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It's Just A Question Of Faith. (BoyxBoy)

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This is Book Three in a series of five books that are written in the format of a Thai BL series and should be read in numerical order as each story will continue from where the previous book left off. Marty and Sun had been hospitalised after being set upon by bullies in the school with Marty having come off much worse and Sun鈥檚 actions at Marty鈥檚 bedside that day cause quite a stir and questions begin to surface regarding his actions and his faith that lead to tensions within the rest of the gang. Marty鈥檚 family are incandescent with rage by the attack and, along with the school, look to take legal action against the bullies. Anne鈥檚 voices her concern that any fallout from legal action could be detrimental to Sun. Is it the right thing to do? After all she has experience of taking a stand against those bullying her daughter, Eloise, which resulted in Eloise鈥檚 botched suicide attempt. Not everything is doom and gloom and a surprise on Sun and Ice鈥檚 birthdays gives the twins a much needed boost but as always with my stories there鈥檚 more drama and adventure just around the corner and their happiness is short-lived when an invitation is offered and other more serious issues with Sun come to light. NB:- This book has a gay storyline and as Tags are not visible I'm advising that there are NO vampires, werewolves, or male pregnancy in this story. Full list of Tags are on my Wall

Romance / Humor
Mossford Green
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Chapter 1. The Power Of Love.

Book Three - Chapter One

鈥淚鈥檓 Alice Webberley, Martin Webberley鈥檚 mother. Can I see him please?鈥 Alice asked one of the nurses on the Reception Desk at the A&E Department. Her face, drawn with worry and concern.

鈥淟et me check where he is and I鈥檓 sure it will be okay,鈥 the nurse replied as she checked her computer system. 鈥淵es! He is being examined at the moment but it shows here that his condition has been downgraded from critical as his condition has been stabilised. Please take a seat in the waiting area to your left and I will arrange for someone to take you to him as soon as the doctor has finished examining him.鈥

鈥淎untie Alice!鈥 Olivier called out as he saw her approaching just as he was finishing filling out the forms he had been given.

鈥淲hat happened?鈥 Alice asked as she sat down beside him, noticing the strained look on his face. 鈥淢r Banyard was quite unsure.鈥

鈥淗e was jumped by a gang of bullies,鈥 Olivier replied, giving her the form for Marty. 鈥淚 thought we had lost him in the ambulance but they managed to resuscitate him. They say he鈥檚 stabilised but that鈥檚 all they will tell me as I鈥檓 not family or next of kin.鈥

Alice pulled Olivier into a tight hug. 鈥淭hat must have been dreadful to watch but thank you for being there for him.鈥

鈥淵es it was, Auntie. He was bleeding badly from a gash on his head and was semi-conscious for a while鈥., but then when I told him Sun was safe鈥 Well鈥! He just seemed to relax.鈥

鈥淚s Sun okay then?鈥

鈥淗e protected him the best he could, Auntie. I鈥檓 sure of that. Sun鈥檚 hurt his bad leg though, and had a bit of a shutdown, but other than that he seems not too bad. Mum鈥檚 on her way here. I called her from school.鈥

鈥淎lice Webberley?鈥 The nurse from Reception called out and signalled for Alice to follow her.

Anne arrived moments later looking rather flustered and concerned.

鈥淗ow is he?鈥 She asked as she hugged Olivier.

鈥淪un鈥檚 with Callum over there somewhere, being looked at by the doctors,鈥 Olivier replied, pointing to a screened off section. 鈥淢arty is hurt real bad, Mum. Auntie Alice has just arrived and has gone to be with him.鈥

鈥淲hat exactly has gone on then? You only told me Sun had hurt his leg.鈥

鈥淎 gang of bullies jumped them. Marty protected Sun the best he could, and took the worst of it.鈥

鈥淲here were you, then?鈥 Anne asked.

鈥淲e had different lessons. They were on the way to a music lesson.鈥

鈥淲hat鈥檚 the form in your hand, Olivier?鈥

鈥淚t鈥檚 Sun鈥檚 details. I have filed in as much of this as I can. They need it back quickly.鈥 He handed her the form, and she quickly filled in the rest.

Anne asked a nurse for a Chatchawee Chanpitayanukunkit, and when she looked confused she added, 鈥榯he Asian boy with the false leg鈥. The nurse鈥檚 face lit up, and they were taken round to where Sun鈥檚 leg was being dressed.

鈥淥w! Auntie!鈥 Sun called out as she approached. 鈥淭hey want to give me an anti-inflammatory injection. I told them that they will need to check my medical notes as I have to be careful what medication I take.鈥

鈥淵ou don鈥檛 have them with you I assume?鈥

鈥淭hey are on my phone in my locker at school鈥..,鈥 he replied, then smiled as Olivier waved the phone under his nose.

