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Rodriguez'S Love Rival

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Alexander Minoute Rodriguez and Noah Esqal Rodriguez Brothers with respectable family names, as well as the most influential in the world. The success of his brother, Alexander as Ceo of the Maz & M Company makes anyone will pay great respect to him. Not to forget Noah, Alexander's sister who has a career as a world class model, making them as 'The Most Perfect Man' in one of the well-known magazines. However, what would happen if they competed with each other to win love from Almaira Jenar, an Indonesian girl with an average appearance, chubby and a design leader in Alexander's company. What is Almaira's uniqueness that can attract the attention of two Rodriguez?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Morning sunlight was dawning, letting one of its lights slip into the hotel window's open slit. Illuminates the room until it hits the eyes of a woman who is sleeping.

Feeling disturbed, the woman rubbed her eyes slowly, instead of waking up she felt her side of the empty bed. Strange, even though last night the man was beside her. Her eyes slowly opened, searching the room for the man's whereabouts, and fortunately the sound of the bathroom splashing immediately told her that he was inside.

The woman sat on the edge of the bed, picking up her clothes lying on the floor and putting it on her innocent body. Then she walked to the dressing table beside, took the glass, not forgetting the bag and its contents. Slowly polishing red lipstick on her thin lips, spraying expensive perfume on her dress, and don't forget to style her hair.

Before long, a man who only used a towel on his waist came out, wiping his wet hair after bathing with a small towel. Walk to the closet, take his clothes and put on his athletic body.

The woman could only look at him with a look of admiration. Just look, 188 cm in height with an athletic body, not forgetting his sixpack, brownish hair, sharp brown eyes with perfect eyebrows, a face with a sharp nose, and firm jaws overgrown with thin hair. Thin lips that she had felt last night. Seeing him succeed again made the woman gulp roughly.

"What did you see, Clara?" A cold voice interrupted her fantasy and brought it back to reality. With a sensual smile, the woman walked toward him, and without permission stroked his muscular shoulders.

"I just admire you and remember our heat struggle last night." She gently massaged the man's shoulders, trying to tease him. However, the man actually brushed her hand away, and focused on the dressing event.

The woman pursed her lips, feeling annoyed at the man's actions that ignored her.

"You shouldn't ignore me, Alex! We have slept together and what do you think I am, huh ?! "She said in disgust, still Alex ignored her until he was dressed.

Alex stared intently at the woman, then smiled faintly at what she said. Without speaking, he took his briefcase and smartphone which he put in his shirt pocket. He also tidied Rolex's tie and watch in his hand.

"Sorry, I didn't hear you, Clara and oh I already transferred money into your account. After this we will not meet again. "


Clara threw her bag at Alex's back, who was about to leave the room. Alex rolled his eyes in disgust, turning to look at the woman's face. Clara's expression was really annoyed. With that man left him and what? Does he think she is a prostitute?

"What are you, Alex ?! Do you think I am satisfying your lust? "She cried. Alex just kept quiet, staring at the damn woman as a pest in the morning. With steps that sounded cold and firm, he approached the woman, glared at her, then gripped the face in front of him.

"You are indeed a prostitute. Look in the mirror Clara, you yourself offered your despicable body to me. Isn't that included as a prostitute? And you know, yours is so loose that it can hold more than one, I guess. "Alex released his grip on Clara until she fell violently. Slowly, she grimaced, touched her face that was flushed from Alex's strong grip.

Without looking at her, Alex stepped out of the hotel room. Whereas Clara could only cry as fresh inside.



Who does not know Alexander Minoute Rodriguez? Ceo Maz & M Company, handsome, abundant wealth, and high reputation among international entrepreneurs. That was enough to make him into Zone magazine as 'The Most Incredible Man' and ranked first. He is firm, cold, and smart, making the company he manages to occupy the first position in the fields of mining, industry and technology.



Alex is focusing on his laptop screen, recording and monitoring every movement of the company he runs. The door to his personal elevator opened, making him stop typing for a moment to see who came into his room.

A man in formal attire, who was none other than Alex's personal secretary, entered his office with a stack of files. Alex just saw it flat, then refocused on his laptop screen.

"Sir, this is the file that you must sign now." He said, then placed the file on Alex's desk. He immediately saw the tab of the company he was holding, checking Alex's schedule for today.

"What are my agenda for today, Albert?" Alex remained focused on his laptop. His fingers are adept at typing on the laptop.

