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Her Warrior Mate

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Molly Pigeon has graduated high school and is ready to start her mate hunt with the other girls from her pack. Originally from Utah she finally meets her mate when she goes to New Hampshire. Reginald Ramsbo is the head warrior of the Oakes Grove Pack. He is more hesitant than most when it comes to mates as he saw what his father went through when he lost his mother. Will their love prevail?

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1:

Molly breathed in the thirty-sixth state she had been to within three months. She had set out from her home pack, the Moonbeam Pack, from Utah with all the other female pack members who had just graduated to find their mates. Slowly overtime girls would find their mates and leave the group and as numbers dwindled girls from other packs would join together for protection. She had met a girl named Brie from Washington and the Red Stone Pack. She was very cheerful and chatty. The opposite of how Molly was feeling. She was tired from the trip and had slowly given up hope. She was nervous about her mate, because of her parents’ past. They both had mates and a son each then both their mates died. They fell in love and married and had her. Then when she was ten her parents divorced, each taking back their own son, but she was bouncing between their houses for the last eight years and therefore no one was too sad to see her go. At the beginning she had been excited to travel the country and hopefully find the love that had been absent in her childhood. Finding someone who you had a special bond with, the one person who the Moon Goddess made for you. She looked up as they entered Charleston, New Hampshire. It was a human town between two neighboring wolf packs, Oakes Grove and Leighton. As they got closer she saw a bunch of men milling around waiting for the chance to see if their mate was here. Suddenly Molly’s wolf started pacing, which was unusual for her. Molly stood up along with Brie and the nine other girls. As she exited the bus she smelled a citrus scent, feeling excitement she allowed her wolf senses to take over. She walked up to a handsome man with deep brown eyes, tousled brown hair, a medium skin tone, and the body of someone who clearly worked out. She thought she was gonna swoon at the sight of him. She suddenly felt nervous about how she looked and wrung her hands a little bit. Taking a breath, she looked into his eyes and they spoke at the same time,


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Hermorene: It's difficult to envision these adult, professional shifters constantly making juvenile jokes. I understand the animosity between the twins, but this doesn't feel like realistic sibling behavior, even given the circumstances.

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