鈥淚 took yours and Marty鈥檚 out when I got mine. Knew we would need them.鈥

Sun switched his phone on, and brought up his medical records, and when the nurse passed by, he handed it to her.

鈥淲hat about Ice?鈥 Callum asked. 鈥淒oes she know?鈥

鈥淚 haven鈥檛 had a chance to call her yet,鈥 Anne replied, as she looked at her watch.

鈥淚鈥檒l text Jamie and the others,鈥 Olivier said. 鈥淭hey can go and meet her from school.鈥

鈥淭ext her and tell her to call Chester, and he can bring her here.鈥 Callum insisted. 鈥淢y phone is still in my locker. I鈥檝e got to let him know where I am, anyway.鈥

Both boys went outside and Olivier busied himself texting, leaving Anne and the nurse discussing Sun鈥檚 medication do鈥檚 and don鈥檛s.

With the texting finished, Callum waited outside for the arrival of Ice, while Olivier went back inside. He asked the nurse he had spoken to earlier for Marty. He was led down the corridor to a curtained off area where Marty was lying all alone, his head heavily bandaged, his arm hooked up to a drip, and linked up to various other beeping machines.

Olivier took his free hand. 鈥淗ow are you feeling, Webbers?鈥

Marty half smiled and answered croakily, and very weakly. 鈥淒aft..... question....鈥

Olivier grinned back. 鈥淒o you remember what happened?鈥

Marty shook his head slowly from side to side.

鈥淲here鈥檚 your Mum?鈥

鈥淏ehind you Olivier,鈥 came Alice鈥檚 voice. 鈥淛ust went to fetch him some water.鈥

鈥淥h Auntie. What鈥檚 the score then?鈥

鈥淲ell, this wounded soldier is going to be kept in overnight for observation,鈥 Alice replied, as she reached out and placed a caring hand on Marty鈥檚 arm. 鈥淭hey suspect he may have a concussion. It looks like he hit his head on something hard. They say he must rest. No real need for you to hang around here now Olivier, you go look after Sun. Oh! Thanks for coming with him. His Dad鈥檚 on his way.鈥

鈥淵ou sure I can鈥檛 be of any help?鈥

鈥淒octors will give him all the help he needs, and he must rest. I鈥檒l keep you all updated.鈥

Marty reached out to Olivier, who turned and took his hand again. 鈥淪un..... hurt?鈥 He croaked in a quiet voice.

鈥淪un is okay. He鈥檚 here. Just had a bang on his leg. Nothing much.鈥 Olivier squeezed his hand. 鈥淗e鈥檚 100% safe. You did a good job protecting him. You get better quickly Bro, and he鈥檒l see you soon.鈥

鈥淢ust see him now..... Please.鈥 Marty started to get agitated and called out, 鈥淪un! Sun!鈥

The beeps from the monitors he was attached to became much more rapid and a nurse rushed over and checked on him. 鈥淗e really must rest. Who is this Sun he keeps asking after?鈥

Olivier couldn鈥檛 quite believe his ears as he heard Marty鈥檚 Mum answer. 鈥淗is boyfriend.鈥

The nurse showed no reaction. 鈥淚s he on his way here?鈥

鈥淗e鈥檚 here already. They came in together,鈥 Olivier replied. 鈥淢arty was hurt protecting him. Guess he鈥檚 just wanting to make sure he鈥檚 safe.鈥

鈥淚t may help him settle if he could come to him now. I don鈥檛 want to increase his medication any more,鈥 the nurse replied, as she checked his pulse and blood pressure again. 鈥淲e are trying to locate a bed for him, but we really need him to settle down and rest his brain first.鈥

Alice鈥檚 phone beeped. She looked at it and smiled. 鈥淗is Dad鈥檚 just arrived at the desk. I鈥檒l go get him, then you must go and see if Sun can be brought round.鈥

After Alice had left, the nurse looked at Olivier, and smiled as she saw him holding Marty鈥檚 hand. 鈥淪o what is your relationship with him then?鈥

鈥淗e鈥檚 my best mate, and it鈥檚 my cousin, Sun, who is his boyfriend.鈥

鈥淥dd name that..., Sun.鈥

鈥淵eah. He鈥檚 Thai.... Part Thai, actually. It鈥檚 his nickname.鈥

鈥淗is Mum seems pretty cool about it?鈥

鈥淵eah.... Everyone is..., except the plonkers who did this?鈥

鈥淚s it because he鈥檚 gay he got beaten up?鈥

Olivier nodded, as he looked at her name badge bearing the name Sarah Tomkins.

Tomkins鈥? The name was sort of familiar to him, but he couldn鈥檛 quite think straight right now.

鈥淟oads of people think me and him are a couple, but it ain鈥檛 true. We鈥檝e been getting a lot of grief the past couple of weeks, from other boys at school about it.鈥

鈥淗e seems to have quietened down again, so please try not to wake him. Just let me know when this boy Sun arrives. I won鈥檛 be far away.鈥

Olivier nodded as she left, and then just sat in silence. He felt an urge to kiss him on the forehead, but resisted it.

