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the rebellious prey of the bloodthirsty mobster

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there is always an exception to every rule as the hard-hearted exception to Barrosa was Asly. he was back in Las Vegas to take revenge because he thought that the latter had betrayed him and yet it was his twin sister who had done this. she was there prey that this mobster was chasing and he had ended up capturing her but the hatred he had towards her turned into love when he realized that it was a mistake

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Asly had never been so happy in her life as that day. She was finally going to be able to have her diploma and finally embark on what she had always loved to do in her life, namely catering. It had nothing to do with the school she went to and she knew her dad didn't agree with her on that but after all, her dad had his favorite daughter he loved so much then, she too could choose her life. Leaving Las Vegas for an unknown direction had always been his dream. Like what to leave his house for an unknown direction. Everyone could envy her life that she had a rich dad who could slap some money at their every whim but the only person who actually benefited from that money was her sister Astrid because she was her father's favorite regardless the disaster it could cause in their lives. Her father loved and cherished her so much. She had felt jealousy welling up in her when they were still kids but over time, she had learned to understand that nothing could change. She had therefore taken refuge alone in her corner in order to let things happen naturally. While his sister had been allowed to go to school elsewhere, she had been forced to stay in Las Vegas at her father's whim.
When she received the message from her best friend telling her that he was ready for a friend's trip, she had not hesitated to prepare to go out. She was certainly enthusiastic about it, but the monster that was her father already had to let her go.
- Dad please can I go out with Armel please, I will be careful.
- How many times am I going to ask you not to call me daddy anymore? I am not your father Asly, for you I remain the master and that's how it is. If it's that hard to remember then get the hell out of me now will you?
She pursed her lips, keeping her tears from falling. Sometimes she craved a father figure so much that she would forget that from the day she came into the world, this man had absolutely forbidden her to call him dad and she had to call him. the master as he had just ordered him.
- master I would like to go out with Armel and…
-It's ok, you can go out but don't worry that this naughty boy doesn't dare lay his hands on you. You will serve me well in your life. Your first time with a man will make me plenty of money.
She opened her eyes wide in surprise, but the fact that this man was not touched by what he had just said confirmed to her that the fact that it was still a surprise for her did not bother him at all. . she bit her lip and left her office feeling the tears welling up in her eyes. She imagined that if this man was going to make millions with his virginity, it wasn't with a man of her young age and maybe a little handsome, but she knew it was going to be with one of those fat pigs. Riley Miller was known as a businessman who excelled in the business, but she knew that her father was also swimming in illegal business. When she heard his harsh voice, she retraced her steps.
-Astrid told me that the graduation will take place tomorrow so I hope that after that, you can finally be useful to me.
She simply nodded for fear of incurring his wrath. He was dangerous when he got down to it and it was better for her to avoid an early death.
- Dad good evening, I would like some money please. A new clothing collection is out and I want it please.
Asly turned to her sister who had just entered the office. The latter went to press her lips to their father's cheek and he smiled at her. Only she got that kind of smile. No longer seeing what she was doing in that room, Asly stormed out and went to get ready. Only going out could help her pass this moment because the hatred she felt was even more growing. She knew that her father was going to give Astrid what she wanted again and it was completely normal, after all she was his darling daughter.
When she was ready, she took her small backpack, her phone and her earphones. Once outside, she put some music on your way. The way was not very long to get to Armel so she preferred to walk.
Feeling a car stop dead in front of her, Asly had no idea what had happened. She had not seen this car as she crossed the street and she had almost lost her life in it. Her heart was pounding and her breathing was still choking.
- when you're fed up with life, it's better to die at home instead of deciding to stick a fucking regret for life on others, damn it. Headphones in the ears with loud music that I even hear, how could you have heard the Klaxon tell me? shouted a man's voice that sent chills down his spine.
The dizzying and imposing build of this man had almost suffocated her and she realized that she was certainly going to suffer. If ever Riley heard that, she was going to pass so, this man had to spare her even if in his eyes, she could see the desire for murder.
- I am sincerely sorry sir, I had not seen you. Please don't say anything to my father.
He frowned a little amused by the situation. She was shaking with dread and it looked like her fear of dying had turned into a fear. He didn't really give a damn about her moods and he didn't intend to let that pass.
-I think you're going to give me your dear little dad's number and I'm going to contact him now, miss. You're not old enough to walk down the street by yourself yet, I see.
"Please sir," Asly pleaded, clasping his hands.
-It's okay Red, leave it. The poor thing is already terrified enough as it is, another had intervened.
He motioned for her to disappear and Asly started to run away but she still heard the last sentence he had said to her "we'll meet kitten". but she knew not because she couldn't bear to see him again.
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