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THIS STORY IS MATURE 18+ DUE TO IT'S STRONG SEXUAL CONTENT, RAPE, ABUSE, AND LANGUAGE Meet Scarlet Rose, an 18 year old bad girl who likes to party just like any girl her age. She's beautiful with long black hair and watery blue eyes that scream sex appeal. Meet Ridge Tate, an 18 year old good guy who likes to study and is very shy around others. Scarlet takes him under her wing along with her friends to make this shy guy a bad boy. But what Ridge and the others don't know is that Scarlet is a trained assassin for her family. Can Scarlet protect her friends from her and her family enemies? Will Scarlet and Ridge find love? Will she ever confide with her friends the side of her they don't know? Read and comment.

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Late at night at the docks, Scarlet, Syrus and their father Stewart were waiting for his business associate Madison Montgomery who is delivering a shipment of illegal guns. Stewart was in fit for a man in his late 40′s. He had jet black hair with a little hint of greys to compliment his matching grey eyes. He was a tall man and stood at 6′ 2. He had minor wrinkles at the corners of his eyes and he had olive color skin. “Hello Stewart. Nice seeing you again.” Madison said.

“Yes it is. Do you have what I asked for?” Stewart replied getting to the point of their meeting.

“Of course darling.” She said flirting. Both Scarlet and Syrus already knew how flirty Ms. Montgomery is and tonight was no different. Madison turned to Scarlet with a hint of sarcasm in her tone. “Scarlet sweetheart. How are you?”

“I’m peachy and you?” Scarlet said with a smirk and sarcastically.

“You never change darling.” She said with a hint of disgust.

“I don’t intend to.“Scarlet replied with her arms folded. “How’s your son Darren?” Madison tensed up at the mention of her sons name.

“If you mean his eye that you tore out, then he’s fine.” She said dryly. Stewart felt the tension between the two ladies.

“Madison, where are the crates?” He interrupted. Madison motioned towards the crates and they stepped away towards the crates as both Scarlet and Syrus watched closely.

“Why do you like to antagonize her about her son?” Syrus asked with a smirk on his face.

“I get a kick from the look on her ugly face.”

“Keep it cordial Scarlet. You don’t want to start a war between bosses.”

“I know Syrus. I just can’t stand her and the only reason she’s still breathing is because of daddy.”

“Well after you tore Darren’s eye out, that message was well received.” He smiled at how ballsy his sister can be.

“He’s lucky I didn’t tear his dick off after he tried to rape me.”

“You my sister are one badass bitch.”

“I love you too.” Scarlet lightly nudged him. Syrus is very handsome. He’s a younger version of their father Stewart. Only he was taller at 6′3 and a half with gorgeous gray eyes. “Dad is motioning for us to go over.” They both walked and stood beside their father as he continued to conduct business. Scarlet looked at the open crates which carried different forms of handguns. Syrus inspected the guns and gave his father a look of approval. Madison’s two henchman closed the crates while Stewart handed over a briefcase. Scarlet watched the henchman’s closely.

“Is there something wrong Scarlet?” Madison spoke without looking at her.

Scarlet didn’t take her eyes off the two men that accompanied Madison, but answered her. “Why would you ask that Ms. Montgomery? Is there a reason for me to be concerned?”

Madison was irritated by now and challenged Scarlet. “I don’t like how you’re eyeing my men.”

“Oh do you mean Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum over there?” Syrus felt uneasy and he felt something was up. He trusted his sister’s instinct with his life.

“These men are new aren’t they?” Syrus siding with Scarlet’s suspicion.

“Yes they are and working for me. Why?” She was getting defensive.

Stewart stood next to his daughter and joined the suspicion. “Were they recommended or...”

Just then Madison’s men pull out guns and began shooting at them. They ran for cover while shooting back. “Daddy are you ok? I’m gonna kill that bitch!” Scarlet growled.

“Yeah, the bullet grazed my arm.” He quickly looked and couldn’t see Syrus. “Where’s your brother?”

“I’ll go find him. You stay here and keep your gun close and if you see that cunt shoot her between the eyes.” She went running and hid behind a stack of crates. She could hear Madison barking orders for her men to find them.

