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It is what it is - Fantastic Young Japril Story

You write young Japril simply beautifully. The emotional angst is so palpable that you feel like getting into the story and smacking Jackson upside the head for giving in to peer pressure and in doing so ruining her reputation. However, I love the evolution of the characters - Jackson grew so much as a person, well both of them really and I especially love April's strength and maturity after her "breakup" with him. Also beautiful was that love slowly crept onto them and after forgiving each other's mistakes they allowed it into their lives. Obviously sexual attraction was there first, but the getting to know each other and falling for that person was simply divinely penned.
What happened to April was heartbreaking. I would have wanted her to stand up to the abuse but I understand totally how you wrote her. Her insecurities made her an easy target and that's how the teacher exploited her. Very relatable plot.
Generally all round kudos on a fantastic story.

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