"Meeting with Ceo Elcam.Co at 10 and interview." Alex immediately stopped typing, then looked at his secretary. His forehead wrinkled.

"Interview? With the press? I did not get any news. "He said.

"Not with the press, but with new employees who occupy the position of design leader." Albert looked back at the tab, then showed it to Alex.

Alex took the tab, then looked at the complete profile of a girl who was around 20 years old. Read the biodata, educational history, and the last photo. Wait? Is it true that an innocent-looking girl with an average appearance is a company employee?

"Are you serious Albert?" His eyebrows bent. Alex immediately laughed crispy. Albert looked at Alex with a confused expression, then sighed.

"Are you looking down on this girl?" Alex cleared his throat while justifying his tie's position.

"Ah, actually there is nothing funny or I underestimate the girl, but I'm just a little amazed that she is able to compete with people who are more than her." Alex took the folder on his desk, read it and gave his signature.

"Is Noah okay?" Alex still looked at the document in front of him, Albert gave a small smile.

"Mr. Noah is fine. I got word, Mr. Noah successfully completed his studies with perfect grades. "

Alex gave a small nod, a thin smile on his face. His brother is a bit troublesome, but can always make him smile a little with his achievements. Alex promised to make Noah the Co-CEO of the Maz & M branch company, after he successfully graduated from college with perfect grades.



"Hey, we haven't talked for a long time. How are you?"


"Ah, glad to hear that. Hm, did you eat? Bath?"


"Haha, I'm just kidding. Looks like, I miss seeing your chubby face pouting. "


"My study is quite confusing, but well with a genius brain, I can graduate with perfect grades."


"Thanks for the congratulations, and did you succeed in applying for a job at the company of your dreams?"


"Wow, you're great. Congratulations to you too. And I'm in New York right now, are you busy? "


"Hm, what a shame. But coincidentally, I'll go there. So, after you finish, can we meet? "


"Perfect. I can't wait to see you again. "


"I'm not spoiled, but who doesn't miss your chubby face?"

"Ok, I'll stop teasing you, but if you treat me later. How?"


"Ok, we meet later. See you soon, babe. "


The man turned off the phone. A charming smile appeared on his handsome face. All eyes are on him, yes, he is Noah Esqal Rodriguez, younger brother of Ceo, the world-famous company. Good looks that are comparable with his brother, do not forget the intelligence he has, makes women fall in love.

He graduated from the Doctorate program 'Management and Marketing' with the title cumlaude, became the best student at Harvard University, and Zone magazine once made Noah the cover for the popular 'Summer Time' collection. And now, he was the center of women who looked at him with admiration.

For women, Noah is like a dessert for their eyes. How not, look at the upright and athletic body posture that was sitting in a cafe, black hair, black beamed eyes, thick black eyebrows and perfectly carved, a face with a firm jaw line and thin lips as if ready to be eaten by anyone. If you can't get his brother, Noah is an alternative.

There have been a number of female servants, scrambling to serve Noah's order, and some have even tried to tease or give their telephone numbers for free. Noah just smiled amused, but did not accept it in a subtle way. Yes, because Noah doesn't like to play with women, which is inversely proportional to his brother.

Noah takes a sip of the espresso he just ordered, while occasionally looking at his Rolex watch. He has a meeting with someone he has long missed. Remembering her face and personality, making Noah smiled. His chest rippled warmly when he heard the person nagging at him. He looked back at his watch,

"I have to go now." He moved from the chair to the cashier to pay, and before that he had left a tip on the table.



"Mrs. Ira, bring another sketch and design idea to CEO room at 3. "

"I'll be there soon, Mr. Albert. Thank you. "

The girl hung up on her desk. At a glance she sighed softly, then returned to tidying the stack of papers on her desk. She is Almaira Jenar, the only girl from Indonesia who works in the No. 1 company in the world. With high educational capital in the field of graphic design, and determination, she is able to compete against superior competitors.

Initially Ira was not too sure she would be accepted at the Maz & M company. Yes, you could say the majority who work there have high educational standards and do not forget the fashionable employees. See, the women who work there, wear clothes that are too fashionable, lacking materials and their thick makeup. The men are no less fashionable with women, wrapped in shirts and branded suits.

Ira still remembers the day she applied as a prospective employee. She is waiting in the waiting room, along with women and men who want to apply as well. Only she wears loose trousers, a loose shirt and ends with a faded brown blouse that matches her pants. While other women wear tight mini skirts, tops featuring cleavage, and do not forget the quite thick makeup.

