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Destined to Love

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Edan Wilton is a playboy dressed in designer clothes and dirty smiles. Desired by women, and hated by men, he is the CEO of Wilton Co. Born rich, born handsome, there's nothing he couldn't have... Until her. He wants her... Emma James is a feisty girl dressed up in fake smiles and great lies. Driven by the tragedy of her past, she has no intention of crossing paths with another guy... Until him. She hates him... She's a challenge and he loves challenges. . When Edan Wilton meets Emma James, he'll do anything to have her, rip her pride off, and show her that she was no different from other women, even if it meant trapping her, breaking her... Or that's what he planned... Until things start to take some new turns, forcing him to do things he never thought of...

Genre :
Romance / Drama
Auteur :
Anna Enchant
Statut :
En cours
Chapitres :
4.8 125 avis
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Chapter 1


I stared at the guy standing two steps away from me in his full six feet some inches glory - which I assumed was two inches. A black suit paired with a white shirt and a black tie covered his broad body along with those black dress boots. This man must really love the color black because from his hair to the black shades, resting on his face, to his black suit and his shoes, it said it all. Other than his white shirt, Ivory skin, pink lips, and whatever the color his eyes were - which I believe were also black - the black color wrapped him up like he had it custom-made for him, and him only and it was a shame that how well it fitted him.

But again, how the hell I ended up in this unfortunate moment? How the hell I ended up in front of him whom I was this close to punching? And why in the fucking hell was he smirking at me like that?

Eight hours ago...

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. The sounds of the waves crashing nearby and the feeling of the cool summer breeze on my skin made me smile. Every muscle in my body relaxed as I sighed enjoying the loneliness that engulfed me. This was what it means to be at peace. No annoying sounds of people yelling, no bleeding sounds of cars honking, and no presence of a single human around me. I love it here.

I was enjoying this beauty of nature and my little haven when suddenly an annoying sound started ringing against my ear. The sound of something beeping took over the musical sound of nature as it continued to get louder and louder until it became the only thing I could hear. I winced as everything went black and all I could hear was the beep, beep, beep, beep.

I groaned and covered my ears with my pillow trying to lessen the annoying frequency of this sound by a few hertz but to no avail. Again, why did I choose this shitty sound instead of the new hit pop song to wake me up? Ah! Right! Because it was annoying as fuck and hence a great tool to wake you up.

All I wanted at this time was to smash this alarm clock with a hammer and continue to have my beauty sleep and return to my relaxing dream. I reached my hand to my side table in search of my alarm clock while my eyes were still closed. My hand touched the small wooden stand of my alarm clock and as I was going to snooze it, it stopped. Finally! I moaned and curled myself into a ball under my blanket.

My dreams! Here I come again...

Smiling, I drifted back into my precious sleep but the very next moment, that annoying alarm goes off again, bleeding my ears once again with its beeping. I swear! This beeping was so fucking annoying.

"Uhhhh... What the hell!" Cursing in my half-sleep, I turned over and peeked at my alarm clock with one eye shut.

"Shit!" My eyes bulged out of my sockets as I looked at the time. "It's almost eight? You must be kidding me!" This is not good! I hurriedly wriggled out of my blanket and as I was going to step on the floor to run towards my bathroom, my foot got stuck in my damn bed sheet, tripping me and causing me to fall. My messy hair fell in front of my face and a wave of pain went through my body as my body made contact with the cold tiles of the floor. "What the hell!" I winced, rubbing my knee.

Today would be a bad day, I could feel it in my gut. In my twenty-three years of existence on this planet earth, my every - once a month - bad morning had always led me to a bad day. Like last month, I got into a fight with our customer and then a month before that, I almost set my apartment on fire and things like these went on. Sometimes I wondered, was I cursed when I was a baby? Because this definitely seemed the case.

I contemplated if I should take a day off and rest and maybe this way, I could avoid whatever bad the coming day was holding for me. But I already took my leave for the month and I couldn't take more.

"You can do this, Emma!" I brushed off my thoughts and pull my hair back into a bun. I stood up and looked at the clock now showing fifteen minutes past eight. Where the hell did fifteen minutes just go? I swear, it was eight a second ago. Did my alarm break? Maybe it ran out of its batteries or something.

