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I will now proceed to persuade you into reading this amazing story about well...Juliet.

This story pulled at my heart strings and made me laugh out loud (that's something special). You fall in love with the characters, so very much that you wish you had someone like them in your life (some of us are lucky to have friends like these). You feel all emotions (im just gonna say i cried because you know tmi).

Why you should read it?
1) why shouldn't you read it?
2) if you are even just the tiniest bit curious about LGBT issues or the topic of queer people read this
3) if you are struggling to find yourself. READ THIS (can't stress enough how this helped me cope with reality and life)
4) Yaoi -- BL included (need I say more) (for those who didn't get it, disregard this message)
5) ...I've re-read the story a many times (this is one of the few books I'd recommend to friends)

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