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She had everything under control; she was going to do everything possible to make it, but at her highest point, things didn’t happen the way she thought they would.

Fantasy / Romance
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Claudia is looking at me as I paint my nails, my mind is everywhere but here. Truth be told I haven’t been myself of late but then I just don’t know how to open up to her because that would mean putting our friendship at risk, we have come a long way and there are just vows I have made to myself that I can never break come what may.

‘I think Innocent likes you.’ She says looking at me, I know this because I can feel her eyes burning my face

‘Just drop it, how many times am I going to tell you that Innocent and I will never work? How many times will I tell you that he needs to grow up before he can date me?’

She stares at me.

‘What is wrong with you?’

‘What do you mean what is wrong with me?’

I know she has more to say but then the silence that follows shows me that for now she will drop it.

Claudia and I met at Kamwala high school five years ago, I was a transfer student from Chibelo basic whilst she had been there since grade seven. I had wanted to go to David Kaunda Technical School but then I didn’t do well enough for the school to accept me and that is how I went to Kamwala High School, it was hard for me to get a hang of the place and being a quite pupil didn’t help either but she immediately made me feel at home and that is how we became friends. We have been inseparable since and when we both completed high school and it was time to go to UNI we knew we would apply at the same school and thank God we were both accepted. Here we are full time students at the university of Zambia studying Business Administration and Public Administration respectively.

‘Wane Phiri I am talking to you.’ She says and I just look at her wordlessly, I am not about to get into this with her. I already have so much on my plate and sadly I can’t tell her.


Your Friend and Author
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Ann Kemp: I love this story old fashioned romance and fun I would recommend to anyone needing a good romantic story to inside them

Robin: Interesting plot so far. I like Ivory, so many girl’s really do feel like this about themselves.

Novembersnow : Love love love it!!! You did a great job like always. I can’t wait for the next one!!!

Daniela alejandra: La verdad me A Encantado es muy llamativoMe gusta porque es InteresanteLo que no me Gusta es Que Toca por este medio

langleys089: Gggggeeaat.......storrry

linestg: J'ai dévoré les deux tomes. On se laisse facilement emporter par le tumulte des personnages principaux.Bcp d'épreuves, j'espère vraiment que le 3 ème tome est un happy end.

Nicole: Habe die Seite durch Zufall gefunden und auch das Buch. Ich finde es liest sich bis jetzt richtig gut

juliastreng: Fesselnder roman

Adriana: Novela de un estilo muy especial, que te mantiene espectante esperando que va a encanta y espero un final feliz..

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camila andrea: en general me a gustado todo desde la trama asta como se desenvuelve todo y creo que me encanto y que la autor/a tiene una muy buena imaginación 🤭🤭 y yo se lo recomendaria a mis amigas para que se entretengan y se envuelvan en esta trama que me parece buena y que me quede asta las 2 de la mañan...

allison o'connor: Didn't sleep and now I've got a headache. But I'm loving them! On to book four.

BIN-äres-ICH: Die Autorin hat einen besonderen Ausdrucksstil; sehr spielerisch und poetisch..Auch wenn man dadurch manche Sätze zweimal lesen muss, da sie komplexer und verschlungener formuliert sind, macht es jedoch den Schreibstil besonders bzw. die beschreibende Figur spezieller..Weiter so!

marilyn: It's awesome to hear about all these shifters finding their fated mates. I can't wait to hear more about them. I also want to hear about the cubs. And for Daryl to find his mate.

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