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His Hybrid Pixie

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Ariadne Hellier… half pixie half wolf hybrid. On the run. Ended up in a town across the country from her home. Home. There is no such place for her. Not yet. She wants her mate. She’s terrified to find him though. Afraid to tell him what she’s been through..will he accept her? Will he turn tail and run? Hah! Get it? Turn Tail? He’s a wolf! Raphael Brennan. Alpha of PineCrest Pack.. has been searching for his mate for ten years. He turned at the age of 14 and has wanted her since that day! He refuses to accept anything less than the person the Moon Goddess has chosen for him and Goddess help the fool who tries to change that!

Romance / Fantasy
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One-New Town, New Name

Andrea stood at the counter of the little diner she found since moving to PineCrest two weeks ago. The lease is finalized on the warehouse, so now she can start getting it equipped for her triconcept idea of opening a gymnastics/dance/self defense studio. Marcia came in from the back and said “Oh hey darlin’ I didn’t hear the bell”

Andrea looked up and said “Oh..hang’s flipped over that bar on top” Marcia asks if she wants her usual and Andrea just nods. She pulls a chair from the front table and puts it front of the door to reach the bell. She still isn’t tall enough, so she grabs tongs from behind the counter. Finally on her tiptoes, tongs in hand, she reaches the bell.

Just as the door rushes open and this giant of a man knocks her chair over. Luckily, he catches her before she hit the floor, while she squealed the whole way down. He said “Pardon me, sweetness but I’m kinda in a hurry” She mumbles “Are you shitting me right now? Big fucking walking tree knocks my 5feet 1 and a half inch ass off a chair and acts like I’m gonna cause him to be late! Jackass!” The man busts out laughing and said “Did you mean to say that out loud?” She said “No..but I mumble a lot. It comes from spending too much time alone.

I’m Andrea Whiting, by the way” and sticks her hand out. He shakes it saying “Jax’re 5’1 and a half inches tall?” He laughs. She grins and says “ That half inch matters! It’s the difference between pulling that doorbell down or failure” “And failure isn’t an option?” He asks. She shakes her head and says “Nope.. How tall are you? I mean..geez!” Jax laughs and says “6’7…no half.” Andrea laughs.

Marcia walks out and says “Here you go darlin’ ..double chocolate whipped topping caramel drizzle latte’ …extra drizzle” and winks. Andrea runs over and grabs her latte’ turning to tell Jax it was nice meeting him and leaving. As they watch her walk away,

Jax says “What’s her story?” Marcia turns to fix his coffee asking if he wants one for Alpha before she answers. “ I’m not sure but I have suspicions. I think she’s either running or hiding. Maybe both. She stays to herself but has the sweetest heart I have ever seen. I noticed she has scars. Down her leg and on her back, though I have only caught a glimpse of them” Jax said “You think she brings problems? How long is she staying?” “Permanently, I would imagine. She just signed a two year lease on the warehouse over on Hines Ave.” she replied. “I don’t recall signing off on that. I will ask Rafe what he knows” he said, taking the coffees and thanking her walks out.. heading to meet Rafe for a council meeting.

Andrea is walking toward the hardware store to arrange mirror installation for the back half of the warehouse and to grab two more gallons of white paint. The balance beam and saddle horse were installed this morning and this afternoon the parallel bars and free swinging rings will be put in. Just as she reaches the door a body, a huge body, rounds the corner barreling into her. Her latte’ flies out of her hand and, in seemingly slow motion, inverts on itself and lands directly on top of her head. Andddd, she mumbles “ Are you fucking serious right now? Not one..but two walking trees doing everything in their power to knock me on my ass and now I have no latte’? Shoot me now!”

The man roars in laughter and says” well, I was going to apologize but now, I am just hoping you’ll allow me to replace your latte’” She nods and says “Yep. Said that right out loud. Aria….umm..Andrea Whiting and you are?”

Gavin tilts his head, studying her and wondering what she was going to say, takes her hand and says “Gavin Dawson, at your service” She giggles and asked “Is that a done deal, or is some negotiation required?”

That just confused him “Huh?” She giggles again..” Air too thin up there? Your service? Because I could use a little help” He nods and says “ So, she’s got jokes. Good to know. But, I am at odd ends the next couple hours, so feel free to use my services however deemed fit!”

She turns and walks into the hardware store. After scheduling the installation she needed and paying for four gallons of paint..because, you know, big tall walking tree offered service and why not? She heads back to the warehouse…Gavin in tow.

He says “you don’t have a car?” She says “ you?” He says “of course. Who doesn’t have a car in this day and age?” She rolls her eyes and says “ Me, obviously. I just said so.” “But how do you get around?” he asks..completely dumbfounded. She said “ I walk. Or I run. If it’s pretty far I climb on my Harley soft tail lowrider.”

He busts out laughing asking how her 5 foot nothing self could handle a Harley and she deadpans “5’ 1 and a half..not nothing! And what part of ‘lowrider’ did you misunderstand?” He says “No! I mean, how does your little self hold it upright?” She says…”centrifugal force..and I have no intention of laying it down”

He says “Hot damn! I always wanted to know a hot biker chick!” She laughs and says”Well..I’m a chick..and I ride a bike..but I see those as two separate things. You’re a dork. Like me. I think we can be friends“

Gavin gasps and grabs his heart in dramatic fashion and says “ Now, I can die a happy man. I have finally met my kindred dork” She cracks up and says “ You just made my point for me, you realize that, right?” He gives her a lopsided grin and shrugs, saying “ Yep…as soon as the words left my mouth, I realized I had signed my dork certificate” They both laughed.

They reached the warehouse at the same time as the installers and Gavin helped her finish up the painting and she told him she appreciated his service and to thank him properly would he join her for dinner at Marcia’s.

Gavin readily agreed and she asked him to give her ten minutes to shower and change. After a hot shower, she slipped into black, ripped jeans and a white silk cami. Grabbed her hoodie and shoes and dashed back downstairs from the loft apartment. She walked out and yelled “Let’s gooooo…there’s a cheeseburger with my name all over it!”

He asked her please please could they take the Harley and she laughed and said nope. After locking up, they headed to the diner.

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