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Chasing My Dreams

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Book 3 of the Dreams series Growing up Charlotte Parker and Tyler Andrews were close and when he cut off all contact when he went to college she was heartbroken, but fate takes the reigns and they reconnect her freshman year of college. When he experiences a difficult time in his life she stands by him, showing him that he doesn't have to carry the burden by himself anymore because that's what you do for the ones you love. Tyler Andrews has been in love with his best friends younger sister since he was a kid, but his past has stopped him from telling her how he really feels. When a difficult situation puts both their friendship and buried feelings on the line, he has a choice to make whether to tell her his biggest secret or lose her forever. * I take a deep breath as I stare at this beautifully broken man, anguish and defeat evident on his face as tears trail down his face as they well up in mine. He clutches the empty orange bottle in his hand so tight his knuckles turn white. "I don't know what to do anymore Angel" He croaked. When you see the man you love broken it absolutely kills you, but there's only one thing you can do. Be there for him.

Romance / Erotica
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I finish brushing my hair and spray on some perfume, I check myself in the mirror one last time and then I go wait on the bed.

I texted him to come to my room a few minutes ago, so he should be coming here soon.

To say I'm nervous is an understatement because asking the guy you've had a crush on since you were kids to take your virginity, is nerve wracking.

I know Tyler feels the same way, but he puts distance between us every time, the only time he let anything happen was when we were 10 and 13 we had our first kiss, it was just a few second kiss, but ever since then the only contact I have with him is when we hug, cuddle, or he kisses my cheek or forehead, that's it.

Even though he's been best friends with Ace since we were kids, he's also my friend too, he calls me his best friend all the time because whenever Ace falls asleep or isn't hanging out with Ty, we're hanging out.

Ace and Tyler graduated high school and they're leaving for college this week and I thought what a perfect going away present to give him than my virginity.

I hear footsteps nearing my door and I hear 3 knocks against my door, that's his way of letting me know it's him.

I text him to come in and when he comes in and shuts the door behind him he stands there wide-eyed. I mean I am in my skimpiest bra and thong, so I'd probably be stunned too.

He shook his head and cleared his throat. "Angel... What's going on?" He asked with a husky tone.

I patted my comforter for him to sit down and he hesitantly comes over to me.

He sits next to me. "Well I wanted to give you your graduation present."

"Wh-what did you get me?" He stuttered looking me up and down.

I'm pretty sure sure you can figure it out pretty boy.

I take a deep breath. "I want to take my virginity."

He leaps off the bed, pacing back and forth on my carpet. "What? You know we can't Char" He said while pacing.

I stood up and put my hands on my hips. "Why not? I'm 16 and it's legal now."

He stops in front of me and holds onto my shoulders, making me look into his baby blues, his shaggy blonde hair falling just above his eyes, making me want to brush it off his forehead.

"Charlotte... We can't. I know it's legal now and everything, but I can't take your virginity, that's something sacred and it shouldn't be wasted on someone like me" He said briefly closing his eyes.

I hate it when he feels he's unworthy because of his past.

I reach up and grab ahold of his cheeks. "You need to give yourself more credit because you are the sweetest most genuine guy I know and I chose you to take my virginity because I trust you and you're my closest friend, I know you won't take it for granted like some jock I could hook up with would" I said making him growl.

Easy there Fido.

Now before you get the wrong idea he's not some territorial possessive guy who won't let me date, he's the opposite actually. I'd date guys and he was happy for me, by if they mistreated me at all then he'd go all guard dog on them, he's been that way since we're kids, always protecting me.

He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath and then opens them. "Angel I love that you trust me enough to do this, but I can't, as much as it kills me to turn you down I have to, and before you think it's because I'm not attracted to you enough you're wrong. As soon as I stepped through your door and saw you in just your bra and underwear I instantly got hard, so it's not because I don't want you because trust me... I do" He said.

"Then why can't you if you want to?" I asked him because I'm extremely confused.

"Ok let me put it this way, if we do and you get a boyfriend who you really love and everything, maybe you'll wish you didn't lose it to me" He said.

I mean he's not wrong.

I take a minute to digest what he said and he's right, I'd feel that way if I found someone I really loved because even though I've had a crush on Ty forever I'm not in love with him, I love him as a friend but that's it.

I blew out a breath. "Yeah you're right..."

He smirked. "I know I'm right, so why don't you get changed and we'll watch a movie or something" He said going back to sit down on my bed and lies down on my bed, making the bottom of his shirt rise up showing his off the v line that's disappearing into his pants, and as I follow the line I see he is infact hard.


Making a quick decision purely based on hormones, I get on my bed but move over to him and straddle his lap making him sit up.

"I thought we just agreed not to have sex?" His throat bobbed.

I run my hands over his strong shoulders and play with the hair at the base of his neck, goosebumps erupting all over his skin. "We did, but I know something you can have."

He struggled to breathe. "Wh-whats that?" He shakily asked.

I leaned forward and whispered in his ear. "My first orgasm."

"Are you sure?" He asked his voice hoarse from desire.


"Ok, but we need to set some rules. We can't kiss, kissing means to much for both of us to do just for a fling" He said.

He's right. "Ok, I'm fine with that" I said even though I really want to kiss him.

I edge off his thighs just enough to undo the buckle of his shorts.

He stops me. "This is just for you char, not for me" He said.

