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Dream Come True (Dreams Series spin-off)

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Mackenzie Parker has had a crush on Wesley Carter since she was a freshman in highschool. As they get older her feelings start to grow, but get put on the back burner when her best friend starts dating him. Many years later they reconnect and she finds herself falling for Wes, but can she really allow herself to date her best friends ex? Wesley Carter is an all around good guy on and off the field. He's popular, will go out of his way to help anyone, and wears his heart on his sleeve. When he's set up on a double date he runs into his ex's best friend that at one was starting to become his close friend and he wants to rekindle that connection they had, but can he convince her to get out of her head and not let his ex ruin their chance at happily ever after? * I enter the restaurant and look for Amy. I met her new boyfriend a few weeks ago and she's been saying we should go on a double date. It's been awhile since I've dated, so I figured it was time to get back out there. Tonight she's setting me up with her boyfriends good friend. When I approach the I see Amy with Peter and a brown haired guy turned towards him that I'm assuming is my date. He turns towards me and I see the guy used to occupy my teenage mind and who I haven't seen in 5 years.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

I change the radio station as I drive down the highway on my way to my soon to be ex boyfriend's apartment.

I've reached my breaking point and it's time I ended it.

At first like all relationships, he was the absolute sweetest, so loving and attentive, but now he's barely there.

I should've ended it 6 months ago, but I wanted to give him one chance to see if maybe it was because of the losses he's been experiencing with the team.

He's the pitcher for the L.A Dodgers.

The good thing is we've only been together for a year and a half instead of longer or else this would've hurt more, but I'm done, I'm checked out and ready to move on.

I pull up to his house and park in the driveway.

Thank god I never moved in with him.

I get out of my car and grab a cardboard box for my stuff, my heels clacking on the pavement since I just came from work and unlock the door with the key he gave me.

I open the door and the first thing I hear is female moans and male grunts.

I can take a guess about what I'm gonna walk into.

I won't be hurt if he is cheating on me, if anything I'll be pissed off because he wasn't man enough to end it before he went looking for someone else.

I open the door and see my soon to be ex pounding into some woman.

The woman screams when she sees me and pulls away from him, covering herself with the comforter.

He turns around and when he sees me his eyes bug out of his head.

"Hello Nico" I said with a sugary sweet tone.

He finally gets the mental ability to find his pants and cover himself up.

I take notice he's not wearing a condom.

Thank god he always wore one when we had sex.

I look towards the woman who is confused by all this. "Sweetie... I don't know what he's told you, but he's been in a relationship with me for a year and a half and if I were you I'd jump ship now before he sucks you in just like he got me."

She scrambles off the bed. "II- I'm so sorry, I honestly had no clue. He told me he was single" She said getting dressed so quick that if it was an Olympic sport she'd definitely win a gold medal.

"Don't worry about it, he's the problem, not you."

She left and I turned to his closet to grab all my stuff.

"Baby... Why don't we talk about this" Nico pleaded.

I turn around and look at him. "Ok, let's talk. How long were you cheating on me?"

He doesn't answer me so I press him again.

"How long Nico? I deserve to know that."

"Six months" He said looking anywhere but me.

That's would explain everything now.


He shrugged. "You didn't have time for me anymore, always focused on the team" He said.

I work in the public relations department for the L.A Dodgers, which is how we got together.

I rolled my eyes. "That's bullshit. You could've told me I was making you feel neglected and I would've made time for you, but you went somewhere else to get your dick wet."

"Not my fault, you barely put out anyway" He had the audacity to say.

Maybe if you didn't make it all about your pleasure I'd enjoy it more?

"Whatever Nico... All you had to do was communicate, but you're not man enough to do that."

He stays silent and I continue to pack my stuff.

"You know, this all just made everything easier because I was coming here to break up with you anyway."

He continues to stay silent and I'm thankful for that.

Once I'm done I grab my box and stop in front of him. "God help the next girl you trick into being with you because she'll need all the luck in the world dealing with your ass."

I walked out of the room and downstairs, stopped at the table by the door to drop off my key.

Bon voyage fuck face.

I should've listened to 20 year old me who knew the the type of guy Nico Alvarez was.

Back when I was in college I had a summer internship program for my sports media class with the baseball team and Nico was the star pitcher so I got to see first hand all the drama he brought on himself.

He was a PR's worst nightmare and I knew to stay away from him until I came to the L.A Dodgers and fell for the charismatic good looking man.

Since I knew who he was before I kept my distance, but all it took was seeing a different side of him at a fundraising event and I was sucked in.

I put everything in my car and leave to go to my apartment.

I call my best friend Allie as soon as I'm driving.

She picks up after the first ring. "Hey babe" She said.

"Guess who's been cheating on me for the past 6 months?"

She gasped. "I'll fucking rip his balls off and shove them down his throat!" She yelled.

I laughed. "I love you, but I don't need you going to jail for me."

"True, I don't think I'd do good in jail, but I still wanna kick his ass" She said.

"I know, but he's not worth it."

She hummed in agreement. "Yeah you're right " She said.

"Yeah, but the good newa is I was already done with his ass so finding that out didn't hurt."

"Well that's good, but I still wanna kick him in the nuts" She said.

I laughed at her comment.

Gotta love my protective best friend.

