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Definitely totally and completely hooked

It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with this book. The characters are interesting and the plot is intense. The rollercoaster of emotions experienced are hard to put into words, but it’s all so satisfying over all.

Hope starts out a bit intriguing, but quickly turns into someone you just want to root for. Her past is a little murky for the reader at the start. When the focus sharpens, you really get hit in the gut with how much you love her. Her life, her choices, and the varying paths for her future… you’re invested and right there with her. More than once I wanted to sit down and have a talk with her about things she had said or done. Unfortunately that isn’t allowed…

Ciaran is… different. I didn’t like him much at first. I can’t really tell you why. I just didn’t. He grows on you though. I didn’t even realize it was happening. One minute I was kind of annoyed with him, the next I was cheering for him. The peaks in to the past give you a little more perspective. It changes your view of him. It’s not a major change, for me anyway, more of an appreciation for some of the choices we see him make. While it brings perspective, some of it was a bit overwhelming. Just the urge to give him a hug and tell him it will all be ok, but even if I could do that, I know he wouldn’t appreciate that.

Dimitri. Dimitri. Dimitri. I don’t think I was supposed to like him as much as I do. I love him. I want to claim him as mine. He can move in with me and we will live happily ever after. He is sweet in a very understated way and his sense of humor is fantastic. He isn’t really the focus here though, and I am dying to know more about him. You do get some insights into him and his life. All of them made me love him more. I know there is a second book in the works and I am DYING to read it!

Plot wise, I really like how it was defined. While there were sub-plots, the main ark of the book was concise, tangible, and easily understood. Even if you don’t agree with the goal (personally I think you would be crazy not to), there is little doubt to the whys. I felt it in my bones, and would have loved to be able to jump in with them (and not just to hang out with Dimitri). The connections and nuances were well written and left just enough room to make you wonder what will happen next. The only real criticism I have is in the final scene of the major plot ark. The suspense was so well done. I had real tears at times, and I didn’t want to stop reading it (stayed up waaaay too late last night). The scene where it’s resolved seemed to happen too fast. With all of the buildup, and all the tension created, I would have like to see the end of the scene a little more… drawn out? I guess? I can’t really explain further without spoilers, sorry, but even with that, I still loved the book, and its ending.

Overall, I loved it. It contained a wonderful balance between bringing the plot forward and developing the characters (something I would loooooove to talk about here, but everything I want to say is a spoiler…). I’m really excited about the second book, and seriously can’t wait for it to be finished!


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