I grabbed my phone to check the time, just to be sure you know. "Shit!" I cursed as it showed seventeen minutes past eight. What the heck! Can't time run a bit slower? No! Not again. Please no! Not this time too.

I rushed towards the bathroom, brushed my teeth, and took the quickest shower of my life which I didn't even want to take if not for me smelling like a sweaty boy's shirt.

Always take a shower at night to avoid being late. I made a mental note. Or I could get up thirty minutes early. No, a shower at night was better.

I wore the first thing that I could find in my wardrobe and slipped my feet into my wedge-ankle boots. I grabbed my purse, my phone, and my keys and dashed towards the closest subway station which was a walking distance of eight minutes but if I was lucky enough I could reach there in five or maybe four by running. Living in New York City wasn't easy but it wasn't bad as well, especially for someone who has spent her entire life in New York.

I reached East Broadway and let out a sigh of relief when I saw the train still there. Maybe today wasn't exactly a bad day. I walked through the crowd and entered the train. I placed my hand on my chest, trying to catch my lost breaths, my lungs gasping for air due to running. Thank God the earlier fall in my bedroom wasn't serious or else I wouldn't have been able to run to here. I searched for a free seat. The morning trains are always the busiest and most crowded. As I said living in New York wasn't that bad unless you live in Manhattan which was the center of overly-crowded places, and overly-crowded transport but also the center of most of the well-known businesses. The main reason why I was here.

I plugged in my earphones to distract myself from all the chatters. I grabbed the train handle to steady myself, my eyes wandering outside the gates. After ten minutes and some walking, I stood in front of my destination. The aroma of coffee filled the air, making my mouth water and my stomach grumble. Blame it on me for not eating anything since last night.

With my head hanging low so that I could hide my face in my hair, I moved towards the kitchen with steady steps. I was technically trying to sneak in without being noticed by my employer and if I was lucky enough-

"MISS EMMA JAMES!" An angry voice growled behind me as I stepped into the kitchen. I shut my eyes. Mission failed! I was dead.

Turning around slowly, I met the glaring hazel eyes of Samantha Johns, my employer. I smiled sheepishly. "I am so sorry-"

"Don't." She raised a hand, shutting me down completely. "You are late again. It's the second time you are late this week. That's two in a row, Emma!" Mrs. Johns said furiously and I hung my head low in embarrassment. Samantha Johns was a woman in her early sixties who was married to a loving husband and had two kids. Other than the slight wrinkles at the corner of her eyes and the streaks of grey hair within her brown ones, one could mistake her for a woman who was still in her late thirties.

"Miss John. I really-"

"What? You again forgot to set your alarm? I am tired of your lame excuses," she said, her voice holding a warning tune. Yeah. That's the excuse I made last time. Emma! Think of another one. Hurry!

"Uh... No. I actually... I missed the train this time." I lied and bit my tongue hoping she would let me go. "It will not happen again. I promise," I pleaded, looking at her with sweet innocent eyes. She might have those warm hazel eyes paired with the perfect warm smile but when it comes to her business, she would become one of the coldest bosses you would ever know.

"Keep your promise next time, young miss or you will be in trouble. This is the last time I am letting you go. You know how much I hate tardiness and I would have fired you by now if not for your hard work in the last two months." Her deep threatening stare made me gulp and I nodded.

I have always taken this job seriously and have worked my best during the past two months. Never once I was late and although I did get in a fight with a customer in the last month but it was partially my fault. Who asked him to be a dickhead and suggest to get a room with him? One of the types of men I hate were the one who does not respect a woman and lucky he fell into the right category.

I started working here two months ago when I shifted from my parent's house in Brooklyn to Manhattan after graduating from a local college and in search of a job. I did apply to some companies and also gave some interviews but I haven't heard from anyone yet. While I was still on the job hunt, I started working here at Cafe Delights because a girl got to earn to pay her bills.

"You better be on time." Mrs. Johns gave a final warning and I nodded. "Yes, Ma'am."

"Now go change into your waitress attire. We have a lot of orders to take," she ordered and I nodded again.

