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Question Series 18+ Mature Chapters

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As I have rated the whole Question Series as 16+ I have added this book ‘Question Series 18+ Mature Chapters’ for those of you who like to read the occasional bit of smut or spice and the chapters correspond with the same chapters in the relevant books. In actual fact, from my point of view, the smut is part and parcel of the story as it explains how testing Marty and Sun found their first foray into having sex actually was and it’s a shame that young under 18 year olds cannot read, and possibly learn, from experiences like Marty’s and Sun’s. The TAGS for this book are the same for all the previous Question books but with smut and spicy added:- boyslove, boyxboy, boyxboyromance, school, drama, gay, gayfiction, gaylove, gaylovestories, gayromance, lgbt, love, romance, teenfiction, teenlove, teenromance, twins, educational, firstlove, friendship, SMUT, SPICY Luv&VirtualHugs 🤗 M xx

Romance / Humor
Mossford Green
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Chapter 5. First Exploration. 18+ Mature Edition.

Book Four - Chapter 5.

First Exploration 18+ Mature Edition.

Sun’s prosthetic leg fitted a little better, and he felt comfortable walking on it. Marty had given him a piggyback down the 300 odd steps to the Promenade earlier to save him from jarring it. They all walked through the shopping centre, looking for an interesting place to eat, and not really fancying anywhere.

“To be honest Mum,” Marty said, as Anne looked at yet another place. “I think either of those two at the front are the best. We can eat outside and have a sea view. You said the prices were okay last night.”

“It will be much cooler there Alice,” Anne interjected, “and the prices here are not that much cheaper. I’m happy about going back to either one of them.”

As they walked back through the centre they saw Annabel and her family just entering one of the restaurants on the main walkway. They all waved at each other. Sun looked back and saw that the two girls had stopped and were watching him so he waved again.

They chose not to eat in the same restaurant as the previous evening and went and sat upstairs on the roof veranda of the other one opposite. It was a clear night and there was a cool breeze. There was plenty of laughter and Anna seemed more relaxed, and was clearly enjoying being with them all.

“We will go round to that barbeque place and book you in for that talent competition on Wednesday evening’” Anne advised, as they finished eating, “and then we will go back and have a drink on our balcony. Why don’t you guys go off and have some time to yourselves without us two.” Anne and Alice gave Marty and Olivier some Euros each and went and paid the bill.

“What would you like to do, Anna?” Olivier asked as he slid his arm around her waist.

“Could we go to that ice cream parlour we saw last night? You know the one by the little park. Ice and I liked the look of it.”

“I’m happy with that,” Olivier replied, “Is that okay guys?”

“Good idea,” Marty answered. “I quite fancy an ice cream.”

“I wish I could walk with you like that,” Sun ruefully remarked, as he and Marty followed behind Ice and Callum, who had their hands intertwined. Olivier was further in front with Anna, their arms still around each other’s waist.

“If I give you another piggyback you can hug me,” Marty suggested, with a twinkle in his eye.

Sun immediately jumped up on Marty’s back and hugged him close. “Ow! I have such a clever *Faen Khuṇ.” Sun said quietly in his ear before giving him a quick kiss on the cheek. *boyfriend

“Hey! You make sure no one sees you do that. You’re in no condition to run if we get set upon.”

As they reached the ice cream parlour they saw Annabel and Margaret waving at them. They were sitting outside at one of the many tables with large coupés of ice cream.

Sun slid down off Marty’s back. “Ow! I do not want to sit with them.”

“Neither do I,” Marty said, as he acknowledged their wave. “It was bad enough with them flirting with me all day. I could do without it tonight as well.”

“Why don’t we just get an ice cream, and go and have a stroll along the water’s edge.” Anna suggested. “We’ve been sitting around all day and it would be better than just doing the same thing here. It might be quite romantic for all of us.”

Marty laughed. “Best of luck getting Frenchie to be romantic Anna.”

“I can do romantic stuff,” Olivier replied, giving Marty a playful slap. “Just because you haven’t seen me do it, doesn’t mean I can’t.”

Ice linked arms with Callum. “I have always wanted to do that with a boyfriend, Callum. Please say you would like to do that too?”

“What about you Sun? You up for it?” Marty asked

“Ow! It sounds nice,” Sun answered quietly, “but I would rather sit on our balcony with my leg off. Would you mind if this is what we did instead?”

“I would prefer not seeing you two being romantic,” Olivier teased. “Just don’t scare the neighbours though.”

“No one can see us on our balcony, Frenchie,” Marty retorted immediately. “You’re the one that’s overlooked and don’t forget yours is next to Callum’s and Ice’s and they can hear every word you say...”

“....and every kiss,” Sun added with a wicked smile.

Olivier poked his tongue out, getting the expected giggle from Sun, as they walked over to choose what ice creams they wanted. They waved at Annabel and Margaret as they left and once out of their sight Sun swung up on Marty’s back again. As the others headed for the promenade Marty and Sun took a taxi back to the hotel.

Back in their room, as soon as Marty had closed the door, Sun kissed him tenderly on the lips, as his hand moved slowly down Marty’s chest, popping open the buttons on his shirt and stopping as they reached the top of his shorts. He pushed the shirt from Marty’s shoulders and gently bit Marty’s nipples.

