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6 Relams An Ongoing Review: The Halfway point.

Ok, since this is such a lengthy piece of work I will be doing my review in two parts.
The first part as you have no doubt guessed by the title, I am writing now as I read the novel.
I am doing this for two reasons, the first is because by the time I finish the novel I think I may have forgotten what happened in the opening chapters.
Furthermore, the things are really starting to pick up then tempo of the book is changing.
Things like politics are becoming driving forces, we are done with the introduction of the characters and the lands.
So yeah...
Things look to be changing so I am focusing on what has happened so far.
As it stands I am writing this just after finish chapter 45, it's not a significant chapter plotwise rather it is a mid point of the book with a total of 84 chapters.
Though I think by now you have grown tired of my ramblings so on with the review.

General plot summary:
The 6 Realms is a fantasy novel, it is set in a place commonly referred to as the realms.
Each of the five realms is named after one of 5 elements Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and metal.
Each of these realms leads by a noble family of magic users, it is said that their line descended from the gods themselves.
So we have a typical fantasy setting with a magical aristocracy, with magic users looking down on the common non-magical folk.
Here is where the Author I find most excels. They somehow avoid the cringe-worthy cliches that tend to plague these sorts of novels.
Especially of young authors.
Each of the realms is different and starkly contrasts against the one before.
The element for which they are named for isn't some so superficial as the fire realm guys are angry all the time and like to burn stuff.

The element for which a realm and its people are named for are not only imbued in the people in sometimes an almost intangible way but also the core values of the of society. It effects leadership, politics and the economy structure.
For me, this is what has kept me reading so far, al least for now when you are introduced to a new character you know what element they are tied to, but somehow it isn't so much that it become boring or repetitive or even cliche.
As you can tell I am quite enjoying this novel and if you are looking for a recommendation you have it go read the book now you won't regret it.
however if you are here for a review then I will continue the best I can, you, of course, are welcome to stay.

The Story is that of not one man or women but the fate and going one of the realms as a whole.
There is a wide cast of charters and simulations plots which the author has integrated quite well.
The story follows the joinery of a wayward young prince who gets a rather harsh taste of reality after being protected for so long, The villain, cold, cruel, calculating.
A noble lady's valiant attempt to save her people, love and politics magic and violence. As you can tell I am quite enjoying this novel. overall the pacing of the novel I have found to be excellent.
If I had to be critical though I would say that the author sometimes glosses over important plot points, it still makes sense and everything.
There is this one thing that happens midway through the book that seems kind of important, (it also prompted me to write this review) The author seemly glosses over it, which wouldn't so noticeable if not for more detail and less significant scenes prior to that point.

Character Development:
In the lull points of the story where there isn't much action and the plot is not progressing the author uses the time to develop the characters and give a proper introduction to new characters.
Which is definitely nice since the cast is ever growing.
So far the entire cast o characters are interesting and unique.
They all have personalities and reasons for doing the things they do.

All things Linguistics:
Here I find the author most excels, Everything is clear and quite easy to understand.
Unlike a number of other novice works I have read, the author of 6 release has a grip on the difference between alluding to something and being mysterious and being just plain ambiguous and confusing.
Part of this is this the authors use of multiple simultaneous story lines, many a chapter has left on a cliff-hanger making me want to read more.
Moving to the next chapter which deals with some equally interesting plot point, in an almost teasing mocking.
Though they don't make us wait so long that we forget, or loose interest.
It's nice to see a fantasy book that isn't full of fanciful made up names that can't be pronounced, or straight latin because magic
The writing is descriptive without getting lost in meaningless detail.
Perhaps it is the authors wide use of words that keeps things interesting.
I do like works that are sometimes seen as verbose by others, and indeed, there was a time when I found the author to be truly verbose and this was during chapter 40 I think it was.
I think they were trying to describe some movement or positioning of the body but I had no idea what was happening though perhaps I was tired. however, that is what I recall and I am writing the based on my impressions and what I recall rather than looking at its word for word.
At this point, this is my 4th time writing this and I know I have missed stuff and I am sorry it doesn't make sense.
I have written and edited this 4 - 5 times and I am getting confused as to what I have written and what I mean to say.

if you have read this far thank you, go read the book if you haven't already.

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