Alice was not gone long, but it must have been on hearing his father鈥檚 voice, that disturbed Marty and he started calling out Sun鈥檚 name again. The machines beeped quicker and louder again. Sarah rushed over. 鈥淕ood news,鈥 she said, as she fiddled with knobs and things before attempting to calm him once more. 鈥淗e will be going for a scan soon, and we have found a bed for him in Estuary Ward. They are just preparing it now. Is Sun able to come now? I really do need Marty to rest.鈥

Olivier rushed round to where Sun was sitting in the wheelchair. 鈥淢um! Sun鈥檚 urgently needed by the nurse looking after Marty.鈥

Anne smiled. 鈥淕ood timing Olivier. They say he鈥檚 free to go home now, so I鈥檒l come round with you.鈥

Olivier, with his mother following, carrying Sun鈥檚 false leg, wheeled Sun down the corridor to where Marty was being treated. On route he told him what the problem was. 鈥淗e is not in a critical condition, but needs to rest. He seems worried about you. He keeps calling out your name. Just reassure him that you are okay. I told him you just banged your leg. That鈥檚 all.鈥

鈥淪arah!鈥 Olivier called out as he approached. 鈥淭his is Sun, and my Mum. He鈥檚 in a wheelchair because he hurt his leg in the fight.鈥

Sarah looked at Sun, noticing immediately the missing leg.

鈥淗urt?鈥 Surely that鈥檚 an understatement!鈥 She grinned at them both, as she spotted the false leg in Anne鈥檚 arms, and offered her hand for Sun to shake. 鈥淧leased to meet you.鈥

鈥淵eah!鈥 Olivier answered. 鈥淗is stump has swollen up after the fight, and he can鈥檛 get his false leg on.鈥

An anxious looking George came over and squeezed Sun on his shoulder. 鈥淗e鈥檚 just wanting to be reassured that you are okay. They need him to quieten down and rest. It鈥檚 very important..., but I guess you already know that.鈥

Sun smiled weakly and nodded.

Sarah pulled back the curtain to allow Olivier easy access, with Sun, to the side where there was the least equipment.

Sun gasped at the bandage and the drips. The monitors were beeping away noisily. Marty was restless, even though he looked like he was sleeping. It looked like he was having a bad dream.

Sun took hold of his hand, and the monitor regulating his heartbeat and blood pressure started to beep even faster, as Marty鈥檚 body instantly responded to Sun鈥檚 touch.

Olivier grinned. 鈥淣o surprise there Auntie. That鈥檚 exactly the effect Sun had on him when they first clapped eyes on each other.鈥

鈥淟ove at first sight?鈥 Sarah suggested. 鈥淗ow romantic.鈥

鈥淢ore like at first touch,鈥 Olivier answered, managing a chuckle.

Sun hoisted himself on to the side of the bed, and leaned over and kissed Marty gently on the lips. He then placed his hands, very carefully, either side of his head, and held him gently.

鈥淢arty, I know you can hear me. I am safe. You hit your head as you fell, and now you must rest. I love you Marty, and want you to go to sleep now. I will not be far away and will see you once you have rested more.鈥

Marty could barely open his eyes, as he tried to respond to Sun鈥檚 voice, and as Sun gave him another gentle kiss on the lips. He managed the makings of a smile, before closing his half open eyes once more.

Sun just sat there silently, with his eyes closed, still holding Marty鈥檚 battered head in his hands. In a minute or so, all the monitors started to beep slower and slower, and gradually they had dropped down to a nice, steady, and even beep, beep, beep, tone, much slower than before.

Sarah smiled. 鈥淲ell done you, Sun. He has just completely relaxed at long last, and the medication will, hopefully, keep him there. I鈥檓 more than happy now to let him go for a scan and up to the ward.鈥

Sun was unresponsive to Sarah鈥檚 words. He stayed where he was, with his eyes closed, still cradling Marty鈥檚 head. He remained unmoving for quite sometime, before opening his eyes and releasing his hold on Marty.

Everyone looked at one another as if to ask if anyone had an explanation of what they had just witnessed.

It was Olivier who broke the silence. 鈥淎re you okay Sun?

鈥淥w! Yes....., Sorry. He is resting now. I should leave now.鈥

Anne and Marty鈥檚 parents hugged and bid each other goodbye, as Olivier wheeled Sun away up the corridor. The tears were now freely flowing down Sun鈥檚 face.

Chester pulled into the hospital car park and, fortuitously, someone was leaving a space right by the casualty entrance. Callum went and opened the door for Ice, just as Olivier was wheeling Sun out. She gave a whoop and rushed over to him. As always the chatter between them was in Thai, but it was nonstop questions from Ice, with very short answers coming from Sun.

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