Marty gasped.

Sun slipped his hand under the waistband and moved his fingers slowly until they just reached the top of Marty’s penis.

“You sure about this Sun?” Marty asked, as he stopped Sun’s hand from going any further. “It’s kinda dangerous territory you’re entering. Mr Happy is liable to spit at you if you’re not careful.”

“I am sure,” Sun breathed gently in his ear. “I will be careful. I have been looking forward to making his acquaintance properly for some time. Should I wai or just kiss him?”

Marty chuckled. “He likes you and will respond to either. He’s not one for shaking hands.... ”

“I think we can do better than that!” Sun slid Marty’s shorts down so that a pulsating Mr Happy revealed himself in all his splendour.

Sun let out a gasp. “Ow! Marty! It is so huge. How big are you?”

“Last time I measured it was just under 23 cm and 15 cm thick, but that was ages ago.”

“Ow! I could see you were big, but it looks even bigger so close. It is beautiful.”


Sun knelt down in front of Marty so that his cock was millimetres away from his lips. He pulled the foreskin back revealing a reddened tip that was oozing a clear liquid. He gently licked it away before kissing the throbbing head. He let his lips devour the tip and let his tongue swirl all around it.

Marty let out a loud moan and grabbed Sun’s head forcing his cock further in Sun’s mouth until he gagged. He pulled his throbbing cock from Sun’s mouth. “I’m gonna cum if you carry on doing that. Do you not want to lie on the bed?”

They both moved over to the bed, Marty stepping out of his lowered shorts as Sun removed his trousers, leaving his black underwear on. He unfastened his leg.

“Just lay back Marty. Let me do it for you,” Sun instructed before going back and putting Marty’s cock in his mouth again. One hand held the cock while the other fondled Marty’s testicles. His tongue once again explored the cock tip and Marty’s moan got more intense and his body moved erratically with each new sensation. His hand stroked Marty’s cock rhythmically as he sucked hard on the head. He moved his other hand, from Marty’s balls, to his own erect cock inside his shorts, and started stroking himself.

Marty raised his hips upwards, forcing his cock further and further into Sun’s mouth. His breathing became more laboured and his groans of pleasure louder. He grabbed Sun’s head firmly in his hands, frantically tugging at the hair.

“I’m Cumming! I’m Cumming!” Marty cried, as he tried to pull Sun’s head away.

Sun held firm and was treated to spurt after spurt of Marty’s special sauce, shooting right into the back of his mouth. He swallowed, trying not to gag, and kept sucking, and licking all around the tip of the cock head, until Marty had released every last drop.


Marty’s cock softened. Sun released it and looked up at Marty, his eyes sparkling and with the biggest grin ever on his face.

Marty pulled Sun up and they kissed gently on the lips. “How did you know how to do it like that? I thought you’ve never done anything before.”

“Ow! It is true. I have not. You are my first. I watched how to do it on a video. I wanted to please you and for it to be special. Was it?”

“Yes. But I am not sure I could do that to you.”

“Ow! You don’t have to. You don’t have to do anything. I will please you, always.”

“Can I touch it now? It’s not fair that I have cum and you haven’t.”

“Ow! But I have. I did right after you.”

“You have? But I wanted to make you cum. It’s not right…, me not doing anything.”

“I am sorry,” Sun lay his head on Marty’s shoulder and cuddled him. “I only wanted to please you.”

Marty cuddled him back. “I know you did…, and it was wonderful but it will never happen again unless I can please you too.”

“But you are too big to please me right now, Marty. You will destroy me.”

“I’m not talking about doing that. Unless you let me touch you, I will not let you touch me. Next time we will both be naked and be free to do what we want. We don’t have to fuck. You know that I’m not sure of the best way to do that anyway.”

Sun giggled. “I know how to, but......”

“Not that video again, seriously?”

“Ow! Yes I wanted to know how to do it without it hurting.”

“So where did you get it from?”

“Ow! Bank.”

“I might have known.”

“Ow! I told him you were big and I was frightened of you hurting me. He just wanted me to know what to do and be safe. He said I should enjoy it if it was done properly.”

“Is this really what you are wanting me to do to you then?”

“Ow! Not right now!”

Marty slapped him on the buttocks. “I did not mean right now, you Wombat! What I mean is that what you want me to always do to you?”

“Ow! Yes. I want to bottom for you. One day I would like to have you inside me and to have you shoot right up as far as it can go.”

“But what if I don’t want you to do that to me. Would that upset you?”

“Ow! Why would I be upset? You told me that you do not want this. I am just wanting to please you. I am happy to do whatever you want.”

“Well I want us to be able to touch each other anywhere we want, whenever we want, and for as long as we want. For us to make love to each other, and not you just making love to me. Until you agree to that we will not be doing anything else.”

“Ow! It is okay for you to say that Marty because you are big. I am not and I feel awkward about letting you see it and touching it.”

“Don’t be, Sun. I love you because you are you, and not because of the size of your cock.”

“Ow! But I am scared that you will want more than I can give you and that someone with a bigger cock will steal you away from me.”

