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It's More A Question Of Trust (Boyxboy)

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This is Book Four in a series of five books that are written in the format of a Thai BL series and should be read in numerical order. Chapters marked as 16+ have an equivalent 18+ chapter in an adult only book called Question Series 18+ Mature Chapters that has been posted. The difference being a more detailed version of their sexual experimentations.. A holiday to remember? Of course it was. Sun, Sea, and well yes sex. What more could a pair of randy sixteen year old boys want? Suddenly finding themselves with the opportunity to sexually experiment with each other actually raises more questions than answers for them both. Sun learns the hard way that trust is not a given thing. He鈥檚 left feeling embarrassed and let down by people, some of whom he trusted implicitly. A physical, homophobic assault on two boys from Marty鈥檚 school and threats of an attack on Sun and Marty leaves Marty鈥檚 brothers with little options to take the law into their own hands. But at what cost? An accidental death leaves the Webberley household in shock and a dark cloud is left hanging over the family鈥檚 future happiness. The music mentioned in this book can be found on the @theydongreen9073 YouTube account. NB:- This book has a gay storyline and as Tags are not visible I'm advising that there is NO Male pregnancy in this story. A full list of Tags are on my Wall.

Romance / Humor
Mossford Green
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Chapter 1. Arrival.

Book Four - Chapter One

鈥淥w! I am sorry Auntie. I will not get on the bus. Neither will Ice. Is there not a train or taxi we can get?鈥

It was mid afternoon on the Saturday of the start of their holiday, and Sun was standing outside Las Palmas airport by the tour company鈥檚 shuttle bus with Ice, Marty, Callum, and Anne, having a standoff with the travel courier, Rosa, who was getting impatient. Alice, Olivier, and Anna had already boarded.

鈥淲e leave in two minutes. I will wait no longer,鈥 Rosa threatened. 鈥淲hy are you being a problem? We make this journey many times each day.鈥

Callum said something in Spanish and the courier gasped and put her hand over her mouth. 鈥淲ait here!鈥 She commanded, as she ran over into the main airport building clutching her clipboard.

鈥淲hat on earth did you say Callum?鈥 Anne asked.

鈥淚 just told her why. Not sure why she ran off, though. Why don鈥檛 Marty and I get a taxi with them...? Save holding everyone up.鈥

Sun had now sat down on the ground and was complaining of feeling sick, a clear sign that he was now stressed. Ice was comforting him as best she could.

鈥淥kay,鈥 Anne replied, 鈥渂ut let鈥檚 just wait for her to come back before we split up. Can鈥檛 have her having a hissy fit and throwing us all off the coach.鈥

Rosa returned waving a piece of paper and handed it to Callum. 鈥淚f he does not want to get on the bus then you will have to go and get a taxi over there.鈥 Rosa pointed to a line of taxis on the other side of the road. 鈥淕ive them this paper, it has the apartment address on it. They will know where to go. We will arrive shortly after you. Okay? I am sorry I did not know.鈥

鈥淕ive me the guitar, Ice,鈥 Anne requested. 鈥淵ou鈥檒l have more room in the taxi without it.鈥

鈥淥w! No Auntie. None of you must go on the bus. It is not good.... Please believe me. I am sorry but I cannot explain it.鈥

Callum spoke with Rosa again in fluent Spanish and she answered him angrily before shouting instructions at the coach driver to take the luggage off. Callum went onboard and told the others to get off the bus, as they were now going to the hotel by taxi.

Callum and Olivier retrieved all their luggage from where the driver had left it at the side of the coach as Marty helped Sun to his feet, and they made their way over to the taxi rank. Callum spoke with some drivers and then to Alice. 鈥淒o you want to come with me Mrs Webberley? I鈥檓 going inside to the main desk as they have said that we will be better off ordering a private minibus for 60鈧 as each taxi will be about 45鈧 and will take about 35 minutes to get there.鈥

鈥淲hat about Sun?鈥 Ice asked. 鈥淗e needs to lie down. He is not good.鈥

鈥淚鈥檒l take him and find a seat if you all wait here with the bags,鈥 Marty said, who was standing cuddling Sun, 鈥淕ive me a hand Callum. Quick please.鈥

Callum helped Marty and Ice take Sun back into the terminal building, with Alice following while Anne, Olivier and Anna pulled all the bags together to keep them safe. Within half an hour they were on the way in a private minibus to the resort.

Ten miles down the road the traffic slowed down to a crawl and they passed the tour coach on the side of the road which had been involved in an accident with three other vehicles.

Twenty five minutes later they pulled up outside the hotel apartments.

