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Zyanya, The Last Pantera | Book IV of The Eresthai Series | Amazon

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Nikolay Mikhailov is The Reaper, notorious amongst Lycans for being the most savage and deadly Lycan since the dawn of time. When the perpetually bored Lycan’s eyes land on the most perfect ass he’s ever seen, his Lycan can’t help but give chase. His Lycan’s instincts have never been wrong. Ever. So why is his Lycan trying to sink his fangs into an ugly old woman? | Book IV of the Eresthai Series | Amazon

Fantasy / Romance
Suzanna A. Levis
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The Perfect Ass


This is boring. I’m so boooored. Someone blow my brains out and put me out of my fucking misery. Nearly 300 years old and here I am in a room full of thirty-something-year-old humans rambling on about…something, I don’t even fucking remember.

“Dmitri,” I link my security detail, “how much longer do I have to sit and listen to this dribble?”

I look over at Dmitri who stands by the door to the conference room like a good guard dog, and see him check his watch.

“Twenty minutes,” he links back.

“Can you pretend to pass out or something? I’ll pay you extra.”

Dmitri stifles a chuckle and looks away, his answer loud and clear.

I growl in annoyance causing all heads to turn my way. The moment I scowl everyone’s eyes revert back to their documents and that asshole resumes blabbering away about how amazing his company is. If your company is doing so well, why am I buying it for pennies and cents?

I’m not usually this unprofessional but after seeing Laurent, Tae, and my brother all with their freaking amazing Eresthai’s, life just hasn’t been the same. What’s the point of any of this anymore? Who am I doing all this dreary, arduous work for, surely not myself. There’s no thrill in this modern-day company hunt anymore. I have no mate and no cubs to leave a legacy for. I’m a hamster in a wheel, running like a maniac and going absolutely fucking nowhere. What a waste of time. At this point, I might just leave everything behind just as Alexander did, live it up on some beach somewhere, and bury myself in anonymous pussy.

I look around the conference room, examining each one of the humans that sit at the table. I go along the line, imagining what they’d look like naked. Ew, gross, wrinkly, hmm maybe, fuckable but forgettable, all right, hell no, most likely smells of cheese. I sniff the air. Yep, cheese, probably has a yeast infection.

I take out my phone and have a peek at my calendar. Thank fuck I have tonight off, if I don’t get laid soon, I’m going to have an aneurysm.

As I slip my phone back into my back pocket my eyes drift out through the glass wall that separates us from the workers; it’s one-sided so while we can all see out, none of the worker bees outside can look in.

I prefer to have my meeting areas far from the masses, but this isn’t my building, not yet anyway, but if this is how boring these people are then I might just forget about absorbing this company completely.

As my eyes scan the faces out there one by one, my eyes seem to zero in on the shapeliest ass that I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing, and I’ve seen many an ass, but this one is, mwah, honest to Goddess perfection.

I can’t see her face, the woman leans on one of her college’s desks, arms crossed as they chat. Now that I look at her, she’s not really dressed for this place, everyone’s donning business attire while she’s wearing painted-on jeans, sneakers, a tank top, and a baseball cap. But let’s focus on the important issue and get back to those jeans, how in Goddess almighty did she slip into those babies? It’s the most ideal example of painted-on jeans I’ve ever seen.

When she pushes off that guy’s desk and shifts her weight I feel my head tilt to the side, following her magnanimous ass like a hypnotist’s pendulum. Even my Lycan sits at attention, and he’s been around the block just as much as I have. All I can think about right now is going out there, bending her over a desk, and sinking myself into that woman so deep that her head explodes. Her hips are wide enough, she could handle me.

I didn’t even realize I was already walking towards the door until my hand reached for the handle, but I didn’t make it out there in time to even ask for her number. The oddest thing happened. The woman quickly looked to her left, blessed me with the tiniest glimpses of her face as she smirked, before turning to the right, and bolting away at full speed. A moment later a handful of security guards run past the door in hot pursuit of the perfect ass. What the fuck was that all about?

I open the door to look where they’re all running and catch the tiniest hint of Wild Bloom hanging in the air.

Dmitri comes out to stand next to me, sniffing the air, “You smell that?”

I nod, “It was that woman.”

Dmitri looks at me, “What woman?”

