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Salt Lake City

Just a full hearted author, who spends her time binging on reading, writing and dancing ballet

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Cursed Blood

I extremely enjoy your book so far. Your writing style is awesome and unique. Rather than an informal first person way of writing, you put it as a formal first person and it sounds really eloquent and timely.

There are a few grammatical errors, but everyone's got those - even I do. I did notice though every time that you would use a plural possessive, you would put the apostrophe at the end of the word. Like "Parents'", or "girls'"and I just had to stop for a second to applaud you. Most people totally skip over that, or it goes over there head and they don't do it properly, but you did. I commend you for that. Good job.

I highly look forward to more of your writing. I'm only on like the 4th chapter, so I have plenty more to keep reading and I might comment later for when I fan about it. See you through the chapters!

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