“Don’t talk such bollocks, Sun. Why do you think that?”

“Ow! All the ladyboys and gay boys at school were always talking about how big guys were. Even the gay boys that were not girly talked about cock sizes. Being gay is all about cocks, is it not? You might want someone big one day.”

“Well! All I know is that I love you and want you. I have never been interested in any other boy.”

“Ow! What about Frenchie? You liked him before you met me. If I never came to England you would still be in love with him, would you not?”

“Fine! Maybe that’s true, but Frenchie didn’t love me in that way and I was in a confused place at the time. Liking him in that way was wrong mentally. Yes I admit I secretly looked at his cock but I knew anything like that between us would never last.”

“Ow! What would you have done with Frenchie? Can you tell me?”

Marty lay there quietly for a while and didn’t answer.


“I would have been like you. I would have done anything to please him and make me want him.”

“Ow! Whether you liked what he did or not?”

“Yes! Regardless.”

“Ow! What about us then? What do you want?”

Marty pushed Sun off him gently and sat up before pulling him into a hug. “I want us to be honest with each other. I don’t want to fuck you if you are frightened. I want to fuck you when you are ready and we both know how to do it properly and can take our time. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

Sun nodded.

“I don’t want to hurt you. Or make you do something you don’t want to, or are not ready to. That is not what love is about. I want us to know all about each other’s body and to be comfortable being naked together. I want us to understand everything about each other. No secrets. No lies. My feelings for Frenchie at that time were not right and we were not meant to be. What I have with Frenchie now is great and wonderful, and I still love him, but the love I have for you is so different. I know it is right and it is so special. I only dream about you. I do not want anyone else. What more can I say or do to tell you that you mean everything to me?”

Sun looked up at Marty with tears in his eyes. “Not today, but next time we make love, Marty, we will both be naked, and you can touch me wherever you want to.”

Marty pulled him closer, and they kissed yet again, before falling back down onto the bed, wrapped in each other’s arms, their lips still joined.

“We best have a shower and clean up,” Marty suggested after he had broken away to catch his breath. “Otherwise you could be heading for another encounter with Mr Happy.”

Sun giggled and smacked another kiss on Marty’s lips. “You go first, and maybe another day we can have one together.”

“Really? I can’t see either of us getting clean doing that.”

Sun lay on the bed and chuckled to himself as he watched the reflection of Marty in the large mirror opposite, as he walked across the room with his Mr Happy, hung at half mast, swaying from side to side. He then paid attention to the smooth cheeks of Marty’s perfectly rounded backside as he entered the bathroom. This was the first time he had seen Marty fully and unashamedly naked and he loved what he saw. Would Marty think the same thing about him, he thought? He hoped so, because unless he was prepared to reveal all then he was unlikely to see Marty naked again.

While Marty was in the bathroom, Sun removed his prosthetic leg and put his shower leg on, and walked over to the bathroom. Marty had left the door open, as before, and he stood there watching him as he showered.

“Hey! You spying on me?” Marty called out as he suddenly noticed him. “You’re not thinking of joining me, are you?”

“Ow! We do not have time. They will be back very soon.”

Marty let the last of the soap wash off and grabbed a towel. “Do you need any help, Sun?”

“I can manage by myself today. If you try to help we will get side tracked and who knows what will happen.”

Marty laughed as he pulled on a clean pair of shorts. “I guess you’re right. Don’t lock the door though in case you need me. Okay?”

Marty’s mobile rang. It was Callum. “We’re on our way back. Do we need any more milk?”

Marty walked over to the fridge. “Nah! We still have well over half left. You could get more water though.”

“Cheers. See you in 10 minutes or so. Leave the door ajar so we don’t have to knock and make a noise.”

When the others returned Marty and Sun were sitting on their balcony, both in just a pair of shorts and Sun without his prosthetic leg.

Marty got up and went and helped Callum put the water in the fridge, as Ice rushed over to Sun and sat where Marty had been sitting and started chatting in Thai.

“You guys wanting any of this cold water?” Marty asked, as he poured some more water for him and Sun.

“Please,” Olivier and Anna answered as they went and sat on the other balcony.

“I’ll take some over to Ice and Sun,” Callum offered. “Let them chat, Marty. She’s missed talking to him. They need their time together...., a bit like you and Frenchie do.”

“I see Sun’s not got his leg on and nor a top,” Callum commented when he rejoined the others on the other balcony.

“Please don’t make a big thing about it,” Marty replied. “He was really uncomfortable all day on the beach. I told him earlier that he should be proud of the scars as they are like a badge of honour. I’m hoping that he will stop keeping covered up.”

“Don’t push him, Webbers. Mum said they were really bad,” Olivier warned.

“Will do, but they are quite nasty to look at, I have to say,” Marty answered. “Even if he wore a shirt to go into the sea with us it would be a start.”

They all just chatted for a while and Marty suddenly saw Ice walking across to the bathroom giving Sun a piggyback, with his scars clearly revealed for all to see.

“Bloody Nora!” Olivier swore quietly, as Anna gasped and covered her mouth with her hand.

“Jeez!” Callum muttered under his breath.

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