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Midnight phone calls

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missed call during night? you might regret on not answering

Mystery / Thriller
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first phone call

I was just fallen asleep when i was woken up by my phone ringing .

slightly irritated i answered the phone


I could hear breathing on the other side of the phone call and was about to cut the phone call short when i heard voice speaking.

" i'm so glad you answered ! i've been waiting for so long "

I listened to the voice but it did not sound familiar to anyone i knew

" who is this ? it is 2 AM and i have work at morning and i really am not in mood for prank calls "

" you need to listen to what i have to tell you . you cannot go to work tomorrow, you just cannot . you need to listen to me what i'm sa-"

I interrupted the person speaking and told her that i did not know what was going on but i surely had no time for nonsense and that i was going to hang up now .

After ending the call i covered myself with blanket and closed my eyes

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