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Stepbrother/age gap story. “Turn around, hands on the wall brat.” Before I could do anything. Chase had already pinned me against the wall and was searching my body, patting his hands down my body. I snicker. The bastard would never find the bag of goodies he's looking for. “Where's the fucking coke?!” He demanded, that handsome face so fucking hard,his chocolate brown eyes glaring at me. Even in my drunken state I couldn't deny the man was hot. But hot or not. I. Hate. Him! “I don't know what you're talking about creep, if you want to feel a sensation just say so instead of groping me under the guise of searching for drugs.” Of course I was lying and trying to dissuade him. Though I was sure he would never think to search my pants—where I had hidden the little bag with the white powder. But it seems I spoke too soon, because a few seconds later my panties were down around my thighs and Chase Davenport had his hand inside my.....

Romance / Erotica
A K Adam
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Chapter 1

The incessant ringing of the alarm clock was the first thing that woke me up,making my head pound like a thousand bells are inside my head. I stretch my hand and pick up the annoying object before I fling it at the opposite wall. I tried to go back to sleep but that's when my door burst open.

With a tremendous amount of effort I flutter my heavy lids open,I should have never drunk as much punch as I did last night. Now I'm paying for it. Ugh! What the hell did Dave mix into this punch?

I manage to sit up on my queen size bed, making the headache worsen with my movements,standing on the threshold of my gaping door is an angry Madison. As if I wasn't suffering enough.

“Why are you here?”

“Really? Is that any way to speak to your mother whom you haven't seen in months.”

“Just great, now you remember you're a mother.”

“Don't talk to me like that Harley.”

She took a few steps inside the room, stepping over dirty clothes, beer bottles and cigarettes butt to come closer to where I was leaning back on the headboard. My hand rubbing my forehead.

“Did you want a serenade or a standing ovation or something more royalty related? Will a bow suffice? Why are you here? Have you already squeezed dry your husband, or did he realize he'd married a gold digger.”

She raised up her hand ready to strike me, I stared at her down defiantly. I knew I went too far, but I didn't regret it. She put down her hand sighing, knowing fully she'd already ruined any chance of a decent conversation between us.

“Oh, don't let me stop you Madison, hit me.” I'd long since stopped calling her Mom and whenever I did it was condescendingly.

“Harley please I'm not here to fight with you, I came to bring you with me to A. I'm getting married next week and I want us to live together again. Please come with me let's start afresh.” Her brows pulled together, her eyes shining with hope.

“I'm not going anywhere with you Madison, I'm happy here but thanks for the offer anyway and congrats.” Her face fell.

“You can't stay here anymore Harley.”

“Why the hell not?”

“Watch your language Harley I'm still your mother. And you can't stay here because your grandma isn't here. For another you're a minor, and the third reason is your grandma has decided to sell the house.” My brows scrunched, I shook my head in denial and instantly regretted it. When pain lanced my brain. I clutch my temple.

“Grandma wouldn't sell the house she just wouldn't.” Madison folded her hands on her chest. Before she added.

“I stopped at the hospice before I came here, apparently your neighbors had complained to her about the late night parties, they had wanted to call the cops but because of your poor grandmother they decided against it. Shelly had to apologize and had called her real estate agent to put the house on sale, which happened last week.”

I yanked away the sheet so I could stand—unknowingly bearing Dave who had been sleeping like the dead beside me. I had completely forgotten he'd said he would spend the night here. The instant Madison saw him, she screeched. Having not expected to see a man inside my room.

“Harley, Marie Anderson! What is a boy doing inside your bedroom?!” She thundered and for a split second she reminds me of the old times. The times when she would yell my full name whenever I did something wrong. Her screeching was loud enough to wake the dead and had successfully woke Dave from his slumber.

“Fuck!” He muttered and scratch his bed nest.

“Watch your mouth young man.” Dave was instantly wide awake and looked frightened like a deer caught in the headlights.

“Who are you? How dare you come into my daughter's room? What is your parents name? I want you to give me their numbers right now.”