I pouted. "Why because you're obviously turned on" I said looking at the large bulge pressing against his zipper.

"While that may be true I just want to make this about you, ok?" He said.


I move off of him and lie down on the bed.

He sits up. "Have you given yourself an orgasm before?" He asked.

"Yes, I have masturbated before" I said making him groan and reach down to squeeze his erection.

That's hot.

"Are you sure you don't want me to touch you?" I asked him one last time being very tempting by the steel pole in his shorts.

"Yeah I'm good, I just gotta talk it down and we'll be good" He said.

He gets off the bed and goes to lock the door then comes over to sit next to me. "Ok I want to make this good for you, so what turns you on?" He asked.

I think about it for a few seconds. "I like to play with my breasts and nipples, it really turns me on."

He shuts his eyes and lets out a shaky breath. "Ok" He whispered.

He reached forward putting his hand on my bra strap, silently asking for permission, after I give him the green light, he pulls down both straps, but doesn't unhook my bra. He leans forward and just when I think he's going to kiss me he moves to my neck placing exploratory kisses everywhere.

He gently sucks and nibbles on my neck making me gasp. He moves to just under my ear and now my panties are soaked.

He focuses his attention on that spot and moves his hand up to my breasts, pulling my cups down and kneeding and plucking at my nipples making me moan.

He stops. "Either quiet your moans or turn the TV up baby because we don't want to get caught" His voice laced with desire.

There's no way I'm gonna be quiet, so I turn up the TV a little more even though I highly doubt my parents will hear us from all the way downstairs in the living room.

He kisses down my neck and reaches my chest, grabbing ahold of my breasts, he kisses over my cleavage and finally putting his mouth on my nipple, sucking it into his hot mouth shooting a spark of pleasure straight to my pussy.

"Fuck" I gasped.

He smiles against my skin and flicks his tongue over my peak and moves to the other one doing the same thing.

He takes his hand and trails it down my body to my thigh making me spread my legs for him. He moves further down making it to my covered center and gently rubs me through my underwear.

"Mhhm" I moaned at the friction.

He pulled off of my breasts and groaned. "Shit angel you're so fucking wet, do you want me to rub you over your panties or your bare pussy?" He asked.

"Bare" I whined.

He moved around and grabs ahold of my thong pulling it down as I took off my bra leaving me naked for his feasting eyes and fuck were his eyes hungry.

He laid down next to me, moving his hand down my thigh, finally making it to my pussy making me gasp.

He groaned. "Fuck baby you are soaked" He said moving through my wetness.

He moves though my lips, making it to my clit and gently rubs.

"Shit Ty" I hissed.

He rubs tight circles on my clit with his thumb and moves one finger to my entrance slowly pushing in and then out.

I cursed from the intrusion, but that doesn't stop him.

"Do you think you could take 2?" He asked.

I bit my lip. "Yeah I think I can."

"Ok, just try to relax for me" He said.

He pulled out his one finger but returned with 2, slowly pushing in.

"Shit" I said squeezing his fingers.

"It's ok, just relax" He said rubbing my clit a little faster.

That helped.

He leans forward and rests his forehead against mine, watching me the whole time and I have to say it's fucking hot.

He starts to moves his fingers in and out of me while he swirls my clit with his thumb, I reach up and grab ahold of my breasts, pinching and pulling my nipples.

Once I'm adjusted to his fingers he goes faster.

"Oh fuck" I moaned.

I feel my belly pooling with with warmth and i move my hips against his hand.

"That's it baby, are you gonna cum for me?" He asked.

"Yes" I moaned.

I rock my hips faster against his hand getting myself to reach my peak. "Ty, oh fuck, Tyler. I'm coming!" I moaned.

I try to close my eyes, but I can't stop looking into his as I reach my climax.

My walls grip him as I soak his fingers, he keeps rubbing my clit extending my orgasm.

I have to tell him to stop at one point since I'm so sensitive. He takes his fingers out of me and pops them in his mouth, groaning at the taste.

That's hot.

His eyes rolled back. "Shit baby... I knew you'd taste amazing" He groaned.

I think both of us are unsure of what to say because what do you say to your closest friend who just gave you your first orgasm?

I get up off the bed. "Hey I'm gonna go clean up and change, you can put on a movie" I said hoping to break the awkwardness.

He let out a relieved breath. "Ok, but when you get back I think we should talk" He said.

That's what I'm trying to avoid.


I quickly clean up and change into my PJs, when I go back into my room Tyler is in just a pair of gym shorts, sitting on my bed waiting for me.

I walk over to the bed and sit near him, trying to put some distance between us.

"Are you ok?" He asked after a few seconds of silence.

I signed. "Yeah I'm good, just surprised I guess? I'm not even sure what the word is that I'm feeling."

"Yeah I'm feeling the same way. Did I... Did I do a good job" He ran his hand through his hair.

I chuckled. "Yes you did, did you not feel me strangling your fingers?"

"Yeah I thought I'd lose feeling" He chuckled.

"Just thinking now we've had 2 firsts together" I said still trying to lighten up the mood.

He nodded his head. "Yeah you're right. I glad you chose me Char" He said reaching over to grab my hand.

I laced our fingers together. "Me too Ty... Me too, but promise me that this won't change anything" I said holding up my pinky.

He let out a breath and wrapped his pinky around mine. "I swear Angel" He said.

But little did I know that he wasn't going to keep his promise.

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