Ira knew that the women were watching her with condescending gazes, some even whispering to fellow plotters, mocking herself. Ira did not bother, yet people's taste in dress was different.

"Stop that, Ira. You must immediately go to your boss's office and give your best work. ”she wrestled with herself, cutting off her memories 2 weeks ago.



After quite a long ride on the elevator to the 40th floor, the floor where Ceo's room is located, Ira can now breathe freely.

‘Why does the CEO's room have to be on the highest floor? Do they like heights? ‘Ira thought.

She sighed softly. The focus is directly towards the double doors made of teak wood.

‘That must be the place’

With steady steps, Ira walked toward the door while occasionally tidying her clothes. Not feel just a minute walk, she was in front of the door. Ira took a deep breath, slowly exhaled, then knocked on the door.

Knock ....knock...

"Come in"

Ira took a deep breath to ease her nervousness, she turned the knob and was immediately presented by an amazing sight. A very spacious room in a classic style with brown color, antique ornaments made of wood displayed neatly in every corner of the room. Predictably, the area of ​​this room exceeds the apartment rented by Ira.

Ira even saw one more door in the room which he predicted was the bedroom.

‘Shit, is this the penthouse? ‘

"Are you miss Almaira Jenar? "

The baritone voice that was clearly heard in Ira's listener senses, suddenly made her look at the work desk across the room. Ira immediately approached the table, while cursing herself.



It was the first time Ira saw a perfect human specimen before him, who was none other than his own boss.

Ira is the same as all the girls who are attracted to the adams who are handsome. And all that carved clearly on the face of the boss.

"So, Almaira Jenar from Indonesia, 20 years old, last education is the Master of Design from Harvard University. That's quite impressive. "

"Thank you sir. "Ira smiled at the praise the boss made.

‘Ahhh, when else can you be complimented by your own boss'

Ira tried desperately not to shout for pleasure. She could be too over-reacted and run around like a crazy person, but fortunately he can control his pleasure carefully.

"The design you provided is quite interesting. But, there are still things that need to be revised. I give 3 days for revision. After that, I just need to accept the final design. Understand? "

"Yes, ... sir? "

Ira immediately stared at the words of the boss who was very fluent in Indonesian.

"Oh, sorry. I master several foreign languages ​​and one of them is Indonesian. "

"Oh, hehe ..."

‘Ira .... What are you doing laughter, my God ?! ‘

Alex gave the file back to Ira.

"Before you come out, I want to ask a few things. Consider it your first interview. "

"Yes, Sir. "



Ira has been counted for 5 minutes sitting on the couch, not forgetting herself who was bombarded with several formal questions from the boss.

"So far I have only received employees from Indonesia, and that is quite impressive. "

"The reason is simple. I set high standards for candidates who will work here and it looks like you meet all of those conditions. "

Ira smiled slightly at the words of the boss. Yes, of course working in well-known companies in the world has become her determination when she was in college.

Alex rose from his seat, which was followed by ira.

"Congratulation, miss. "Said Alex in a tone that seemed flat and cold. Alex, who held out his hand, was welcomed by Ira.

"Thank you so much, sir. "

After that, Ira immediately excused himself from the boss's room with a happy feeling.

‘Aaaahh, did your dream come to a jackpot yesterday?

Fortunately, Ira did not run around like a child who gets jumbo lollipops.

"Oh yes, I had an appointment earlier." Ira, who was now in the elevator, immediately reached into her pocket and pulled out a smartphone that she had never replaced since she was in college.


From: Bae

Babee, I'll pick you up in front of the office, okay ... I'm on the way now

Ira laughed a little reading the message, quickly then replied.

To: Bae

Okay, I'll be waiting for you. Don't forget to treat: D




Albert walked into Alex's room while carrying endless files.

Alex, who was focused on his smartphone, didn't realize that Albert was in front of him.

"Ekhm, sorry sir, but there is a file that must be given an approval stamp. "

Alex immediately saw Albert, "just put it on my desk. "

Albert immediately work on orders from Alex.

"So, have you met the new design leader? "

Only the nod that Albert got from his question. Alex is too focused on the smartphone in his hand.

"Yes, and she's just ordinary. Not attractive, in terms of appearance. Only her brain is smart. "

Albert was used to hearing Alex's cold and painful words. He could only sigh softly.

