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21 year old Literature major at West Chester University, author of Fantasy and Romance novels.

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So this is the first book I've read to completion on this website and wow, I'm so happy that I did. I adored the characters and the feel of this book and read the whole thing over the span of about three nights, reading a few chapters each night before bed. (until the last night when I read from chapter thirty until the end because I could not stop!)

While there were a few spelling and grammar errors, your fun and easily accessible writing style made up for that. I thoroughly enjoyed Avi as a protagonist and narrator, though it was a tad jarring when you sometimes switched between points of view in the middle of a chapter. It wasn't too bad though, which is why I still gave the writing style five stars.

The only reason plot did not get five stars was that the beginning felt extremely rushed. I was surprised to find that you skipped ahead two years like that, and would have really enjoyed seeing some of what went on during her adjustment period to life in Haiathiel. Another way to handle that maybe would have been starting during the two years later and then showing the earlier stuff through flashbacks? I don't know. It wasn't a bit enough problem to make me dislike the story of course, it was just a little eehh.

The best thing about this entire book was the characters. Like wow, you write HUMANS. Each character felt different and fleshed out and real. Cal made me laugh multiple times with his childish and sweet flirty nature. Avi took no ones crap ever and I loved her for that. Same with Aliasse (how is that name pronounced anyway? lol, I read it the whole time as "Ay-lee-ays," which is probably wrong. Holt was fabulous. As a person and as a love interest. I was so happy that Avi ended up with him.

Another quick thing I want to note: I love how you didn't pit the girls against each other. Eve when Aliasse and Avi "liked" (to differing degrees) the same guys, they were friendly to each other and never became petty rivals. Even Leanne, who was kind of eh when she was first introduced ended up not being a bad person at all, and I even sort of liked her by the end.

tl;dr Amazing amazing book and I can't wait to read the sequel.

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