“Find them! And bring me back that bitch daughter of his!”

Scarlet checked her guns and made sure that it was fully loaded. With one held in each hand, she came out running and killed both of Madison’s men leaving Madison alone and vulnerable.

“Hello Ms. Montgomery. Seems like your little plan didn’t go exactly as planned.” Madison squinted her eyes, but Scarlet could still see the hate penetrating through.

“Seems so Scarlet, but I made a promise to my son to bring back your eyes to him.”

Scarlet chuckled. “If only it were that easy Ms.Montgomery.” Both ladies looked at each other and began fighting. Scarlet knocked Madison down and began pounding punches on her face. Scarlet sat on top of Madison and smiled. “Now Ms.Montgomery, l want to send a gift to your son as a reminder of who he’s fucking with.” Scarlet pulled out her knife and cut both of Madison’s eyes out as the woman screamed in pure agony. Scarlet placed an eye in each hand. She then shot her in the head. Syrus and Stewart walked up to Scarlet and saw what she had done, but were not surprised. Stewart was quite proud of his daughter. She was his personal assassin and trained very well in her fighting skills.

“Syrus call the men to pick up the crates and bring it to the warehouse.”

“Already done dad. They should be here within 10 minutes.”

“Very good son. Now let’s go home. Your mom has to tend to my wound.”

“Yes. Home. Now. I have a test tomorrow morning.”


Scarlet woke up stretching her arms. She walked into her adjoining bathroom and stripped naked. She tested the temperature until she was satisfied with it. Scarlet tied up her black hair into a messy bun then placed a shower cap over it. She entered the shower letting the hot water soothe her aching muscles. After her shower, she dried her face first. Her big blue eyes stared back at her reflexion. Scarlet turned to her left and smiled at her rose tattoo forever printed from her ribs to just above her hip. She was thankful to her mother for her hourglass curves. Since she stood at 5′9, the tat was longer. She didn’t have big full lips, but they were shapely and kissable. Scarlet quickly dried herself then dressing in light blue jeans with rips at the knees and a black tank top shirt with Avenged SevenFold words across it. She then put on her black and white high top converse. Brushing her hair into a ponytail, she grabbed her bag then headed out the door, into the lambo and straight for school.

She made it on time to her science class. Her friend Zane and Drake were sitting in the back. She took her seat next to Drake. “Hey babycakes. You rushed in like a bat out of hell.” Drake smiled.

“You have no idea sugar butts.” She blew him a kiss and he acted like he fainted.

“I thought I was sugar butts?” Zane acted jealous playfully.

“No, sugar balls.” She kissed his temple leaving Zane smiling.

Just then the teacher walked in saying good morning. “Ok class I have exciting news for all of you.”

“We don’t have to come to class anymore?” Zane interjected.

“We can chew gum in class?” Nancy added.

“No you smartass. You all have a science project to do. Isn’t that exciting?!” She rolled her eyes smiling.

“Oh yay,” Zane said dryly and unamused.

“You can pick whoever you want as a partner.”

“I pick Ridge!” Scarlet got up and sat next to him.

“ know my name?” He asked surprised.

“Of course I do. Besides, you’re the smartest kid here and I want to pass.” Scarlet grinned from ear to ear.

“Of course you do.” He smiled. “I think this is the start of a beautiful partnership.” Ridge was the nerd of the class. Actually the school. He had very light brown hair, hazel eyes and wore glasses. He was awkward and a bit clumsy. He stood at an impressive 6′4. He had a light build and of course he wore nerdy clothes.

“The project is how to blow things up and I mean by using like a 2 liter soda not C4 please. You must write a 10 page thesis about your project.”

“Yayyy we get to blow shit up! Right up my alley of to do list.”

“Oh this is gonna be fun.” Ridge rubbed his temples.

“The project is due two weeks from now, so I suggest you get started. This will be 35% of your grade.”


Ridge was standing by his locker switching his books when Scarlet approached him. “Hey Ridge. Your place or mine?”

“Oh..ummm.” Ridge said awkwardly.

“Do you always conversate like this with the ladies?”

“Ladies don’t talk to me much, besides my mom.” He said honestly.

