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Sinner GAMES (eng)

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Jay is one of the most emblematic models of the ELITE agency. The undisputed star of magazines but also of women. He is known to be ruthless with the fairer sex. Jay loves brutal sex. What will happen to Isabella when she realizes that Jay wants to possess her body and soul? A newcomer to the agency, Isabella will be put to the test in Jay's power games. Let the game begins ... <<< pay attention to erotic character and light dark romance >>>

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Can we learn to love when we have been cut off from this emotion since our childhood?

Why love to suffer if it nourishes our dark side?

Even the shadow wishes to evolve, so let’s not give up...

Who knows? will she know the light?

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Maria: Hallo, ich wollte nur sagen die Geschichte gefällt mir sehr gut 👍. Sehr gut beschrieben und gut detailliert. Danke

fifine29: Un roman dur au début mais je n'arrive pas à décrocher

Robin: Interesting plot so far. I like Ivory, so many girl’s really do feel like this about themselves.

melanie blackmore: Descriptive, good story line, feel sad reading it but it’s also got some really hot and heavy elements liked reading this as disturbing as it is

Amy: That was great for a first book!I loved that you named the baby girl Andrea!

Rai: Loving it ❤️ ....just love your books

Phyllis: Had a hard time keeping everything in order.

Nuhaa: What a lovely short story, im glad i came across it.

Shirley: Love every character, it's believable, plots good so far & want to finish it is there a 2nd book?

Más recomendaciones

camila andrea: en general me a gustado todo desde la trama asta como se desenvuelve todo y creo que me encanto y que la autor/a tiene una muy buena imaginación 🤭🤭 y yo se lo recomendaria a mis amigas para que se entretengan y se envuelvan en esta trama que me parece buena y que me quede asta las 2 de la mañan...

jassy925: The story was amazing and very well written. Lots of sexy parts that are enjoyable

Nashla_343: Me encanta ❤️🤣 y me dio mucha risa

Mharms: I like the storyline following in the numbered books. This makes an interesting narrative. All adults would enjoy reading.

Mharms: I liked that the story line is in continuous book to book form. It makes a compelling history to follow. Very interesting.

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