“Oh God! What's this? the eighteenth hundreds, wake up Madison my boyfriend doesn't have to tell you shit. And right now he's leaving. You've lost the right to act like a concerned mother years ago so don't even start.” Guilt flash over her features before it was suddenly gone, she pointed a manicured finger at him, her eyes spitting fire.

“You! Young man, had better stay far away from my daughter else I'll be forced to take action against you and your parents. Harley doesn't need bad boys like you influencing and ruining her life.”

I couldn't believe her. I get why she would think Dave was the influencer in this relationship with his black hair streak with blue highlights,tattoos and nose piercing. He looks like your typical bad boy. But I won't let her blame him. Nobody forces me to do anything. I make my own choices. If anything I am the one who influences him. I get in front of her coming between her and Dave whose eyes are saucer wide.

“You have no right to tell him to stay away from me, and no one is influencing or ruining my life. Whatever the fuck I do is my fucking choice. I chose to live this way because it's my life, and not yours mine!”

“You weren't like this Harley, you're a good girl, an A student. You have dreams and love to study and… and now just look at you! Your father must be turning in his grave.”

“Don't you dare! Don't you dare talk about Daddy. You don't know shit about him,save your lectures and fucking leave I don't need you in my life trying to change me. This is who I am now and I fucking love myself just the way I am, leave Madison and forget you ever have a daughter.”

I was shaking, my throat choke with tears, I wanted to fucking break things and drink myself to unconsciousness. I can't believe she had the guts to talk about my Daddy. How dare she. Tears rolled down her face, her lips trembled, but instead of leaving she directed her eyes and anger on Dave who looked like he wanted to be anywhere but here.

“You're Dave right? I heard all about you from Shelly. I mean what I said earlier, leave Harley the fuck alone or I will be forced to take action against you, and I promise you'll wish you never met her.”

I've never heard Madison curse or sound this threatening before but you could tell she meant every word, Dave swallowed hard. And frantically shake his head, his brown eyes wide.

“Stop threatening him. You will do nothing of the sort or I will never forgive you.” I stand up and pick up his jacket and throw it at him.

“Get out D, I will catch up with you later.”

In less than a minute Dave was on his feet and outside the room with a shaky.

“Have a good day Mrs Anderson.”

“She's just Miss Peter's now” I spat.

“Harley really this is getting old. Are you ever going to forgive me? I told you I regret my decision to ever leave you. Please baby let's begin anew, hmm?”

“Never, leaving has been the greatest thing you've ever done for me and it needs to stay that way, I don't want you in my life Madison.” She nods and swipes an errant tear.

“It's okay, I understand. But it's really true your grandma sold the house. We've agreed that you would come and stay with me in….”

“What the fuck! No, no, no, no. Grandma can't sell the house. Daddy left it for me with the lake house, she can't sell it without my consent.” I screech. Anger and frustration make me smash and break things as though I was five.

“I don't believe you, grandma would never do that to me.”

“Well she did, the new owner is moving in next week and Harley should know your grandma was only looking out for you all of the money was going into your college fund. Your grandma had granted me power of attorney on the lake house and she also appointed me as your guardian. As your mother I will be happy to help you straighten out your life and make good decisions that would benefit you in the future.”

I screamed. Picked up an empty bottle of beer and threw it at the wall. Madison gasped in horror. I pace the room ranting, then I sit on my bed when I almost plant face, I shake my legs as I think of what I consider a betrayal from my own flesh and blood as angry tears run down my face.

My grandma who I consider my only remaining family had betrayed me. Madison was a static noise in the background. If I don't have a place to live I could do what some women in my situation do daily.

Yes! I can sell my body and take care of myself. Grandma had no right to sell my house without my consent even though she had the power of attorney until I turned twenty five. Could she really do this? Maybe I could hire an attorney and get my house back.

Yeah, and pay him with what? Somehow I knew this was all Madison doing,it stunk of her and had her signature all over it. She must have somehow convinced grandma to sell the house so that she has her way and makes me live with her.

“I know you don't want to live with me. So I'm going to make you a deal.”

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