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Nature’s Blessing

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Werewolves are supposed to be able to create life after the age of eighteen. It's extremely rare for a she-wolf to get pregnant before that age but Scarlett Baccari was one of the minority. Being seventeen years old with not one but three babies on their way and belonging to the lowest rank of the pack was not an ideal plan for her. She left her pack the night she became aware of her pregnancy without looking back, traveled for miles to finally settle down in the big city, where she could camouflage herself in the mass of people that floods the streets, to never be found again. But what will happen when her mate, the one she thought didn't exist, finds her? Will he care for her kids as if they were his own? Will he forgive her? Will he be someone from her past?

Romance / Fantasy
Maria Black
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Trigger warning

This book contains subject matter that is intended for audiences +18 and that may be triggering for some readers, including but not limited to graphic descriptions of sex. If you are uncomfortable with that subject matter, please stop reading.

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Otras recomendaciones

Joan Thompson: I love this book a lot. Just real contents without the need to use pretension. I'll definitely recommend this to my friends

Michelle Stroud: I loved the story.

Bayamonesa: There are some unimportant 'blind spots' but it is a sweet story for me! I really like it!

crystals31: I am really enjoying the story so far. Keeps you wanting more

Helen Grace Rivera: Lovely choice of words; short but endearing.

Anthonella: Me ha gustado todo de esta historia incluso podia leerla una y otra ves y no me cansa, la verdad se la reconmendaria amis amigos O primos O primas

Kaari: I love the little details that don't make logical sense but seem to bring the story together to complete a circle that can't be broken. Alot of writers don't grasp that books are a freedom of sorts you can literally take it anywhere you want to. It's a real gift when the author is able to break n...

D: J'ai adorée cette histoire que j'ai lu d'un trais bravo ci je peut juste me permettre une critique qui de mon point de vue ne les pas bref c'était trop court j'aurais aimais plus la rencontré de la meute, la confrontation avec alfa qui lui a fait du mal à 9ans etc..... je vous remercie et vous en...

Kaari: I'm pretty sure I'm going to be reading all of these back to back great stuff

Más recomendaciones

Danny: Me re gustó que digo me encantó...Lamentablemente no me gustó que...hayaterminado 😭100/10

Kaela: I love the blind Alpha and I am so happy they are second chance mates now. They deserved it. Wonderful plot and good writing!

Susanne Moore: Love this series, the kids are great. Can't wait for the dragon!!!

Kaari: The return of vega is quite the unforeseen nuisance but I can't wait to find out how this family of misfits takes care of him just hope the baby makes it

Susanne Moore: Ugh I hate those bad and selfish people. Can't wait until they all get there butt kicked

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