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Bad Love Story

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Awoken to a living nightmare and so far from what is real and what is not. But most of all she is far away from him. She is given a second chance, but is it worth it? Is he?

Fantasy / Horror
Ms Insomnipotant
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Chapter 2

Every fiber in my body ached as I awoken to the feeling of being dragged by my hair.

My eyes burned and my sight was blurry.

Was I still somehow alive?!... or was this a demon dragging me through hell?

I blinked several times to try and see around me to get a grasp of where I was.

To my dismay and joy, I was in the woods.

Whoever had been dragging me stopped and I heard a creaking noise of a rusty door open.

A strong putrid smell ran out of it and I felt myself getting sick from it.

I turned to throw up but when I went to turn over to do so, my captor swung me into a wall.

My back hit first then my head, I was dizzy and was finally able to puke.

It was just blood, and it brought back the memory of the fight and my wounds.

I was still covered in blood and bleeding out, how was I still alive?

A loud grunt made me snap my head up and look to see who or what had brought me here.

A tall beast like creature with red eyes stared down at me.

It had four huge fang-like teeth sticking out of its mouth, two on each lip.

This must be a demon...I had to be dead.

It moved towards me and I braced myself for a fight, but it only bent down and sniffed me.


I was not going to be dog food or a prisoner to this abomination!

With all the strength I had left I tried to hit it in the face with my good arm.

It should’ve connected with ease, but something else caught me in mid swing.

In shock, I turned to see an old woman there holding my arm with the strength of a man, not some feeble looking old woman!

“Looks like this one has some fight in her still.” she laughed.

“Let me go!” I yelled and tried to yank my arm free but I regretted it right away.

My gut twisted and turned as I moved and I felt dizzy and fell.

“Do you wish to be saved, girl?” the old croon cooed down at me.

My vision was spinning so fast I felt like I was going to be sick again.

“Time is of the essence and I can’t save you unless you agree to let me, we have rules too, they’re not all just for you humans.”

Oh shit...

I coughed up blood as it sank into me I was captured by a witch.

The tales of them living in the woods kept people out, well mostly.

Horrible as it was I coughed out a laugh.

“Is that a yes?”

My eyes met hers and I felt my body going numb.

She smiled down at me seeing the way I looked at her must have given off my answer.

“Well, then shall we begin?” she said happily and clapped her hands together.

What horrors would I awake to, if I even awoke at all?

Before my world went black I thought of him...

“I will not break my oath.” I choked out and then I was gone.

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