鈥淭hat was a good call, Sun,鈥 Olivier remarked as they alighted. 鈥淗ow did you know that coach was going to have an accident?鈥

鈥淥w! I did not but something told me not to get on. I cannot explain.鈥

鈥淭hat doesn鈥檛 matter but accident or not, that was one hairy journey. The road runs right along the cliff edge and with hairpin bends and the like, it was stomach churning. I鈥檓 glad that you stuck to your guns.鈥

鈥淥w! Thank you Olivier. I knew something was frightening me about the coach.鈥

They retrieved their luggage from the minibus and Alice handed over all the passports and the booking details to the guy at reception.

鈥淎h! Mrs Webberley. Welcome to the island of Gran Canarias and the Solar Hotel and Apartments. I am Gonzalo. I am the manager here. I have three rooms. Two Twin Rooms and one room sleeping four. There is only one key to that room because the last family did not return it to us, so I ask that you be careful and not lose it. It is Room 420 on the fourth floor.鈥

Callum took the key that Gonzalo was holding out. 鈥淢uchas gracias, Gonzalo.鈥

Gonzalo handed Alice the two other keys. 鈥淥ne room, 419, is next door to the big room and the other, 510, is on the fifth floor. The hotel is very full and it is not possible to have you all on the same floor. I have tried to do as your husband requested. I hope you are understanding about this. I will let you decide who has which rooms. They are both the same, with the same sea view. The elevators are around the corner. Please enjoy your stay. If you need any help with anything then please ask me.鈥

鈥淢uchas gracias, Gonzalo,鈥 Alice responded, following Callum鈥檚 lead as she took both sets of keys.

The boys let the others use the lift first and waited for the other one to arrive. As the boys rushed out of the lift Ice and Anna were already in their room, leaving the door wide open. The boys dropped their bags in the hallway and entered the room.

鈥淲ow! Nice room鈥..,鈥 Marty said, admiringly.

鈥.....and a great view,鈥 Olivier added.

鈥淕ood sized balcony too,鈥 Callum observed. 鈥淟et鈥檚 see what ours looks like.鈥

They all entered the boys room next door. It was on the corner of the building with two balconies, both overlooking the sea. There was a king size double bed and a smaller sofa bed that had been opened up and dressed with sheets. There was a small sitting area with four armchairs and a small kitchen area with just a microwave and a small fridge. Sun looked in the bathroom. It was large and quite spacious with a big walk-in shower as well as a small bath.

鈥淭his is big like we had in Thailand Sun,鈥 Ice commented as she followed him in. 鈥淵ou will be able to manage without me, will you not?鈥

鈥淥w! Yes and thank you for thinking of me Ice. If I need help Marty is here and you are only next door. I am pleased that it will not be difficult to bathe.鈥

There was a knock on the main door as Alice and Anne entered.

鈥淟ooks like you boys have the best room,鈥 Alice said as she walked over to one of the balconies. 鈥淎t least you have room to spread out and not be on top of each other. Dad will be pleased, Marty, that they paid attention to his request.鈥

鈥淵ou can at least make us all a coffee each morning Olivier?鈥 Anne suggested, spotting the nice pod coffee machine in the kitchen area. 鈥淚鈥檓 sure Anna and Ice would love that special service too.鈥

鈥淲e鈥檒l need to get supplies in,鈥 Callum noted, 鈥渁s the cupboards and fridge are bare.鈥

鈥淗ow are you feeling now, Sun?鈥 Anne inquired. 鈥淎re you okay now?鈥

鈥淥w! Yes Auntie and thank you. I am sorry to have made a big fuss but I could sense something.鈥

鈥淒o you want to come and talk about it with me?鈥

鈥淥w! Not now Auntie. Another time...., if that is alright?鈥

Anne just kissed him on the forehead.

鈥淪hall we meet at Reception鈥, say in 30 minutes?鈥 Alice proposed, looking at her watch. 鈥淛ust enough time to unpack before having a quick look around to get our bearings and select a place to eat tonight. We should be able to get some shopping in on the way back.鈥

Sun looked at Marty as Alice, Anne and the two girls left the room.

鈥淚 can鈥檛 believe they didn鈥檛 say anything,鈥 Marty whispered to Sun quietly as he closed the door behind his mother.

