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Naic, Cavite

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Punishment of the Sun Review by GIC

The special about this story are the following:
-Every chapter has a new story to tell but is still stick to one another.
-The new characters (own character) has a unique personality and the old characters (from the game) maintain their old self.
-While reading this story I encounter new words that I never known before and it help me to improve my vocabulary skills.
-The story keeps the reader to read more.
-Every chapters plot are think and made very well and clean.
-The author writing style keeps the readers to enjoy reading and he leaves a cliffhanger events on some chapters.
-The punctuation mark are well delivered.
"Overall this is an awesome story, I read a lot of fanfiction and this is the only one that I never forget."
"Try to read this and you might enjoy it while reading."

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