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The Great Balance

The Great Balance defies classification. It has elements of romance, fantasy, mystery and adventure. Using an unexpected business matter to launch the reader into a grand mythical quest, the book is almost a treasure hunt! The characters are well developed and each may or may not be as they seem. Intrigues, betrayal and mythology conspire to keep the reader in a sense of wonder from beginning to end.
If you enjoy a good, taunt tale of mystery with a side of exploration and all the emotions you will love this novel. It really does have everything, but the content doesn't read forced, just a natural progression of a treasure hunt that several contestants are hoping to win. The key is the prize, and that will not be easily won.
I appreciated the romance, but also the adventures our heroes had to undertake! In that way it left me feeling as though I had read a Clive Cussler offering, but written by a talented woman! I believe anyone with a sense of curiosity would do well to give her a read.
I'm hoping to read more of The Balance soon, and hope against hope to find all the breadcrumbs when I do!

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