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Man in the Wall (Who is he?)

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Vivian Harper Maldonado, a 17-year-old facing her last year in high school. With pranks abroad, laughter spewing and perfect friendships, what more could she wish for? That is until the day humiliation surfaces with a crowd present to witness it all. Enraged with anger and her heart shattering to pieces, she storms the building deciding to go home. Except she never makes it that far. What fate lies ahead of her goes unclear, as waking up in a room with 15 other girls only startles and confuses her... "Be careful princess. They fool easily." [Warning: Use of profanity]

Mystery / Thriller
Amber Conrad
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Chapter 1 - Not like I have a choice

There's no turning back now.

Of all things to go wrong in life, this can't be one of them. With my right hand firmly placed on the handle of an unauthorised door, I realize I alone have sealed my fate shut.


"Vivian, we shouldn't be doing this! If we're caught, It'll be both our souls," a voice hisses beside me and I have the sudden urge to mute vocals.

Which certainly wouldn't be friendly of me and I do believe in the saying 'communication is key'. However, in this case communication wastes time and our time happens to be extremely limited. Not to mention irreplaceable.

One foot after the other, at the speed of light, we scurry into restricted territory that smell of pollen, coffee and tawdry deodorizer.

Try and try I might to hush the panic stricken 18-year-old, whom I love dearly, although that love is currently being scrutinized with a fine tooth comb, my success rate is brought down to a complete and utter zero. "Vivian, please!" she begs, stopping us in our tracks, latching onto my arm as if her life depended on this very crucial moment.

It's not everyday that one has the sudden drive to rip hair from scalp. "Jessica, I love you, but you're really going to have to shut it." I state staring straight into her eyes.

Turning back to the task at hand I continue, "Besides, I'm doing this for all of us. It's not like I have a choice..."

Today is the second week of the new school year, and so far nothing interesting has happened. Not a single thread of entertainment. It being our last year of high school, a band of practical jokers and gremlins combined have decided that a couple of pranks should do the trick.

Everyone, from jocks to geeks, were assigned a prank task and today happens to be the day to accomplish them. The others have done their part well and were all set and ready.

The 30+ white mice, that we acquired, were placed in the ceiling above the cafeteria.

Signs were placed on doors redirecting classes around.

Queen size mattresses were thrown in the swimming pool.

Alarm clocks were scattered at random - hidden of course - and set to go off at different times throughout the day.

All that's left is me.

Yes, I've been given a task as well, and no, I'm not your typical teenage rebel nor prankster. My foot stood on solid ground for two days refusing participation, but their adamant selfs wouldn't take no for an answer.

Now here I am, with my lifelong best friend, about to throw laxative in the staff's soup. Jessica is supposed to be keeping an eye out making sure no one comes our way. However, she's inside, attached to my side and trembling profoundly. I presume it's safe to say it's not working out as well as I had hoped.

"Are you done yet?" she questions, eyes glued to the main door. I look down to her shaky hands wrapped around my right upper arm, her body plastered to mine and laughter threatens to break free.

"I could be, but it's near impossible since we've somehow become conjoined twins." I reply slightly humoured with her fear since she's the one who chose this task.

A puzzled look morphs onto her face and I mentally facepalm for this task is taking longer than it should, "Space, Jess. I can barely breathe, let alone move".

With a small apology she let's go and I continue.

"We really have to go Viv."

Let's stir this so they don't get suspicious.

"How long is this suppose to take?"

One would naturally assume a mission to be accomplished in silence. I highly doubt this applies to Jessica.

"Alright, all done. Let's go," I whisper ever so faintly shoving the empty bottles into my sling bag after placing the lid back onto the pot.

Taking the lead, I turn to exit the staff room, but a mouse-like squeal stops me in my tracks. It doesn't take more than two brain cells to figure out where, rather precisely, whom it came from.

"Someone's coming!" she shrills, pushing me behind the counter and following suite.