I went to the changing room and changed into my dress, more like a uniform I would say. It was a simple knee-length black dress with full sleeves and resembled a frock. The only thing that made it different was the white apron in front. I tied my hair in a ponytail and took my notepad with my pen to take on my first order for the day.

"A cup of espresso, please." I entered the kitchen and handed the paper to Kate, one of the best baristas in our Cafe. Everyone loved her coffee including me. Either she had years of experience in the field of coffee or she had some magic in her hands.

"I saw you were late again. That's two in a row," she said with a chuckle while brewing the coffee.

"Yeah, I did get a warning on that." I placed two chocolate doughnuts, and one vanilla on the plate. "This week is busier than usual and with late nights and all, I overslept again," I whispered the last part. I didn't want Mrs. Johns to hear that.

"Moving is hard." Kate sighed. She was right. Moving was hard and it was not even me who was moving across countries. It was my roommate. Although I had spent only three months with her since I moved to an apartment in the lower east side of Manhattan our friendship grew as strong as three years old.

"Emma! It says one chocolate doughnut here." Kate held the paper in her hand and eyed my plate. "I know. One is for me. I didn't get the time to have breakfast." I took a bite of my doughnut. "But don't tell Mrs. Johns. Hush!" I placed a finger on my lips. She chuckled and place the cup of espresso on the tray beside the plate of doughnuts.

"At what time will you be bringing your stuff? Alice will be leaving at ten in the morning." I took the last bite of my doughnut and picked the tray in my hand. As Alice was moving to Britain for her master's degree, the apartment was all to myself for now. Yesterday, Kate mentioned how her landlord has decided to renovate the building and she needed a new place. It was perfect timing.

"After my shift is over. I believe around seven," Kate replied while making the next order. I nodded. "That'll be great."

"Thank you, Em! Once again." Kate thanked me for the tenth time since yesterday and I shook my head. "No need of thanks, roomie!" I smiled.

To my surprise, the rest of the day flew by smoothly. I was expecting another riot with a customer or someone spilling their takeaway drink on me while rushing towards the door, but it was one normal day. I guessed today wasn't one of my unlucky days after all. I work seven days a week here, from eight in the morning to four in the evening. The pay here was just enough to pay all my expenditures including the rent and utility bills but wasn't enough to save some. My father had always supported me and I consider myself one of the luckiest people for that.

From my high school studies till my four years of bachelor's degree, he supported me at every step, at every moment of my life and now it was the time to leave the nest and learn to fly. My parents lived in Brooklyn and the very reason I decided to live in the Lower East Side of Manhattan was because it was close to them. I often visited them whenever I got the time to. I planned on saving some money before taking admission in Masters.

I changed into my clothes and took the cup of Cappuccino that I had requested Kate to make for me. I headed towards the exit of the cafe and went out of the shop.

"Emma!" I have taken five steps when I heard Kate call me from behind. I turned around to see her. She was standing in the doorway of the shop holding a phone in her hand. "You forgot your phone!"

My phone? When did I take it out? Oh Right! Alice called me and I must have left it in the kitchen. "Ah yes. Thank-"

Before I could complete my sentence or take a step forward, something happened in a flash. I gasped as the hot content of my coffee came in contact with my hand and I instantly let the cup go to prevent it from burning my hands. My cup of Cappuccino lay in front of me with half of its content on the floor and some on my blouse and my brown wedge ankle boots. Fuck! They were expensive!

Anger crawled up my veins and I turned around to face whatever something that hit me from behind. Not something but someone. Because no way in hell a wall would decide to move and shove me, it was definitely someone. Someone who wore a black suit and stood there like nothing happened.

"What the fuck!" I glared at the guy now standing two steps away from me. His one hand raked through his jet-black hair as he typed something on his phone with so much speed that I wondered how the hell the little keyboard was coping with him.

"Move." He said without even looking at me. His eyes still on his phone.


Hey!!! Anna here with a completely different version of "Destined To Love."

I had been working on editing this book of mine for some time so here's the first edited chapter. It's not professionally edited so grammar mistakes are bound to be there. Sorry in advance. I hope you all like this new version.

Please tell me your opinion in the comment section and don't forget to vote. ❤

A hug for you all. Thank you.

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