"What are you gonna do now with seeing him at work?" She asked.

"I'll act civil or just ignore him."

"You're a better person than I am" She laughed.

Besides what happened we talk about our day and then she hangs up since she has another call coming in.

I became friends with Allie during our junior year of high school and we've been inseparable ever since.

I always wondered and still do, how we stayed friends for so long because we're total opposites, but somehow we just click.

We went to college together too, but weren't able to be roommates like we originally wanted.

In college I went to get a degree to get into sports public relations and Allie wanted to own her own photography business.

After college Allie moved to New York and tried to have her own photography business, but it was hard for her in NY compared to Miami so she just worked for different companies.

We me in California and her being in New York, it's been difficult to see each other, I actually haven't seen her in a year.

Since we went to the same college she also knew of Nico so she was a bit apprehensive when I first started dating him, but she said if I was happy she was happy.

I pull up to my apartment that has been my home for the past 5 years.

In my last year of college I got offered an internship with the L.A Dodgers, and they liked me so much that they wanted to hire me when I graduated.

Since I already did an internship with them I knew how they liked everything so it made working for them easier.

After I put my stuff away I go take a relaxing shower I change into comfy clothes and put on some trashy reality TV that I absolutely love.

I grab my phone and FaceTime my mom.

She picks up immediately.

"Hi honey" She grinned.

"Hey mom, what are you up to?"

"Nothing much, just watching TV with your dad, he's getting us ice cream" She said.

I want what they have.

My parents have a very cliche, but cute story.

My mom tutored my dad in college and they were starting to become friends, but my dad's then girlfriend got jealous so that ended their friendship, but it wasn't until the next year when my Aunt Charlotte became roommates with mom that dad started hanging around with mom and they became close friends and eventually fell in love.

They had my sister Hailey and then a few years later they had me.

Growing up I wasn't super close with my sister since we have a 4 year age gap, but as we got older we got closer.

"Nice... so I have to tell you something."

She looked concerned. "What's going on?" She asked.

"Nico and I broke up. I was on my way to break up with earlier and when I got there I found him cheating on me."

"What!" My dad yelled in the background.

I hear his fast movements in the background and then he comes into frame, his normally bright blue eyes are darker.

"I'll murder his ass" He growled.

"Get in line dad, Allie wants to neuter him, but he's not worth it."

"That's debatable" He grumbled.

"I figured you'd both be happy because I know you didn't like him."

Mom turned the phone towards her. "While we both are happy you're no longer with him, we just wish it were different circumstances" Mom said.

"Like I said I was already on my way over there to break up with him so I was already done, but I'm not hurt, more or less just pissed that I wasted my time on his ass."

"That's good you're not hurt because that's what my concern was" She said.

"I'll be good, and I'll act civil or ignore him at work."

"That's good. Well we love you and we'll talk to you soon. Love you honey" They both said at the end.

"Love you guys too."

They hung up and I relaxed and watched some TV.


On my way into work I anticipate how everyone is gonna be because I guarantee almost everyone will know about my breakup with Niko.

I get inside and say good morning to my coworkers who are acting like normal, so I don't think they know anything.

I sit down at my desk and just before start up my laptop my boss asks to speak with me.

This is definitely about the breakup.

I follow him into the meeting room where him and a few other higher ups.

Oh boy.

He gestured. "Have a seat Mackenzie" He said.

I get ready to explain everything, but he surprises me with what he tells me.

"Since you've started with us you have been a great asset, but it's time we let you go and help another great team" He said.

My stomach drops.

"Wait what? Can I ask why?"

He cleared his throat. "I'm not exactly at liberty to say why" He said making my jaw clench.

Translation: Nico Alvarez.

"Ok. I understand. Is there a possibility you could write me a letter of recommendation?"

I honestly don't know how I'm holding it together.

I'm getting fired because my ex boyfriend decided to cheat on me and I guess doesn't want me to tell everyone the truth or something.

"Well that's the thing... We're not firing you or anything, we're transferring you" He said carefully.


"You're transferring me?"

He nodded. "Yes. Like I said you were a great asset to this team and it's a shame you have to go, but given the circumstances we have to do what's best for the team" He said.

Basically Nico has the power and considering he's their only good player it's do what he says or lose money.

"I understand. Where are you transferring me?"

He grinned. "I know you love this team, but I think you'll be happy with where you're going. I'm sending you to the Marlins" He said.

What. The. Fuck?

"Just to clarify... You're sending me back to Miami?" I asked in disbelief.

"Yes. We transferred everything over to the team already, all you need to do is pack" He said.

The apartment that I've been living in was through my boss, I'm not the only one who's getting helped by the team, so I don't have to worry about waiting until my lease is up or anything.


"Great. I'll send you all the contact info you need for them so you can tell them when you're coming and everything" He said.

"Ok, thanks."

"You're welcome. It's been great to have you, but I know that the Marlins are lucky to have you and you'll be happy to be back home" He said.

I smiled. "Yeah you got that right."

I haven't been home in 5 years.

I shook everyone's hands and gave hugs, then I went to clean off my desk.

When I get in the car I close my eyes and take a deep breath and let it out.

Not only am I going home, but I'll be working with an old friend that I haven't seen in a long time.

It's gonna be interesting, but I'm happy to be going back home.

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