continuarla.. ni te imaginas la cara de y sonrisa que tengo en estos momentos a leer un nvo capitulo.. sencillamente gracias 🫂 por tanto 😘🥺

floyd1962jodi: Did this 3 times will not let me continue

Sara: So far, everything seems to be well written and keeps my interest. I gave all high marks in hopes to encourage the writer to continue.

RGXD: I'm loving this book so far. One thing I would've done to make it better was to add povs. I understand that every writer has their own writing style but just a polite suggestion. Loving the book though. I love this writer. Keep it up! 💖

Dina del rocio : Me encanta la intriga, la venganza y el amor de por medio es fascinante ...hará ahora la estoy amando

Jodi Shelton: I'm throughly enjoying this book so far

cully4: Great story from being a ‘nobody’ to becoming someone & having somebody to share your life with

C: I like the plot of the story , a little bit to rushed but overall good, and very close to the reality, keep it up!

1970wildchild: The storyline and the plot are wonderful, a lot of grammar errors. Also found some sentences seemed like they had words omitted.

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Edward: A lovely and cozy story, I enjoyed it, thank you author for sharing your story.

honeygirlphx: I was hoping Tate would have a fated mate! Love this book

honeygirlphx: I absolutely am in love with this book and can not wait for book 14 you have wrapped me in I need more!! Thanks for writing such amazing story plot I can’t stop reading

Ynes: Me ha gustado mucho, para ser una novela corta. Tener más cuidado con el relato pues al principio los hijos tenían nombres diferentes según se desarrolla la historia.

Bamalady78: I have absolutely nothing but praise for this story. Each book draws you in to the newest couple while still continuing the past couples storyline. Absolutely brilliant work of art.

andrea: todo absolutamente todo me encantó<3

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