Before getting the chance to question her, footsteps begin making their way towards us and we scurry like toddlers on all fours around the counter. Forgetting what air is, we focus on not making a single sound.

Just then they stop walking. The clanging sound of metal on a marble countertop is heard and all I can think of is here's to victim number one as the lid stops wobbling about. A cupboard creaks open then close, followed by cutlery getting scrambled about. We stay glued in our spots, not daring to move as there is currently no way out.

"Hmm, delicious as always!"

I recognize that squeaky voice anywhere. Mrs. Brimstone, my Maths teacher. I can't stop myself from letting out a giggle when realising that she's my first victim. However the giggles are cut short as Jessica punches my arm, fear plastered all over her face.

"Hello? Is someone there?" Mrs. Brimstone calls out.

Fear overtakes me now and all logical sense flies out the window. Planning on getting up and making a run for it, the bell for fourth period rings and I thank the universe for its timing. Mrs. Brimstone leaves with her bowl of soup, enjoying it on the way.

Fourth period?

"Maths period!" we yell simultaneously.

Jessica and I get up and hurry our way to class, bumping into a few fellow pranksters on the way, but avoiding conversation. Turning a corner we arrive a minute too late and hastily sit down not bothering to look around us. Luckily Mrs. Brimstone's current preoccupation with the board saves us a trip to detention. We start taking down notes to continue being the admirable and well mannered students she believe us to be.

After a while, she sits down, I don't notice this until Jessica elbows me with an indication to look forward. Mrs. Brimstone is clutching onto her stomach while staring at the soup with great discomfort and concern.

For a brief moment I allow guilt to consume me before realizing that I absolutely despise her. She's the main reason my math grades are licking the floor instead of sweeping the skies. An irreversible error.

Suddenly she bolts out of the classroom, to what I'm assuming to be the restroom. As soon as she's out of sight, Jessica and I burst out with uncontrollable laughter. "What have you girls done?" A familiar voice questions from behind me, a smirk easily detected.

Grinning from ear to ear, I turn around and give him a peck on the lips. "What was that for?" Nick asks rather amused while grabbing a lock of my hair and twirling it in his fingers.

I look him straight in the eyes and say as sincere as possible, "Maybe I miss you, or maybe I'm hoping that you pay for lunch today".

A few heavy chuckles escape him as he stares at me with a lopsided grin, my insides instantly turning to mush. Soon his hand twirling my hair glides to the back of my neck before pulling me in for a not so subtle kiss. A kiss interrupted by the clearing of my best friend's car revving throat.

"So..." Nick begins as he lets go of me, "I'm guessing you actually did it. I for sure thought you wouldn't succeed," he says leaning back into his seat. With everyone eavesdropping in our conversation they immediately know what's going on.

Before I can give him a piece of my mind for having such little faith in me, the class roars with over enthusiastic cheers. "You go girls!", "Well done!", "Must have been a piece of cake".

If only they knew.

"Go Vivian!" Lucas, who happens to be Nick's best friend, cheers. "And Jessica!" I add. Looking over to Jessica, I could see her beam with excitement from all the attention on us.

Then a few alarm clocks go off which of course we find amusing as it won't be the first or last to go off for the rest of the day. After a while the actual bell rings and we head to the cafeteria to witness yet another great prank. On arrival we see...


A packed cafeteria without a single mouse in sight. They most likely escaped through the vents somehow. Disappointed, we all take a seat after collecting our lunch. Nick of course paying for mine even though it was my turn today and I mentally make an 'I owe you' note.

Seated in silence I grab hold of the plastic spoon after opening my juice box. Without the slightest warning, something comes landing with a cacophonous crash directly into my bowl of pasta. Looking down, I let out an ear-piercing scream as my soul leaves my body.

Jumping a few feet back, I gather myself together and take a look around. Complete chaos! Students are running in every direction possible trying to escape the shower of white mice. I find myself being one of these students. More alarms go off.

