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Bravery Will Always Triumph Over Evil


At times, there is no right or wrong decision. Sometimes we just have to make a decision and hope for the best. "Will it always be this complicated?" "No. Sometimes, it'll be even more so." "Why?" "Because life is full of the unexpected, Astrid. You want it to be one thing and it turns into another." "Will it always be this hard, Hiccup?" "No, my love." "Why must we leave?" "To protect our secret. It's an uphill battle, but one we must fight. Be it to the end, or to the death. We have each other, Astrid. Each other, and our dragons. We're going to be ok. Whether it's now, or years from now, we will make it through. And in the end, we will triumph.

Fantasy / Romance
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Prologue: It's a Beautiful Life

Hiccup groaned, as the blast of sun rays hit his face. The warmth startled him; even more so as his senses became more acute and he felt a weight on top of him. The fifteen year old glanced down at his chest, and smiled upon seeing the golden sheet that sprawled over his naked frame.

It wasn’t just any golden sheet though. It was hair. Hair that belonged to HER, his lovely girlfriend. Astrid Hofferson was her name, and she was just a few months younger than him. They’d been together two years now. Two wonderful, beautiful years. No two years of his life had been as wonderful as the ones spent with his divine beauty. She’d made them magical, and it brought a smile to his face every time he thought about it.

His fingertips ghosted lightly over her soft, naked back, down beneath the sheets that kept her modest. Her head rested gracefully on his chest, which had little hair on it. Smiling widely, he bent to press his lips to her golden head, and then rest his cheek against the smooth silk of her hair. It was one of his favorite things about her, her hair. The shine of it in the mornings after they made love. The softness of it when she bathed. The gentle flow of curls he ran his fingers through when she let it out of her thick braid. He loved her hair, almost as much as he loved her.

His mind wandered again as he continued stroking the skin of her back. A whole year had passed. A whole year since they had allowed their relationship to cross into the deep water of sex and exploration. The feeling wasn’t anything new now, and they had just made love once again the night before; however, Hiccup was still dumbstruck that a girl as enchanting as Astrid wanted HIM. She loved HIM. She gave her virginity to HIM. Such an amazing girl. And she was HIS.

“Hmm.” Her soft groan vibrated against his chest, ruffling his chest hairs, and making him shiver. He squeezed her gently in the arms he had wrapped around her body, like that of a blanket.

“Milady.” He whispered against her forehead.

She groaned again and ran her hand over his stomach and chest. “G’morning.” She mumbled into his neck.

He snickered and stroked the curve of her spine, knowing it to be one of her sensitive spots. He relished in the sound of her quiet moan, and squeezed her close again. “Good morning, my love. Sleep well?” He asked in a whisper.

She held tight to him as he continued moving his hand along her spine, and somehow tangled her legs deeper within his. “Very. You?” She asked shortly.

The hand went further and further down her body. Under the sheets that covered her from the waist down. It slipped over the curve of her ass, which he loved. Giving it a shameless squeeze, he smirked as she started to obviously grow restless. He could feel her heat against his thigh, down below. She was aching, yearning for him to touch her. To kiss her. To make love to her. It seethed from her aura, calling out to him. There was no denying, or mistaking it. He knew her well. He knew she wanted him.

But, he decided to tease her a bit. Still smirking, he dragged his hand away from her ass and held her hip instead. “I slept like a baby wrapped in the embrace of a Valkyrie. Oh. Wait. That’s because I WAS in the embrace of a Valkyrie. A hot, sexy Valkyrie.” He grunted in her ear.

She bit her lip, but couldn’t help the purr she let slip past her lips, and into his ear. The sound filled him with delight as he held tighter to her waist and nuzzled his face into her hair to listen more to her melodic hum.

“Dammit, Hiccup. Fuck me already.” She moaned as she straddled him and sat up on his waist.

He stroked her thigh while unashamedly admiring her bountiful breasts. “You mean ‘fuck’ as in make love, or ‘fuck’ as in fuck?” He asked as he kept one hand on her thigh, and held her breast in the other.

She threw her head back in pleasure as he adorned her with his expert hands. “Both.” She sobbed.

Whilst she was lost in her pleasure as he distracted her, he quickly dug his fingers into her hips and flipped them over so that he towered above her. With a smirk, he drew a finger over her nipple and then pinched it roughly. “How bout I just fuck you out of your godsdamn mind, baby?” He muttered in her ear.

She gripped tightly to his shoulders as her legs went to wrap themselves around his narrow hips. “Oh, gods, yes.” She pleaded.

Having already been undressed, with their clothes scattered at random on his bedroom floor, Hiccup easily slid into Astrid. Screw foreplay. He wanted her around him. He wanted inside her. Starting slow, he held her hands in his own as he worked himself up. Within minutes, he was thrusting roughly into her, fast and hard. They both grunted with each thrust he made inside her.

They each released around each other, he inside her. It was risky, they knew, but they did take precautions to prevent pregnancy. She even took the moon tea three times a day to better the prevention.

Coming down from his high, Hiccup elected to turn his attention back to her voluptuous breasts. Full and creamy, and left unscathed by any stretch marks, her breasts were absolutely captivating. Her nipples, meanwhile, were pink against her otherwise creamy skin.

Easing a smile toward her eyes, he leaned over her right nipple and wrapped his lips around the sensitive bud. Still looking at her, he lightly started to suckle on the bead. A flick and swirl of his tongue got her to arch into him.

Not looking up at her anymore, he focused on his appraise of her breasts and the nipple currently in his mouth.. He moaned teasingly to get her to jerk. Using his teeth, he nibbled at her bead, while pulling it in between his lips further, and sucking on the aching nipple harder.

“Hiccup.” She cried as she scratched at his scalp and clawed at the sheets.

He finally released her nipple, with a final lick. “I love your breasts, baby.” He whispered while cupping the breast he had not yet addressed, He did so for the next ten minutes, before he finally came back up to her her face. “Do you want on top?” He growled deeply in her ear, and nipped at her jaw.

She could only nod quickly and peeped when he flipped them over yet again, so she was on top of him. Gripping her hips tightly, he lifted her up slightly and moved her over his length. Seeing she was ready, he pulled her down, over him, and watched in pure ecstasy as she threw her head back. Releasing her hips, he slid his hands over her waist, and up to her breasts. Cupping them in his hands, he squeezed them while he waited for her to be ready to start riding him.

It wasn’t long, and Astrid was ready. She put her hands on his torso and lifted herself up slowly, then sunk back down. Over and over she repeated this, until she was moving quick and hard.

Meanwhile, Hiccup had fun with her breasts. He fondled and squeezed them. He brushed his thumbs over her raw nipples. And he adored the sight of her riding him, and moaning in pleasure as he groped her.

They both hit their release again and shivered. Wanting to remain inside her, for them to be connected still, Hiccup didn’t let her slide off of him. Instead, he dragged her down and had her lay on his chest. His fingers stroked her back, and his lips touched her head gently.

“I will never tire of making love to you.” He mumbled against her golden hair. “I love you, Astrid.” He said and kissed her head.

She smiled against his skin that was left rough from hours of labor in the forge, and kissed his chest. “I love you too, Hiccup.” She whispered in a single, silent breath.

With those final words, the lovers fell asleep in each other’s arms. It remained that way for the rest of the afternoon. And then into the evening...



Well, how’d you guys like the first chapter? Anyone see where I’m going with this or not yet? Please leave your reviews down below. I like to see how I can improve to better attract and appease my readers. Peace out!

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