鈥淥w! Nor can I. Neither did Ice or Anna.鈥

鈥淢aybe they think I鈥檓 sharing with Frenchie and you with Callum.鈥

Sun giggled and put his arm around Marty鈥檚 waist, and leant into him. 鈥淥w! Let them think this. Is this not what Uncle wanted?鈥

Olivier started trying out both beds for comfort, while Callum stood there watching him. 鈥淭his bed is softer than the sofa bed, Webbers,鈥 Olivier announced, as he lay prostrate with his arms above his head. 鈥淵ou and I can have this one and Callum鈥? You can have the other. You鈥檒l be sleeping on the floor, won鈥檛 you Sun?鈥

鈥淎s far as the others are concerned, that is the sleeping arrangement,鈥 Marty advised, putting his case on the sofa bed. 鈥淚n reality you are sharing with Callum. Sun and I will share this bed.鈥

鈥淣o frigging way Webbers. I鈥檓 not having you two shagging while I鈥檓 trying to sleep,鈥 Olivier declared, sitting bolt upright.

鈥淎nd Sun doesn鈥檛 want to see me hugging you at night either.鈥 Marty retorted. 鈥淎nd for your information we鈥檙e not shagging and have no intention of shagging鈥, especially while there is an audience. If you don鈥檛 want to share with Callum, then you two can have the beds, and I will sleep with Sun on the floor. It鈥檚 your call Frenchie, but don鈥檛 spoil things by making a big deal over nothing.鈥

鈥淣othing? You call sleeping with Sun nothing? What if Callum is not happy about you two sleeping together? Have you thought about that?鈥 Olivier looked at Marty, glaring defiantly. Not wanting to back down or admit defeat.

鈥淚f you鈥檙e worried about sleeping next to me, Frenchie, then the bed is big enough to put extra pillows or cushions down the middle to make two singles,鈥 Callum informed him. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 really fancy kipping next to my girlfriend鈥檚 brother or with his boyfriend, who has a reputation for hugging during the night. I don鈥檛 have any problem with them sharing. Do you really think they would do anything with us here?鈥

鈥淎ll my days Frenchie. You鈥檙e jealous, aren鈥檛 you?鈥 Marty stated.

Olivier looked at him, but said nothing.

鈥淒on鈥檛 be Frenchie, please?鈥 Marty asked. 鈥淚 know in situations like this we have always shared, but we agreed it was time to stop sleeping together, didn鈥檛 we?鈥

Olivier nodded and Marty went across and sat on the bed next to him, and put an arm over his shoulders. 鈥淚 would never embarrass you by having sex right under your nose. You wouldn鈥檛 do that to me either, would you?鈥

Both boys looked at each other while Callum and Sun stood there, not quite knowing what to say or do.

鈥淟et鈥檚 get one thing clear, Webbers,鈥 Olivier answered. 鈥淚 am not jealous. I love you, but not like he does. I guess I was just a bit put out about the thought of you two playing happy families while I can鈥檛. I鈥檒l bunk with Callum鈥, no problem鈥, and if anyone asks鈥, I鈥檓 sharing with you鈥, and Sun鈥檚 on the floor.鈥

Marty hugged Olivier. 鈥淭hanks Bro. It will work out fine and we will have the best holiday ever.鈥

鈥淎nd if I want some private time with Anna?鈥 Olivier asked, raising one eyebrow.

鈥淭here鈥檚 three balconies, Frenchie, so take your pick! But if you want somewhere a little more private and comfortable we will make ourselves scarce and will know nothing,鈥 Marty answered, giving Callum a wink.

鈥淪o if we鈥檙e all decided then,鈥 Callum declared, looking at his watch, 鈥渨e best get a wriggle on. We鈥檙e meeting the others in twenty minutes and I want to unpack and change.鈥

鈥淢ay I use the bathroom please?鈥 Sun asked. 鈥淚 need to change and adjust my leg.鈥

鈥淒o you need any help?鈥 Marty offered, giving Sun a cheeky smile.

鈥淥w! No. I will not shower. My leg feels swollen and is a little uncomfortable. I will call if I need you or Ice to look at it.鈥

鈥淟et me pee first,鈥 Olivier insisted, as he ruffled Sun鈥檚 hair as he walked past. 鈥淚 know how long you can take.鈥

鈥淚 thought we were going to have handbags at ten paces just then,鈥 Callum said as Olivier closed the toilet door. 鈥淗e does get so wound up these days, doesn鈥檛 he?鈥

鈥淧robably his adolescent hormones are now kicking in,鈥 Marty surmised. 鈥淏efore he wouldn鈥檛 have made such a fuss. Probably not wanking enough.鈥

Callum chuckled. 鈥淎s long as he doesn鈥檛 forget himself and tries jerking off during the night with me *kipping next to him, then it鈥檒l be fine.鈥 *Sleeping

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