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Really visually exciting read!

FIrstly, the premise if the story is strong which always helps a reader get to grips in the early stages, but the author has done a really good job of defining his characters. As I read it become increasingly easy to visualise the characters. Their speach and actions were consistent through out and the dialogue kept a good flow.

The plot was well weighted between action and dialogue and there were only a few niggles that bothered me while reading - however I was in critique mode so I was searching for them.

"Sat rigidly in his saddle" - adverb use was uneeded as "sat rigid in his saddle" would have sufficed. There were a couple of instances where the writing of one or two sentances was a little clunky due to descriptive redundancy, but these were few and far between. If I had picked this up in a bookshop in 'reader mode' I wouldn't even have noticed them.

The description was wonderful and not too purple either. The world building is being done very well through the characters eyes and the action rather than any form of infodumping. It was a very good read and well written. There are some fanatastic turns of phrase used which really captured my imagination and gave me an appreciation for the author's clever use of vernacular.

Would recommend giving this a read!

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