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Woman at bus 23

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Sometimes the word of a stranger can save your life ...

Horror / Mystery
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strange things happen after nightfall

I looked at clock on the wall of the library where i had arrived to study after my day at college and i noticed that i had just 20 minutes to arrival of my last bus of the night to get to the apartment where i was living .

So i gathered my things and walked to the bus stop. Bus number 23 was one of my usual busses that i took after my study sessions at library and often it was completely empty except me and the bus driver .

Tonight was rare kind of night i noticed when i entered the bus and looked around to figure where i would be sitting , when i saw that instead of being completely empty i saw middle aged male with nervous look on his face sitting hunched over on his seat focusing on his phone and behind him was female little bit younger looking than him leaning towards him with her chin close to his shoulder .

Creepy and weird - i thought and felt shiver go through my body for some reason but ignoring the creepy feeling i sat couple of rows away from them facing the man, curiosity maybe but something compelled me to do so in order to keep my eye on the guy and the strange woman.

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