“OMG, I can’t, you are so fuckin cute.” She pinched his left cheek.

“We can go to my house, but...but you can’t curse ok...please.”

Scarlet’s eyebrows shot up. “Are you fuckin serious dude?”

“Please Scarlet.” He pleaded.

“I’ll try. No promises ok.”

“Fair enough. So I’ll meet you after school today?”

“Yes, see you soon boo boo bear.” She said walking away to her next class.

“Please don’t call me that.” Ridge wiped his face with his hand.


Scarlet waited for Ridge by her car and watched the look on his face of pure shock. “Th...that’s you car?”

“It’s not my grandma’s.” She smirked.

“It’s a lambo. I never rode in a lambo.”

“Well, you can cross that off your bucket list.” She patted his shoulder. He sat in her car and smiled. Then he looked at her and smiled. She drove all the way to his house which was small and cute, nothing like hers. Scarlet parked her lambo and followed Ridge waiting patiently as he opened the door.

“Mom I’m home and I brought a....friend?” The look on his face was priceless to Scarlet.

“Hello honey.” She came from the kitchen. “Oh, who is your friend?” She checked Scarlet from head to toe. Scarlet quickly introduced herself.

“Hello Mrs. Tate. My name is Scarlet.” She stretched out her hand to shake.

“Well it’s nice to meet you dear and such a polite young lady.” How she said it let Scarlet know that Ridge’s mother didn’t mean what she said.

“Yes...polite. Hey mom Scarlet and I have to work on a project so we’re going to my room.”

“Ok dear, but leave the door open. Those are the rules.” Ruth wiped her hands on the kitchen towel.

“Mom, I’m not a baby....” He said with embarrassement.

“Your mother is right and we will respect her rules won’t we?” Scarlet said with so much innocence.

“Thank you Scarlet.” Ruth started to head back to the kitchen without another word.

“This way.” He said dryly and began walking towards his room while she followed. “You sure know how to kiss up to parents don’t you?”

“I just tell them what they want to hear.” She said smiling.

“You’re gonna have to teach me that.”

“Sure. It will be my pleasure to make you a rebel.” They talked a lot while they worked on their project. “It’s already 7pm. I have to go. I’ll see you tomorrow at school ok.” Scarlet quickly got up putting her notes and books back in her bag.

“Yeah sure Scar, I’ll see you tomorrow.” He followed her out of his room.

“Scar? You call me that again and I’ll leave you a scar.” Her voice and look on her face was serious.

“Really? I’m sor....”

“Geez Ridge lighten up. It’s just a joke. I swear you’re so cute.”

They’re playful time was over when Ruth called out. “Ridge it’s dinner time.” She shouted from the dining room.

“Goodnight Mrs. Tate. See you tomorrow Ridge.”

“Bye.” He watched Scarlet drive off before he went to the dining room. “That was rude to not invite Scarlet to stay for dinner mom.”

“I don’t like her. She has tattoos and piercings....”

“She’s a nice girl mom.”

“Nice girls don’t have tattoos and the only piercing they should have is on the earlobe.”

“Mom...” Ridge rubbed his temples.

“After that project is done I don’t want you hanging around her.” Ruth was very adement.

“Mom! You are overreacting and judging. It doesn’t look good on you.” Ridge raised his voice in disgust. He had no idea his mother could be such a prude.

“How dare you...”

“I’m not hungry. I’ll be in my room. Good night.” He left his mother alone just as his father’s car pulled into the driveway.


“Hi honey. You are just in time for dinner. Where were you?” Scarlet dropped her bag on the floor next to the staircase.

“I was over at my friend’s house working on a science project.”

“Are his parents nice?” Jill pass the plates to Scarlet to set the table.

“How did you know it is a him?” Scarlet smirked at her mother’s assumption.

“Scarlet honey, you don’t have any female friends. They don’t like you.” She said as a matter of fact.

“Point taken. His mom is a bitch. She doesn’t like me.”

“How do you know for sure?” Jill asked not surprised by the information.

“I saw that condescending look on her face when she saw my tats and piercings.”

“Well, try not to kill her honey.” Once Jill was happy with the table setting, everyone came and sat down for a nice family dinner.

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