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1:She compelled her mate but why? 2:why her power were hidden from her ? 3:who's son Xavier is? 4:will they get back togather MAIN FOCUS OF STORY YOUR FINGER ENTWINED SLOWLY WITH MINE, AND SUDDENLY, LIFE MADE SENSE. (PERRY POETRY )

Fantasy / Mystery
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"Mama" I heard my baby boy Xavier's sweet voice in my ear under my blanket .but I didn't make anyone moves to tell him that I am wide awake because I love teasing him. When I didn't respond, he started jumping on the bed. " MAMA!!! Wakey wake up we have to go to Darius's house " he exclaimed while he continues to jump up and down. one thing about Xavier annoys me he is too energetic. He has the energy of three full-grown men. It pricks of being tribrid.

Suddenly, something heavy fell on me. I groaned because of impact, I knew Xavier fell on me. I removed my blanket from my face to scold him because of jumping he may have hurt himself badly. I know he is a tribid but for me, he is my little baby, I don't any harm come to my baby boy.

When I removed the blanket from my I saw his adorable pouting face I forgot about scolding when I see his cute little lips jutting out. I chuckled at him and start tickling him." Mama stop-p ma-ma" he said between his laugh. I watched my baby laugh as he tried to crawl away from my tickle attack. At the time I stop he was full on laughing I kissed his nose and move him on my lap.

"Good morning my king, " said while kissing him on cheeks. He scrunched his nose and said, "Mama you have morning breath.". I laughed at his response and gave him bear hug, he tried to hug me with his little hands.

"Why are you up so early baby? " I asked him and wondering why was he up so damn early he never wakes up before 10. He got that from me. He and I both love to sleep.

He whined " mamaaaaa" I tried to remember if something special happened on this day but nothing came in mind. My eyes widened in realization that today is Darius's birthday, and they are waiting for us at their pack and if we don't arrive at the time that nova which is my best friend has given us she will literally kill well she can't do that but angry best friends are dangerous things and in Nova's case, her punishments are worst.

"Oh god, Xavier why didn't you wake me early. we are going to be late nova is doing to punish me" I scolded Xavier even though I knew I was responsible for being late as I forgot to set Alarm not just one alarm 5 or 6 alarms because one alarm won't be able to wake me up because well I am a heavy sleeper.

"Mama your mama not me " he huffed and rolled his eyes "whatever now hurry to get ready I'll be down in 30 minutes," I said shooing him away.

After taking a quick shower and doing my daily morning routine I dressed up myself in a simple red long sleeve shirt paired with black jeans, boots and don't forget the jacket. I ran downstairs yelling at Xavier to hurry up.

I found my beta and third in command sitting on stools in the kitchen. They greeted me with a simple Good morning. "You are late for Darius's birthday party AGAIN," my beta Katherine said trying to hold her laugh. Eva snickered who is my third in command.

I glared both of them, which made their mouth shut, and I continue to make breakfast for Xavier and me. After eating breakfast we were on our way to Darius's house, which is in the blood moon pack. It takes three hours to reach there.

You must be wondering who Darius is. He is Xavier's friend, and he is also the son of my best friends Alpha Thomas and Luna Nova. They are like family to me. They were always with me no matter what they were with me in my ups and downs. In a way, Thomas is like my big brother and Nova a sister which I never had as I was the only child.

I was lost in my thoughts when Xavier start shaking me to gain my attention. I turned my face to him "yes baby?" I asked him giving him my full attention. "Mama you know that we are late because of you?" he said I was confused by his question " yes baby I know, " I said not getting what he is trying to say.

" You remember what aunt nova is going to do to you right? " he said smirk at me my eyes widened in horror as what Nova will do to me for being late Again.

I almost jump out of the car and going back to my pack and hide there but I know if I do that Nova will kill no matter how strong you are your best friend will always scare you.

"UGHHH not againnnn" I whined while Katherine, Eva and Xavier laughed at me. So Nova had made punishments for me for always being late, and as I said before they are worst punishments.

I was even late in her wedding well you can't blame me for love sleeping now, can you? So the punishments are something like these.

1 )I have to clean her whole freaking house.

2 )eating raw meat and so on.

When we reached there we were one hour late. Nova was standing outside on her porch arm crossed and tapping her foot impatiently. Thomas was standing beside her Darius in front of them as we get out of car Xavier ran to them and hug Darius wishing him birthday. While I smiled sheepishly at Nova who just glared at me and said the words, I was dreading to listen "bring the fishes " everyone laughed at my horrified face.


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