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Simply beautiful

At first, after reading this, I just sat there with my mouth agape. I had to read it again. So I did, and now that I am out of my shock, I can finally write a review for this story.

Beautiful. Just beautiful. I enjoyed the way that you made the characters speak as they would in the time frame you had set it in. I loved the woman - whoever or whatever she may have been - and the mystery surrounding her and her performance. I loved that the narrator was the only one who remembered what she had played, what she looked like, that she even existed at all. And, finally, it made me sad when the narrator spoke of how he could hardly remember a thing. How the woman said that beauty fades over time.

In a way, she's completely right. How many people today take the time to remember Leonardo da Vinci? Beethoven? Mozart? Francis Scott Key? The many leaders - good and bad - of the past, the world's changing cultures as time progressed, major historical events that shaped who we are today.

This story has an incredible theme and it was written in a way that you won't forget it. Good job, author, and I hope to find more works from you in the future.

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