“Mr. Mikhailov?” A voice calls from inside the conference room, but I ignore it.

My Lycan is telling me to run, so I run. I don’t know what’s gotten into me, but this feels an awful lot like a hunt, and my eternally bored Lycan wants to chase. Sick ’em boy.

Catching up to the security guards was easy. They rush down the emergency stairs in pursuit of the mystery woman. When I look down the spiraling staircase, I just manage to spot her hand as it lets go of the railing on the ground floor. How did she make it down so fast? If she’s this fast and using Wild Bloom, there’s no way she’s human. Curiosity engaged.

What I’d like to do is vault over the railing and jump down, but even my Lycan knows better than to reveal our kind to humans, so I run down and quickly pass the huffing and puffing guards. As soon as I exit the emergency door into the alley below my nose is bombarded by the scent of Mexico City on a hot day.

Not even the slightest hint of Wild Bloom lingers amongst this complex aroma, and I fear I’ve lost my prey until I look up and see her silhouette looking down at me from the building opposite, a ten-story office building. She quickly disappears and I can’t hold back my Lycan anymore; he shifts my hands, and we scale the building, only to find the rooftop completely bare of any signs of life.

I sniff at the Wild Bloom hanging in the air, but it’s quickly swept away by the hot breeze. I walk across the rooftop and look around for any hint of someone running. Nothing. My Lycan starts going ballistic, but I’m not exactly sure why, he’s not exactly the most articulate beast.

“You know,” I hear Dmitri walking up behind me, “I’ve seen you do some ridiculous shit to chase tail but never bust out of a business meeting like that.”

“No matter, I’ve decided not to buy the place,” I mumble walking along the edge of the building and scanning the streets below, “their presentation was lousy, to say the least.”

“How would you know? You were daydreaming through most of it.”

Then it hits me, the guy back at the office, the one my perfect ass was talking to, he may know something about her. I don’t know why I need to know, but my Lycan won’t shut up about it, and if he keeps clawing at the inside my skull like this, I’m going to smash my head against a wall just to knock him out.

When I found the guy, he claimed to not know my mystery woman, “She said she just started working here in the IT department, made small talk, ran away and that was it.”

Well, this is somewhat annoying. I shove my hands in my pocket and sigh, “Dmitri, I want any and all security footage of this woman from the moment she stepped into the building.”

Dmitri looks up from his phone, brows raised. I can tell he thinks I’m nuts, but he knows to keep his opinions to himself, most of the time. He just smirks, shakes his head, and looks back at his phone.

I’m not exactly sure where my feet are taking me but somehow, I found myself outside wandering along the bustling city street lost in thought. I wasn’t sure where I was headed but I couldn’t be indoors any longer. All I could think about was the way that woman’s lips smirked when she saw the security team coming for her as if she was about to enjoy getting away from them. I couldn’t see her eyes under that baseball cap, but she looked to be in her 20s with long dark hair and olive skin. I’ve been infatuated by women in the past, but I must say it’s been at least 50 years since someone’s genuinely captured my attention like this.

When I met Victoria, she stood out for obvious reasons, and sure, I would have loved to have made her mine, any sane male Lycan with a functional aura detection system would have, but after seeing my little brother completely transform into a new Lycan I could never take that away from him. I might poke fun at him, and enjoy putting him in awkward situations, but he’s my little brother, and as long as I’m alive he and his Eresthai will always be under my protection.

This reminds me, it’s going to be Madi’s first birthday soon, and as her uncle it’s now my duty to spoil her rotten and inconvenience my brother with the most inconvenient and over-the-top gift an uncle like me can possibly buy. Seeing how Madi enjoyed riding Boris so much, perhaps a pony would suffice. Then again Madi might end up eating it, that kid is as wild as they come. Then again, a dead pony would certainly be an inconvenience to Alex.

I sat down at a café and started searching for ponies online. Dmitri sat down across from me a few minutes later and slid a piece of cake my way, interrupting my search. I look up at him with knitted brows, cake usually means bad news.

He sucks air through gritted teeth before coming out with it, “There’s no footage of her. Any time your mystery woman came into view of a camera, the camera turned off.”

Well, that’s unfortunate, I guess I’ll just have to go out tonight and find myself a subpar ass.

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