Skyler Boudreau

I write contemporary gothic and urban fantasy stories. My heroes are Neil Gaiman and Holly Black. My favorite part of writing my own works is to create hidden worlds that exist within our own society.

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From a Musician

I was drawn into this story almost immediately by the narrator's tone. Historically speaking, I love the elegant way that the people of your chosen time period speak, and you portrayed it very well, something that added so much to the overall story. I don't think that it is something you could have achieved in a more modern setting. The narrator was very genuine as he described your exceptional 'barefoot pianist' and he definitely made the plot for me.

As a musician myself, I can appreciate the magic that your narrator must have felt sitting in the audience, especially being the only one to remember the performance. Your story is brilliantly elegant, and I love the vocabulary used. It really suits the setting.

To me, this piece gave me a very beautiful, simple feeling as I read it, and the message was heartfelt and put across to readers very well. The different speech patterns also made this story interesting, and worth reading. The simple gestures of your characters and your narrator's observations of the pianist were written amazingly well, and this is a talented piece of work.

My only suggestion is that you might proof-read for some small grammatical and spelling errors on future stories.

Over all, though, brilliant job!

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