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Moon Bound

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Marisol. Runt. Moon Healer. Pairs werewolves with their soulmates. Judah. Alpha King. The witches have banded together with rogue wolves to attack a smaller pack with a newer and despicable kind of magic. Unable to combat this new form of magic Alpha King Judah is feeling more useless than ever. He receives the gift of hope in his little mate Marisol. She might be the missing piece that is needed to win this war. -book one of the Bound Series- -currently editing-

Fantasy / Romance
Mai Rivers
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As Mary ran through the forest carrying her barely two year old pup there was only one thought that was running through her mind. That she is the worlds worst mother. How could she not think that, all of her time has been consumed with one thing. Making sure that Marisol lived. For the past twenty-two months Mary and her mate Sol have spent all of their time going to any and everyone who might have knowledge on how to save a pup who was born as a runt. She would do anything if that meant that her little Marisol would live a long and healthy life, and she was sure that she has found someone who knew the way to do it.

She slowed down when she reached the each of the forest, and saw two hooded figures standing by the lake. “Did you bring him? Is he really here?” She called out to them, alerting them of her presence.

They both turned to her and let down their hood, her eyes immediately are drawn to the man with white shoulder length hair. For the first time in twenty-two months she smiled and she knew that there was a definite way to save her precious Marisol.

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Nicole: Me gusto mucho la trama, si bien es cierto se tomo un desarrollo que a mi parecer fue rápido también fue mágico, me hubiera gustado más drama y el desarrollo d esos personajes secundarios sea un poco más más. Recomendaría este libro a mis amigas se que les encantaría.

raelynn: The book is very well written

huldamagambou: Je passe facilement de la joie à la colère et à de nombreux questionnement ce roman est immersif à souhait j'apprécie vraiment

Carine: J’adore la fluidité de cette histoire , il y a une vraie intrigue , on se doute bien que ce loup shadow est un métamorphose, juste il faut laisser le temps au temps

Claudia: Wie ich schon im Kommentar geschrieben habe. An der Rechtschreibung muss noch was getan werden. Die Geschichte an sich ist gut geschrieben.

raelynn: This book is good I would recommend to 20+

Kaari: OMG the drama! Twists turn and plots seasoned with well written steamy scenes between multiple couples. I'm seriously obsessed

Kaari: I'm currently fighting a cold so laying in bed with all these characters to keep me company is perfection

Más recomendaciones

Kaari: I'm pretty sure I'm going to be reading all of these back to back great stuff

Pournima Ganapathy Raman: Something new and you can never guess what will happen next

Lisa: I love the story line so far but there needs to be a hit more background on the characters.

Tesorito: Me gustó mucho esta historia...

Susanne Moore: Love this series, the kids are great. Can't wait for the dragon!!!

Judi: I really enjoyed this story. I stayed up all night reading, and I'm looking forward to the next story about the daughter. Thanks for sharing.

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