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When The Moon Rises

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When Sienna is asked to look after a member of the notoriously ruthless pack nearby, she is not allowed to tell anyone where her new friend comes from because the pack is feared so much. Infamous for their brutal takeovers and treatment of trespassers, the Black Mountain pack is a name whispered in terror amongst her pack. Imagine her surprise when she finds out the future Alpha is her mate.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter One

Sienna’s POV.

“Thank you everyone for coming this evening. It is great to see the whole pack together again. I’d especially like to welcome back a few members who have been away studying at university, it is lovely to have you back with us.”

Alpha Jon addresses the crowd as we sit quietly on the rows of seats lined in front of the small stage.

Pack meetings are occasionally held, usually when there is something important to discuss. As he mentions the university students, his eyes travel over everyone, pausing to rest on me. I smile politely in response.

I’ve been away at university for three years. I’m twenty-one now, and long overdue a mate. I’m perfectly capable on my own and uni has only made me more independent.

If I should happen to find my mate soon...I might ask him where the hell he has been.

I glance over at one of my best friends, Cassie. She rolls her eyes and fake yawns. I smirk at her, knowing how much she hates pack meetings.

Cassie is a free spirit. She has no interest in meeting her mate, she enjoys male attention too much for that. She says she’s too young to meet him yet and having way too much fun to be tied down now. She isn’t too promiscuous, although, she has slept with more guys than me.

Our other friend, Kayla, is the total opposite. She is an innocent virgin who, thanks to Cassie and I, has a very dirty mind. She wants to save herself for her mate, and whilst I respect that, it was not something I aimed for. Most mates lose their virginity before meeting each other nowadays.

More than likely my mate is not a virgin, so why should I be one just because I’m a girl?

Alpha Jon finally finishes his speech and slowly everyone starts trickling out of the pack hall, towards the pack house, where a party is being held in honour of the Summer solstice coming up.

“I’m going to go see Cass and Kayla,” I tell my parents.

My dad frowns. I know he wants me to stay with them all evening, and I am also aware that he is not a massive fan of Cassie and her influences.

I have a complicated relationship with my father, he is quite strict, or at least tries to be. I refuse to listen much to him. Our pack is safe, we have a giant wall around our territory protecting us. We are a small pack with a small territory, so no other packs see us as a threat or as a prize to capture.

My parents were raised in this pack like me. Unlike me, they have fully taken on its teachings, whereas I have my reservations. My parents don’t understand why I want to go to the city, they are very happy with the village we live in on the pack’s territory.

“Okay, darling. We’ll see you at home, text me if you are going to be out late,” my mum replies before my dad can object.

“Great, see you later,” I call over my shoulder, already weaving through people over to Cassie.

Cassandra Blake is beautiful. Her hair falls in inky black waves down to her waist and her eyes are the most stunning grey. She has amazing hourglass curves and if she wasn’t my best friend, I’d probably hate her out of jealousy.

I also happen to be jealous of the fact she’s 5"3. At 5"7 I feel like a giant, and I hate it. Cass is confident, sexy and way too reckless sometimes.

“Please, Goddess, tell me we’re going out tonight. It’s your first night back!” Cass pouts and I sigh, knowing my dad will not approve.

Oh, well, fuck it.

“Yeah. Come back to mine to get ready,” I say, grinning when I think of how mad it will make my father.

“Yay! Oh, look, there’s Kayla!” Cass points over my shoulder and I turn to see Kayla grin and jog over to us.

Kayla Blackwood is 5"5 of sweet innocence. She has huge boobs and a flat stomach, two things most girls would kill for. She has straight, shoulder length blonde hair and the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen. She is bubbly, kind and awful at holding grudges.

And then there’s me. I’m the tall, skinny one with an average figure, thick thighs and an ass that appeared from nowhere, I’m bottom heavy.

The girls come back to mine, much to my father’s disdain, and we get ready to go out. Two hours and three bottles of wine later, the three of us are ready, dolled up in tight dresses and false eyelashes.

We go to the most popular club in the town, just across the border of our territory. It is mostly a human town and is not owned by any pack. Shifters like to come here because there are no trespassing issues.

Another two hours later and Cass and I are at the bar, ordering more drinks for the three of us.

“How she is still a virgin is beyond me,” Cass comments as we watch Kayla dance with a guy, rubbing her gorgeous body all over him.

“I know. I do feel for her though as soon as guys find out it sends them crazy.” I roll my eyes, eagerly sipping the drink the bartender sets down in front of me.

“I know! It’s like they go into heat or something!” Cass jokes and we make our way over to Kayla.

I push the guy away and take his place, dancing behind Kayla whilst Cass dances in front, placing my friend in the sandwich of protection.

We stay until the club closes. Kayla pulls that night, and Cass pulls a lot, but I don’t get with anyone.

The three of us collapse onto Cassie’s bed at four in the morning and sleep until afternoon.

I wake up to a banging headache, drowning in a bed of half-naked girls. I slide off the end of the bed, not wanting to wake the girls on either side of me.

Cassie lives on her own, her parents bought this house for her. I jump in the shower, glad that I took my make-up off before sleeping last night.

I wrap a towel around myself, trying to dry off. When I step back into her room, the girls are awake and drinking cups of tea. There is a third mug waiting for me on the desk.

“You’re an angel, thank you,” I tell Kayla as she hands me the mug.

“What are we gonna do today, then?” Kayla asks.

I glance out the window, happy to see the sun is out.

“I’ve got to go home and unpack all my stuff from uni. Dad’s annoyed it’s all piled in the corridor.” I pause to roll my eyes.

“But let’s go for a coffee first,” I suggest, and the girls nod in agreement.

An hour later, I step through the door of my house. Mum looks up as I come into the kitchen and smiles in approval at my outfit. I’m wearing a long pencil skirt and a silk blouse she bought for me.

My parents always want me looking smart. I wear sweats and hoodies a lot, much to my mother’s horror.

“I spoke to Alpha Jon last night, there’s a male shifter joining our pack for a few weeks. I said you’d love to help him settle in. You know, show him around and introduce him to everyone,” Mum says brightly, causing my dad to lower his paper and frown.

“Is he mated?” My father asks sternly, and I sigh heavily.

“Relax, Dad. He’s not gonna ravish me,” I joke, and he narrows his eyes at me.

“That’s not funny,” he mutters glumly and returns to his paper.

“No, he’s not mated,” my mother replies, grinning mischievously at me.

She’s dying for me to meet my mate.

“Fine, I’ll show him around.” I sigh again, annoyed that Mum is always volunteering me up for stuff.

I grab my handbag and keys and drive over to the pack house, where the Alpha and his family lives.

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