Suddenly the intercom announces for all students to make their way to the pavilions of the swimming pool. I can't help but laugh, knowing what was to come next. As I head towards the pool area, a pair of strong arms wrap themselves around my waist while another hand grabs mine.

As I rotate my head I see Nick behind me and Jessica by my side. Belly laughs escape me this time, even harder at the fact that we were huddling so closely together trying to escape one of our own pranks, while walking directly towards another.

Students burst with raucous laughter at the site of the mattresses in the swimming pool. Some even jump in and attempt to get them out, but none of them succeed. The crowd keeps cheering, alarms keep going off and the students in the pool keep struggling. It was all fun and games until the principal decides to start speaking. Which is the first time I notice him even being there.

"Enough!" he clamors, the microphone squealing a deaf-like tone in the process. Within seconds silence engulfs the place as everyone takes a seat. "Now," he continues after adjusting his tie, "School is cancelled for the rest of the day, seeing as our entire staff has somehow fallen ill with a stomach bug."

The entire school starts cheering again. "I said that's enough!" Once again, there's silence. That is until another set of alarms go off and the place roars with laughter.

Soon our laughter died down and the principal continues, "I have noticed that we have a couple of pranksters in the building." He says pointing towards the pool. "If you do not turn yourself in right now and take responsibility for your actions, every single student present will receive 3 hours detention. Starting today at 11:00 in the cafeteria with your new pets". Complaints erupt everywhere.

Not a single one of us dare to turn ourselves in, the end results being detention. Once the lunch ladies have put all the food away, the students are forced into the cafeteria and the principal locks the doors. We decide to collect the mice and temporarily place them in the black bins. By we, I mean the boys. The girls are persistent on screaming their heads off at the sight of these mice. After an hour the little rodents are taken care of and everyone lounges about in their own miniscule groups starting random conversations.


I glance over to the clock, 2 pm. It's been three hours already. Where's the princi- My thoughts get cut off as the main door flies open. "Okay, time to go." The principal announces. Like a herd of sheep the entire school of students rushes through the exit, wanting to go home.

"Freedom!" A few of them yell.

"I swear it's like they forget that they have to come back tomorrow." I hear the principal mutter.

Once Jessica, Lucas, Nick and I exit the building, we greet each other goodbye and go on our separate ways. Well, I was just about to leave before Nick grabbed my wrist and spinned me around to face him. "I want to tell... Ask you something". He looks nervous which confuses me. An okay is all I'm able to respond with.

"You know how we've been dating for 3 months right?" I nod in agreement. "Well it's just, we've been together for so long and I feel like we should be taking it to the next step." he says while taking my hands into his.

My thoughts tend to drift to the most ridiculous of assumptions at times, but manage to scare me either which way. This is one of those times.

"Nick, I-I'm not ready to marry you! I'm too young!" I burst out, stuttering in the beginning. He starts laughing at me. "Don't worry, I'm not talking about marriage." He says with a smirk.

"Well then what?"

Taking it to the next step. He couldn't possibly mean-... My eyes grow with realization.

"No! Have you lost your damn mind!" I rip my hands apart from his. Disgusted by the fact that he would even dare ask that from me.

"But why not? I'm sexually frustrated. Help me out." He says with a pout.

"I told you in the beginning of our relationship that I'm not ready for... I can't believe that you would ask me this." I turn around to walk away. He grabs me around my waist and pull me back into his chest.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you. It's just that guys have their hormonal issues too. But sorry for asking." He says sincerely.

"I... It's okay. I do understand, it's just that I'm not ready and I will respect both my decisions and my body." I say honestly. I turn around in his arms, give him a quick kiss and pull away. He looks disappointed and lost in thought.

"I'll see you tomorrow?" I ask.

"Oh... Umm... Yeah, sure. I'll see you tomorrow." He says forcing a smile. I smile back, not wanting to struggle to figure him out.

Then I finally head home.

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