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His Mistress, Their Home & Us

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A story about the other woman

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

I wake up with a terrible headache, God knows I shouldn’t have had that much to drink but who cares? This past week felt like an episode of a horror movie and alcohol is the one thing that could have taken me to sleep.

I hear the noise coming from the shower and I know that Liam is back home, I must have been so drunk because how on earth didn’t I hear him when he got back?

Getting out of my night dress, I walk into the bathroom and slide the glass door open allowing myself in. he smiles widely when he sees me but I can tell that he is tired, the past few months have taken a toll on us. After losing his grandparents there was an issue of succession of the company, he is the first grandson but he can’t take over whilst in Zambia so the board has been fighting tooth and nail wanting his cousin to be named chairman.

I wrap my hands around his neck and kiss him softly, he smiles warmly and I can tell that he is not okay.

In silence we kiss and allow the hot water to wash over us, I can feel him growing hard on my skin so I lift my body and wrap my legs around him. Liam and I have always had a healthy sex life and no matter what life throws at us there is just a way that we connect once we are skin deep.

My lady parts are already wet for him and twitching like crazy, in one motion he pushes himself deep inside me and I have to hold on to him really tight so that I don’t slip and fall. He gives me deep thrusts just the way I like them and in no time we are both breathlessly panting as we are overcome by a mighty orgasm.

‘Welcome home.’ I say kissing his chest when he puts me down

‘It’s good to be home.’ He responds kissing my forehead

I get the sponge and add shower gel, the silent ritual is back. I scrub his body gently and when done he adds more shower gel to the sponge to make lather and starts to scrub me, after about an hour we are done and both head to our different sinks to brush our teeth.

‘Crazy night?’ he asks when we get to the bedroom

‘Alcohol was the only thing that would make me sleep.’ I tell him honestly moving into my walk in closet to pick out some clothes

‘Black or brown?’

‘Any pastel colour, makes your skin glow.’ He responds from the bedroom

I pick out a baby blue jumpsuit and clear heels, a white handbag to go with the look and sunglasses just in case.

He is holding two ties, a black and white poker dot and a floral green one when I walk back into the bedroom.

‘Poker dot.’ I say looking at the clothes he wants to wear even though I am not comfortable with him going for work seeing that he hasn’t rested.

‘Dinner on me tonight?’ he asks

‘Sure babe, I will let you know once I am done with work.’

He comes over to where I am and holds me by the waist.

‘I hope you never forget how much I love you babe, I hope you never forget.’

I smile back looking into his eyes.

‘And I love you so much babe, so so much.’

He kisses my lips deeply and I can feel all his emotions coming alive in the kiss.

‘Now go and conquer the world.’ He says squeezing my ass making me laugh

‘Don’t be too hard on yourself.’

‘A man has got to do what a man has to do.’

‘Not on the expense of losing yourself.’

‘Don’t worry your pretty head, I will be okay.’

I look at him worriedly before leaving the room, I honestly worry about Liam. I really worry about him.

I walk out and give instructions to the help before leaving the house, I get into my car and drive off.

Liam and I have been married for a year and some months, honestly the minute he asked me to marry him I knew there was no way I was saying no. He was stable and we had a good relationship there was no way I was spending my life with any other person but him. He has his own architecture company here whilst being the chairman for his family business in Philly, this means that he has to be in and out of the country almost all the time but I am not complaining because this is the life I chose. I on the other hand own my own events centre, graduated top of my class and decided to get into events business. After saving up some money I got right into it and a year later my name is recognized on the market, with Liam’s connections it has been a plus too.

I connect my phone to the speaker when it starts to ring, it’s Alicia.

‘If it isn’t my favourite girl.’ She says immediately I pick up

‘What do you want?’ I ask knowing that line very well, there is no way my best friend is calling me her favourite girl unless she wants something.

‘So I can’t call you my favourite girl any more?’

‘Just tell me what you want.’ I say laughing as I turn into my office space on Mwinilunga Crescent in Woodlands.

‘Okay so your brother has a cousin that wants to organise a party.’ She says, she always refers to her husband as my brother.


‘They are short.’

‘You know I don’t compromise on my standards or prices so tell your people that I said no.’

‘Felistus come on.’

‘Alicia call me when they have the money in full, for now you can kiss my services goodbye.’ I say

She whines for a few minutes before we say good bye, she is a friend and I love her but I am not about to lower my standards for friendship’s sake.

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