"But at least, she is not like many women in this company who in my opinion are like prostitutes. "Albert replied.

"Just take care of your work, Albert. "Alex said coldly. Albert just chuckled.

"Ah, alright. I hope you don't fall in love with Ms. Ira. "

Alex only looked at Albert with his sharp eyes, then refocused on his smartphone.

"Excuse me, sir. "

When Albert was out of the room, Alex began to give a stamp on the file that was brought by Albert.

Dreettt .... Dreettt

‘I hope it's not Claire’

His smartphone rang, lazily he saw the smartphone that he just turned off.

Alex was sad, why should the snake woman call. Really, Alex didn't want to hear her chatter. However, he must continue to play his role well.


"Ah, my baby Alex, finally you picked up my call. "

"I'm sorry Claire. I have business at the office. "

"When do you have time for me Alex? We are already engaged. "

Fiance? Alex almost laughed at the woman's words.

‘Claire, why are you so stupid. Beautiful, sexy but really easy to fool. ‘

"I'm sorry honey. You know that I'm Ceo from a large company, so I'm always busy. "

"Hufttt, okay, I understand. But later we have dinner with Daddy, okay? Daddy wants to meet you. "


"Okay, now you focus on working again. I'll call you later, byee baby, Love you. "


Alex immediately ended the phone. Why did the woman think she was engaged to him. This is all Alex's play. Claire's father, Charles is a colleague of Alex's company. They have a work contract of almost 3 years. I wonder what Charles thought, he suddenly introduced his only daughter to Alex.

‘You old fart, I know your intention of introducing your daughter to me so that I can suddenly like her, we are engaged, married and you will have multiple benefits. Have a work contract with me as well as your daughter as the wife of a large corporation Ceo. ‘

Alex only gave a small smile when he first met Claire.

‘I'll make you regret Charles. ‘



Noah hummed cheerfully, not caring about the gaze of the person focused on his handsome face.

He was in front of the receptionist while waiting for his best friend to come see him.

"Mr. Noah? "

Noah immediately looked at the voice that called out to him, "Albert? "

"It's been 2 years you've been in England, and nothing has changed. "

Noah chuckled, "yes, I haven't changed too much. How about Alex?"

"Mr. Alex is still the same as before. "Albert explained. Noah nodded in understanding, then smiled.

"You know, I'm on a date. "

Albert raised an eyebrow, "but why is Mr. Noah in the office. "

Noah held his chin, showing an expression as if he was thinking out loud, "she is an employee here. Her name is Almaira. "

Albert was a little surprised, then smiled, "Ah Miss Ira. She's a sweet woman and it seems like Mr Noah liked her for a long time. "

Noah scratched his neck which was not itchy, his handsome face showing a red tinge, he was blushing.

"Ah, she's just my best friend since college. "

"But why did Mr Noah say that this was a date?" Albert asked.

While looking at Albert, Noah held his embarrassment, but that didn't work because now it was clearly seen by Albert, Noah's cheeks were blushing.

"Ugh, come on Albert. Don't make my face turn red with your question. "

Albert smiled, "good luck with your first date, Mr. Noah. And I will tell Mr. Alex that- "Albert's words suddenly interrupted.

"No Albert. Don't tell Alex I'm already here. I have a plan for him. "

Albert nodded, "Then if you'll excuse me. "

Now only Noah was at the receptionist, while occasionally looking at his smartphone.

‘Is Ira busy? ‘


Noah immediately looked towards his side, there she was. The woman he had been missing during his time in London.

Without saying much, Noah tightly hugged Ira. And of course this was witnessed by employees passing by. Some watched with surprise, disgust not with Noah but Ira, and so on.

Some women in the office give a low look and seem to say they are better.

"Noah, let me go. If you keep hugging me like this I'll die of breath. "

Noah let go of his arms, "oh hehe. Sorry I missed you too much. "

Ira rolled her eyes lazily, "it's only been two years, Noah. Not until a century. "

"Babe, you don't like seeing me here huh? "Said Noah while showing an expression as if he was sad.

"Noah please, I haven't eaten so let's eat first, finish eating and then joke around. "

Instantly Noah's expression returned back to normal, "ok, because today I want to celebrate the day you can enter your favorite company, so I'm treating. " Noah gently took Ira's hand and suddenly made the women workers there jealous.

Ira just smiled a little, then followed Noah walking out of the office.

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