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***Gladys – #NerdGirlOfficial’s Review***

Joseph was tired of always being to butt of everyone’s jokes. He knew his ideas were genius and he had a little cash now that he could finally prove it. A flash of pain from a high school burn received by the hands of a cheerleader spurned his creations name, but did it evoke something more sinister!!??

Oh what a tangled web, our deadly sins weave. Would it just be as simple as Joseph made it out to be in his head. Well after all he created her like a mad scientist!!

Rachel Rawlings created the perfect piece for the season. A horrific portrayal of a creation gone bad or seemlessly well played if you decide to look at both sides of the coin. Her writing, though short, conveyed all emotions and feelings of both the characters and didn’t leave me feeling empty or wanting. Although I would love to see more from this line of work. A full novel maybe?? More novellas?? Hmmmm…

Her character development of Joseph was masterful and you could almost feel the desperation ooze from the screen as you read. I really enjoyed reading this short twisted tale! It had a dash of adult content that didn’t take away from the story but enhanced Joseph’s development as a person.

5 stars Rachel Rawlings, I tip my Nerd Girl Hat to you!!! Keep it coming!

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