The 7th circle

Hi, I am a hobbyist writer and artist! I am into historical anything. -Lolita -Chaotic evil ----------- Lead ladies: -Aiden of Galaria. (Chasing little Red) -Lenari Fane. (Bloody Toy of his)

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this book is still in its beginning so I cannot say that my opinion will always stay the same or if my criticism will change, I guess we'll see. however, I would like to start by saying that the idea for this story is intriguing as hell, and Raine is a snarky horny mess that I can overall relate to. From reading the first chapter, there were spacings in between sentences and a lot of fragmented scenes that moved along, but after reading through the rest of the chapters the writing became more structured and put together and it was an incredibly quick change which I really appreciated cause it actually showed progress.
Raine is a bit of an airhead, I mean yes she's smart but she is so accepting of possibly getting killed its hilarious to read. Though I do wish that she was a bit more... aware of what the hell is happening because she understands that she might get killed but she seems nonchalant about it all, like not taking any precautions when it comes to her boss and her actions in the workplace surrounded by people who might hurt her.
I think if I had to say one constructive thing its that explore her emotions more? the scenes when she was being literally choked to death with a knife to her throat, it was written but there was really no emotion to the scene, no anxiety from her or panic. It seemed as if it were being told to us, not experienced by her.

Though I really do enjoy her character and will likely continue to read the book because she is funny as hell and I am behind anybody who is brave enough to drink and go to work with missiles while being hungover. That is the ultimate power move. I think it is a bit too early to have a solid opinion on Wade, though I would like more description so I understand all the hotness that Raine seems to enjoy.

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