Community Guidelines

Be Constructive

As an Inkitt community member, it's important to always engage with others with the aim to help them improve. In that regard, you should provide actionable advice that the recipient can take to better themselves. As community members, we are all on Inkitt to improve, so let's be sure to provide the tools to do so. For example, this means giving advice on how to overcome writer's block or how to improve story structure. Remember, advice can come in all shapes and sizes. They can be macro-oriented by looking at the overall character development, or more micro-oriented by focusing on a specific chapter, paragraph, or even sentence. Bottom line, make sure the recipient can improve based off your feedback.

Be Professional

If you're a reader or writer, the best way to participate in the community is to approach others professionally. That means you leave your emotions at the door, and be objective when engaging with other community members, despite the emotional nature of story telling. If you're on the receiving end, don't take offense if someone doesn't like your work. Being professional also means you, as a community member, are serious, fully motivated, and devoted to improve, whether you are a writer hoping to master your craft or a reader looking to read beyond entertainment. The idea is to acquire knowledge through social interactions.

Be Positive

The internet is a pretty awesome place in its own right: a place where people can freely voice their judgement, but on the other side of that, it also gives community members the means to disrespect or insult others because they can hide behind their screen. In that regard, we insist that while you are on Inkitt, you respect any and everyone with whom you engage. This means you shouldn't be overly critical, or disrespectful. Don't get us wrong, you are free to disagree, but always do so by treating others the way you would want to be treated.

Report Something

Whether it be through comments, community groups, reviews, wall posts, or anywhere else, we want everyone on our platform to feel safe while still being able to express themselves. If you see anything that is questionable, please use the Report button or let us know at This includes (but is not limited to): spam posts, harassment, promotion of violence towards others, self-harm, intellectual property violations, and anything else that may appear concerning. With your help, we can make sure all our authors and readers have an enjoyable experience.

Writing Guidelines


  • Are all of your paragraphs properly aligned? This means no spaces or indents at the start of paragraphs/sentences. Please refrain from using indentations or spaces as this only increases the time it takes to edit and approve a piece.
  • Is the spacing between your paragraphs even? No more than one space between paragraphs please.
  • Speaking of page breaks - are you using Inkitt's line tool? Asterisks, zeros, and dashes are a thing of the past.

  • Is your story free of author notes, out-of-character comments, or other text not related to your story? You should NOT have: a table of contents, dedications/acknowledgments, glossary of terms, copyright information, external links, a personal bio, or any other extra information in the chapter list. For copyright notes, please be assured that a story published under an author's name is copyrighted to that author. Should you wish to link other content, please do so on your profile page. We want to read the plot and get lost in the text, so let’s not break that up by adding a running commentary. Use your story space for your story alone.
  • Is each chapter of your story less than 10,000 words? In order to make sure your story shows up smoothly for readers on the mobile app, please double check your word count per chapter and adjust accordingly by creating new chapters.

Grammar & Punctuation

  • Does your writing follow the rules of English grammar?
  • Please check that your grammar and punctuation are appropriate. Experimenting with grammar and punctuation can have a great effect on a story, but it can also go seriously awry. We suggest having a Beta Reader to ensure that everything is where it should be.
  • Is your spelling correct? You may use British or American spelling but be sure that if you pick one that you stick with it!
  • Is your dialogue formatted properly? ("Words," she said. "Words!" he replied.)
We understand that you can use grammar, punctuation, and spelling to enhance a story and that sometimes utilizing an incorrect method can benefit a plot. However, grammar, punctuation, and spelling are all present to enhance communication. In doing so it enhances your story and makes it more likable for readers. If you aren't sure about your grammar, punctuation, and spelling then grab a friend, family member, or BETA reader to check it out.

Technical Deets

  • Is your cover photo at least 500x800 pixels in size? (Check out Pixabay or Flickr for great photos!) If it appears even a little bit ‘stretched’ or pixelated, please change it. This saves us having to postpone the approval of your story while we wait for a higher quality image. We want you to have a beautiful, crisp, eye-catching image and will do what we can to ensure that your story is presented in the best light. This means that we will be checking cover images for suitability.
  • Is your title just a title? Your author name, story genre, and other details do not need to be in the title. We want to know what the story is called in the title bar and see the rest in its relevant spot.

Story Settings and Content

  • Is the age rating appropriate for your story? Please be sure to rate your story according to the ratings we have here on Inkitt: 13+ (Everyone), 16+ (Young Adult), or 18+ (Mature).
  • Is your story completed, ongoing, or an excerpt? Please make sure to pick the appropriate one, so readers are aware.
  • Does your story have a primary, and if necessary, secondary genre? You can choose up to two of the following genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Humor, Mystery, Thriller, Romance, Poetry, SciFi, Children, Drama, Erotica, Other.
  • Is your story part of a series? Please make sure to let us know, and enter the series name and book number, if appropriate.
  • Does your story have a summary? The summary is the description of what your story is about and should be no more than 1400 characters (including spacing).
  • Content should not be submitted if it violates any copyright, right of publicity or privacy, or is contrary to any applicable law. We assess each submission on its own and may choose to not approve and/or remove content at any time if it is deemed inappropriate for our community.

Thank you, authors! With your help we can make the approval process on Inkitt quick and efficient. We ask that you stick to our formatting and technical guidelines so that we can help you get your story up and running as soon as possible. We look forward to seeing your posts and can't wait to have them published!

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